Your BODY Makes Chemo

Has anyone told you your body actually makes what it needs to fight cancer?

It’s true.

No one need endure the horrors of chemotherapy.

Your own body makes chemo.

Growing along the ocean floor of the pristine, isolated coastline of South America, is a marine algae which has the highest concentration of natural, bio-available Calcium in the entire world.

It is from this incredibly powerful calcium source that your body is able to create it’s own chemotherapy.

a photo of the e-book, The Key to All Health and Healing by Wayne GarlandTo help you understand how this process works, I have a present for you – my e-book The Key to All Health & Healing. Download your copy now, as it contains pertinent insight into what you are about to read in today’s newsletter.

What is that pertinent information?

It’s how the ancient oceans, going back some billions of years, were the breeding ground for the very first forms of life on this planet, long before man’s arrival.

Here is a snippet from the book:

“And when they went ashore, the animals that took up land life carried with them a part of the ocean in their bodies – a heritage that they passed on to their children, and which even today links each land animal with its origins in the ancient seas. Fish, amphibian and reptile, warm-blooded bird and mammal – each of us carries in our veins a salty stream in which the elements of sodium, potassium and calcium are combined in precisely the same proportions as in sea water.”

This is why blood plasma and purified ocean water are IDENTICAL!

And this has been the fundamental core of all my protocols and all my formulas since discovering this startling fact of our genetic heritage.

Read on to learn how Your BODY Makes Chemo!

In Chapter Two of this series, You are an Ocean, we explained in detail how minerals and trace minerals conduct life (electricity) through each cell, literally running our bodies. (If you missed the article, click here to read it.)

At the very core of our Miracle of Life formula is pure mineral and trace mineral power, from the ocean in a powdered form, delivering this genetic heritage to the body. This power is just one of the secrets that makes Miracle of Life so profoundly powerful compared to any other nutritional supplement or pharmaceutical drug available today.

Also from the ocean we have found what we believe to be the most extraordinary form of Calcium in the world. (I don’t know if it was a wonderful stroke of luck, coincidence or the universe revealing itself to us once again.)

This red marine algae, called Algas Calcaras™, grows naturally in the sandy, pristine coastline of Southern Brazil, attaching itself to seaweed on the ocean floor and naturally assimilating oceanic minerals and trace elements, growing into an amazing nutrient “complex”.

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Lena's Health Nugget: The Ecosystem Within

What’s the Weather Forecast for your body today?

  • Wild Storms
  • Heatwave
  • Earthquake, maybe?

Or will everything be clear skies, peaceful and total calm?

Your body is a Climate Factory with the same Ecosystem as the world around you.

Do you have continual digestion problems, Acid Reflux, stomach pains, bloating and gas? Throbbing headaches and fevers, for seemingly no reason at all? Recurring colds or sinus infections?

All this, despite the pharmaceutical drugs your doctor has prescribed to relieve the symptoms?

That’s because your “ecosystem” is out of whack.

Take a moment to read Lena’s research and thoughts on all this and how you can to turn your ecosystem into Paradise, naturally, without drugs.

The Ecosystem Within YOU

© By Lena Sanchez

Bet you didn’t know you had a whole ecosystem living within you, did you?

You’ve read about the environmental ecosystem in danger from all the pollutants in this world, but not about the ecosystem within your own body!

You may not know YOU ARE AN ECOSYSTEM and your ecosystem is in as much danger as our world’s ecosystem, from all the medications, pesticides and environmental pollution ingested, slathered on and inhaled.

Your body houses this unique, balanced ecosystem, beginning with the stomach, then miles of large and small intestine in charge of distributing the nutrients to nourish your organs. Residing in this ecosystem is more than 400 species of bacteria.

Bacterium isn’t always bad! In fact, these bacterial colonies function in harmony with one another and if either is out of balance, your system is going to go awry at some point in time.

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Miracle of Life: "This stuff is absolute dynamite!"

Dear Wayne,

I just wanted to tell you that my friend Sonia, who I called you about a couple of weeks ago, is doing amazing on the Miracle of Life vitamins. Her energy has returned and her wonderful smile. She cannot say enough good things about it.

Now she has the whole salon wanting the vitamins. So I will need to know how much money I will need to collect from each person. They all want your Miracle of Life!

Sonia wants – 1 bottle of Miracle of Life
Tammy wants- 2 bottles of Miracle of Life
Trish wants 1 bottle of Miracle of Life
Sue wants 1 bottle of Miracle of Life and one bottle of Liquid Minerals

Please tally up each individual’s cost and you can ship it all to the salon address in my name.

Our salon is humming along like a freight train!

Linda Benitez
Posare Salon
Las Vegas, NV

Every day we get stories like this.

Of course, it’s always nice to get a good review about any of our formulas, but Linda Benitez is a very special customer and her enthusiasm for life is so contagious, I just had to share it with you.

Linda is also a breast cancer survivor and highly values every split second of her life!

So, what IS IN this extraordinary formula?

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Lena's Health Nugget: Cholesterol Truths

Welcome to our very first Health Nuggets newsletter from Lena Sanchez, who I introduced you to in last week’s newsletter.

Lena is a person with a wealth of knowledge and opinons on all matters to do with Natural Medicine and healing.

This first newsletter really should be called “Health Explosions!” as her views will rock the accepted views on the matter of High Cholesterol.

But that’s what we’re about—stimulating debate and upending the conservative world of the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

So sit back, make a big mug of green tea, add some Emperor’s Chi added and fasten your seat belts.

Lena has arrived in the building! – WG

Lena Sanchez

“Do you believe your doctor’s suggestion that cholesterol causes heart attacks, heart disease and/or strokes and you need to take a drug to lower it?

This is a fallacy and you need to know the truth that too low cholesterol is actually dangerous to your health.

I’ve dealt with this subject for almost 40 years.  My husband was told – in the early 80’s – his cholesterol levels were going to kill him if he didn’t do something!

At that same time, I began seeing patients who had been prescribed cholesterol lowering drug, and after experiencing serious side effects, the doctor took them off the cholesterol lowering drug.

It was then I began years of study to find out the pros and cons of cholesterol in our bodies and learned some pretty surprising things.

Cholesterol is not the danger to your health conventional medical doctors believe it is.

In fact, their medication IS THE DANGER!

Today’s article explains all that.”


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Medical Fact: You are an Ocean

You are an Ocean of Life

Sea water is the most suitable environment for living cells, since it contains all the chemical elements essential to the growth and maintenance of plant and animal protoplasm or “protein blood”.

The ocean is the single greatest storehouse of minerals.

In a cubic mile of sea water, there are on average 166 million tons of dissolved salts and in all the ocean waters of earth, there are about 50 quadrillion tons.

About 76 of the known elements, minerals and trace minerals, have been discovered by chemical and spectrographic analysis.

This is the core of our Miracle of Life formula!

You’re literally receiving a blood transfusion when you start taking it and even your blood chemistry will change rapidly and dramatically.

Fact: Minerals from the ocean are far superior to minerals from the land.

However, 99% of mineral supplements today use “colloidal” minerals, which are really just ground up rocks. Rock cannot ever conduct the electricity your body needs.

The body is a combination of organs, or miniature factories, all orchestrated by the body’s computer, the brain. Each organ is run by a foreman and that foreman is a mineral.

Without the mineral, nothing happens in the organ – it can’t work!

(I explain this in detail in my book, The Key to All Health and Healing. Click here to download your copy.)

The overseer of every organ in your body is your heart.

Your heart desperately needs electricity to stay alive .

Without sufficient Magnesium, cardiac arrest occurs. Potassium shrinks the heart; Magnesium relaxes it electronically, every split second. I call these minerals Mother Nature’s Pacemakers.

Minerals, minerals, minerals! This should be your mantra, your chant each day.

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"Antibiotic Alternatives" Has Arrived!

From the desk of Wayne Garland:

Pardon me if my enthusiasm for what I am announcing today spills over.

Every day is a giant occasion to me, just watching a new sunrise still leaves me in wonder of God’s power.

Today is even more special because my beloved friend, mentor, adviser and confidante, Lena Sanchez of the famous “Antibiotic Alternatives” website and newsletter has agreed to join forces with us to complement our team.

This is truly a GIANT event!

Lena is an angel and a well of healing wisdom whom thousands of thankful souls have benefited from over the past 20 years.

She has been dispensing her wisdom, along with our supporting formulas, from the very first day I started my mission.

A couple months ago, she said, “Joining with you just makes good damn sense!” and would benefit all her people and as well as ours so much more.

Well, we couldn’t have agreed with her more!

She brings incredible instinctive knowledge along with a phenomenal insight into medicine and healing that is just not duplicable.

It means that you can start getting this wisdom every week, right here, with her extraordinary “HEALING NUGGETS” newsletters – totally free as another benefit of being one of our customers and subscribers.

“Antibiotic Alternatives” is exactly what Lena delivers and more. I don’t think there is anyone in the Natural Medicine world who knows her “stuff” like she does.

To kick off this incredible association, we want to share Lena’s own healing story and invite you to get to know her, in her own words.

So sit down, brew a big cup of Green Tea, add some Emperor’s Chi, open your mind and welcome Lena Sanchez to your world.

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Patient, Heal Thyself

What’s in a name? Everything!

Today we introduce you to the pinnacle formula in our healing philosophy.  We call it Miracle of Life, and it truly is the most technologically advanced nutraceutical formula in the Universe.

Miracle of Life could very well be the single most amazing life experience you will ever have. You will discover things about yourself and tap into an extraordinary phenomenon within your mind, your body and even your soul.

What is this phenomenon? I call it “The Body As Doctor”.

For 30 years, I have been on a relentless search for the keys to full genetic life potential,  so no one need suffer from any disease – and to achieve this without medical doctors, expensive dangerous drugs, unnecessary surgery and prohibitive health insurance.

Miracle of Life profoundly demonstrates this philosophy and is startlingly simple, but genius in its underlying intelligence. And so simple to achieve.

The best doctor for your body is not a medical doctor – the best doctor is your very own body.

You were not designed or created to be constantly sick and depressed. Is it possible you could get your body to become your doctor?

  • Available at all times, 24 hours a day, every split second?
  • Putting out fires before they start within you?
  • Repairing damaged cells and nerves and neurons?
  • Preventing disease from even starting in the first place?

The philosophy of “The Body As Doctor” is all about your body achieving maximum health, free of disease, with maximum lifespan potential – and it’s more than a dream.  It is reality.  And you can make it your reality today.

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