Brand New Hope for Autism

As many of you know, I have a passion to fight Autism and help every parent and family member cope with this terrifying epidemic.

This following story give us all distinct hope. Please read it and forward it to everyone you know.

Jacob's Ladder Center for Autism

Brand  New Hope for Autism

Amy O’Dell’s school may or may not transform the brains of autistic kids.

At the moment her techniques are more art and gut feel, than science. She works out of a house in a very woodsy area, just outside Atlanta. The upstairs kitchen doubles as an office and consultation room. Downstairs there’s a cabinet-like device with inflatable plastic sacks to simulate muscles and calm hyperactive children.

In other rooms and cubicles, O’Dell and her aides work with children forming sounds and matching colors. They are fighting the terrifying epidemic of Autism and having dramatic success, without drugs and doctors. The attached garage has also been turned into a workplace. At one end it sits O’Dell’s 14-year-old son, Jacob, who ten years ago doctors diagnosed with “pervasive developmental disorder.” Parents of kids like Jacob were told that their children could be institutionalized for life.

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How Iodine Accelerates Weight Loss by Supporting the Thyroid

Iodine is the missing element – the miracle mineral that fuels the thyroid and massively deficient in today’s Standard American Diet (SAD).

If adjusting your diet and exercising more hasn’t helped you reach a healthy body weight, you may have hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid gland. In addition to weight gain, other symptoms of hypothyroidism include a bad complexion, fatigue, forgetfulness, loss of sex drive, impotence, irritability and unhealthy hair, nails and teeth.

The healthy functioning of the thyroid is essential to maintaining metabolism and preventing the accumulation of body fat, writes Burton Goldberg in Alternative Medicine.

An underactive thyroid gland slows your metabolism; you thus burn dramatically fewer calories and feel sluggish. In addition, in Asian Health Secrets, Letha Hadady explains that an underactive thyroid gland promotes excess weight and cellulite by causing water retention.


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Nearly 18 Million Will Have Macular Degeneration by 2050

But nutritional treatments could reduce related blindness by almost 35%, study suggests.

By Serena Gordon, HealthDay Reporter
Healthday News


Eye Scan

Although the rate of age-related macular degeneration is on the increase, newer treatments, using nutritional supplements could help reduce the most serious effects of the disease by about 35 percent, new estimates suggest.

In a study funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers report that as many as 9.1 million people will have age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in 2010, but that 17.8 million people will have the potentially blinding eye disease by 2050.

“What we found is that due to aging, the number of cases of early and advanced AMD will increase dramatically no matter what,” said study author David Rein, a senior research economist from RTI International in Research Triangle Park, N.C. “In 2050, we project there will be 1.57 million cases of blindness [caused by AMD] with no treatment. But, with vigorous treatment, that number’s just about 1 million.”

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The Alzheimer's Project

HBO, the cable network, in partnership with the National Institute on Aging and the National Institute of Health, launched a four-part documentary series along with 15 supplemental films this week called, The Alzheimer’s Project, aiming to bring new understanding to this dreadful disease.

Alzheimer’s is now the 2nd most-feared disease, right behind Cancer. A staggering 1 in 8 of our population over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s; that’s more than 5 million people – and the number is estimated to SOAR to over 11 million as baby boomers move through retirement.

Is there a solution to this terrifying problem? Yes, and it’s a resounding yes! Learn about it now before it’s too late.

Trial drugs 'reverse' Alzheimer's

US scientists say they have successfully reversed the effects of Alzheimer’s with experimental drugs.

The drugs target and boost the function of a newly pinpointed gene involved in the brain’s memory formation. In mice, the treatment helped restore long-term memory and improve learning for new tasks, BBC News reports.

The same drugs – HDAC inhibitors – are currently being tested to treat Huntington’s disease and are on the market to treat some cancers. They reshape the DNA scaffolding that supports and controls the expression of genes in the brain.

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