Should Brad Pitt now castrate himself in an act of Self-Butchery?

“I think scars are sexy because they mean that you made a mistake that led to a mess.”

– Angelina Jolie

As you are obviously aware from the screaming headlines and talking heads on Hollywood gossip TV shows, Brad Pitt’s wife actress Angelina Jolie just had a double mastectomy to remove both her breasts because she was terrified of possibly getting breast cancer.

As the medical authorities tell us that 90% of all men will suffer or “get” prostate cancer in their lifetime, will Mr Pitt follow in his wife’s footsteps and self-castrate himself so as not to get cancer?

This is all lunacy, you know.

Jolie, like many women, has been terrified into a state of total obedience to the cancer industry.

She carries the BRCA1 gene, and she has been lied to and told this gene gives her an “87% chance of breast cancer”.

It’s a complete lie, of course: Cancer is never a matter of “chance” or “luck.”

It’s a matter of cause and effect. Genes can be turned on or off by food, two simple nutritional supplements and lifestyle choices.

I’ve preached for years, screaming from the rooftops that you can “Cancer-Proof your body” by adopting a plant-based diet, including zero dairy product ingestion, eliminating all red meat, pork and chicken consumption, walking for 45 minutes every day and taking six immune system and hormonal supplements..

Obviously, Ms, Jolie and Mr. Pitt did not hear me, or worse, did not heed my words.

Instead, Ms. Jolie has written an impassioned “Opinion Piece” published in the prestigious New York Times explaining her actions.

I nearly threw up when I read it.

Not for her love of self-mutilation, but for what all this will do to so many wonderful young women out there who “look up” to Ms. Jolie as a role model and admire her film and charity work, saving innocent children from orphanages around the world, which is certainly to be admired.

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The 4 Horsemen of the Diet Apocalypse

There is a battle waging against you everyday.

The fast-food, GMO, obesity producing corporations will not end their quest to create new, fat, diabetic people.

Every time you drive by a fast-food restaurant when you are hungry and succumb to the temptation, you are sucked into their conspiracy.

On the other side of the battle are the diet gurus on TV and virtually everywhere, telling you how to lose weight without changing your diet or needing to exercise. Ever fallen into that conspiracy?

This time of year, I see so many people starving themselves, running extra miles until they drop over from exhaustion, and worrying themselves sick over the very thought of wearing fewer clothes as the temperature rises.

A swimming suit? Out of the question.

Introducing our 4 Horsemen of the Diet Apocalypse galloping to the rescue!

We consider these 4 bad boys to be the most cataclysmic weight loss product line on the market today – guaranteed to end your weight loss war.

I’m confident that no other nutritional supplements available anywhere else will help you lose weight more efficiently and effectively than these 4 products.

I’ll also explain the 5 areas sabotaging your current weight loss efforts – and 100% all-natural, no chemicals, no pharmaceuticals and no exercising until you collapse.

In fact, you can eat their food, buy their machine, run ’til you drop, keep track of every calorie and take a pill that could kill you – and you may lose some weight – but if I could guarantee anything, I’d guarantee the weight will come back.

Want to find out how to win the weight loss war – once and for all?
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The Flat-Tummy Fruit

Did you see People Magazine last week?

It had the “Iron Man” co- star, Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover as ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Woman’.

She’s razor thin, bursting with health and drop dead beautiful – a perfect specimen for the great, People magazine honor!

Her poor husband (a rock star, of course) says he never sees her as she works out for at least 2 hours every day!

And then her full time nutritionist-chef arrives with ‘THE PERFECT FOOD FOR THE DAY” and then it’s off to the spa for a yoga class and massage rub down.

I’m exhausted reading this!

What if you aren’t a major Hollywood star with a full time retinue of helpers and cooks and trainers to keep you in perfect shape?

Do what I did when I was living in Sri Lanka in Southern Asia many moons ago.

I just picked a juicy miracle fruit right off of the tree for my meals and got a flat, flat tummy in just a month.

This “fruit” is THE FLAT-TUMMY FRUIT that had Dr Oz doing cartwheels on his show recently.

How does this stuff work? It’s a ‘mood-food’ and makes you feel full when you haven’t eaten much at all so you “feel good” and lose more weight. And it has special affinity for the flab around the tummy and BOY does it work!

Could the answer to your weight loss dilemma be as simple as taking an extract found in a tropical fruit?

Wanna find out how you can achieve the flat tummy you’ve dreamed of – just in time for swim suit season?

The Flat-Tummy Fruit – Garcinia Cambogia
If you are searching for a way to burn fat and achieve the flat tummy of your dreams, Garcinia Cambogia offers a natural solution to aid your weight loss efforts and show results faster.

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The Alarming 'Male Breast' Phenomenon

I will always have fat on me. There’s nothing I can do about it, just genetics. As I said earlier, I’ve got subcutaneous fat. And most people who are ripped have visceral. There’s nothing I can do! It just lies underneath the skin as opposed to underneath the muscle. And as long as I feel better and get stronger, then I can’t really worry about, you know, body fat.
– Phil Mickelson

Even after Phil Mickelson famously lost over 20 pounds and declared he was man-boobless, or moob-less, he continues to hold onto to that stubborn breast fat.

Genetics? Maybe. Although looking at pictures of his parents and sister who are skinny, it’s hard to imagine genetics.

After enduring ridicule on the tour for several years, Phil started working out and eating healthier, and still can’t shed that “subcutaneous fat.”

Multitudes of American men face this tragic scenario, many working as hard as Phil worked to lose the breast fat – but they can’t!

They can’t because they aren’t addressing the real, underlying problem!

A toxic overabundance of estrogen is the real culprit and no amount of dieting and exercise will ever completely solve the problem.

Here’s a simple way to get rid of your man-boobs, or moobs, and at the same time, shed excess weight, increase your testosterone levels, and give you the libido of your dreams!

Do You Have Moobs?

Moobs have risen to the forefront of the news in the last several years as professional athletes and major film stars have begun to address theirs.

Rumors flew several years ago when Simon Cowell lost his moobs and speculation swirled as to whether he had undergone gyecomastia surgery or used other means.

In the US during 2011, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported roughly 17,645 men underwent gynecomastia surgery, or breast reduction surgery, making it the fourth most popular procedure for men.

Is surgery your only option? Heaven’s NO! You can lose your man-boobs without expensive surgery or massive exercise.

The answer is simple: Rid your body of excess, toxic amounts of estrogen and you will lose your moobs.

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