What Really Killed Mozart?

It’s undoubtedly the most baffling medical mystery of the last 200+ years. The greatest musical prodigy of all time, able to compose an entire symphony at just the age of six years, mysteriously died at the peak of his powers and the height of his career.

Rumors have abounded for two centuries. Was it poison? Did his highly envious co-composer, Antonio Salieri do it?

Watch the movie “Amadeus” by Milos Foreman and you will be as baffled as everyone else. You can stream the movie to your computer instantly with NetFlix – Mozart would have loved that.

I think – no – I KNOW the true answer.

This is not just a fascinating murder-mystery tale, but this new theory behind his premature death could very well save your life – and absolutely prolong it.

Read on and see if you agree with me.

What Really Killed Mozart?

First, some background.

For practically all my life I have been fascinated by Mozart and his untimely death. It seems as if there is a weird conspiracy out there to “snatch” our musical giants from us, way before their time: John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Judy Garland, George Harrison, Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Mario Lanza, Bix Biderbeck and many more.

a portrait of Mozart
Did lack of sunshine and vitamin D cause Mozart's death?

In my callow youth, while everyone else was celebrating Elvis Presley, I was listening to Mozart. How can someone compose an entire symphony at age six with no formal musical training? In his immortal words when asked about this, Mozart answered, “Compose a symphony? I didn’t compose anything. I just wrote down what I heard!

It’s for this reason that he was always known as “Amadeus” (Latin for “Man of God”) as he was convinced his talent came from the heavens and from God himself. If you’ve ever listened to Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, you know what I mean.

So, when a recent research report hit my desk that said the true story to Mozart’s death had been uncovered, I sat straight up and devoured every word.

Mozart was Killed by a common Vitamin Deficiency
When you study Mozart’s habits and do a basic autopsy of his death and disease symptoms, it comes down to a dramatic deficiency of SUNSHINE. He seldom spent time outdoors in the sun, sleeping during the days and writing music at night.

That translates into a equally dramatic lack of the “Sunshine Vitamin”, Vitamin D.

Read this research report summary from NUTRAingredients: Deficiency in D major: Did vitamin deficiency lead to Mozart’s untimely death?

Man of God: Died from a lack of “God’s Vitamin”

If you read any of my reports on the daily need for Vitamin D, you understand why I refer to it as “God’s Vitamin”.

It truly is.

Pure sunshine on the naked body (particularly the stomach area) triggers the body to actually “make” Vitamin D-3. That’s how vital God felt it to be for you to stay alive.

The problem is, however, that no one gets “raw” sunshine for each day on the naked body. Worse yet, the medical community and skincare/cosmetic companies tell us to AVOID ALL SUNSHINE AT ALL TIMES!

From The Vitamin D Council

Visit the Vitamin D Council website for even more information about vitamin D and your health.

During summer months, get outside for 20 to 30 minutes and let your skin absorb the sun’s energy, without sunscreen, and your body will generate all the needed life element of D3 in your body.

Unfortunately during winter months, the sun is too low in the horizon for any benefit (unless you live below the 37th parallel – in the US, approximately So Cal across to Atlanta, GA) and your body loses vitamin D! From Oct – Apr, you MUST supplement daily, otherwise your body uses it up. Ever wonder why colds and flu occur in the winter – not in the summer?!

If you don’t get sufficient sunshine, like Mozart who composed for hours all night long and then slept all day, YOU WILL DIE. Simple as that.

And there were no such things as health food stores or companies like Ask Dr Garland to purchase supplements from back in Mozart’s day!

The latest research says that people who DO get sufficient D3 each day, have a 50% lower mortality (death) rate of any known disease.

I tell people every day that along with our Liquid Minerals, water and air, the next thing you need to thrive free of disease is to get the Sunshine Vitamin into your body every single day.

And you need at least 5,000 iu’s a day – far more than the paltry 400 iu’s recommended by the medical community. You may need 10,000 iu’s or even more depending on your health condition.

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As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Wayne Garland

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