Christmas is a "Mass for Christ"

Christmas is a “Mass for Christ

“As the last days of Christmas pass over the horizon and the moment comes to celebrate the miraculous birth of Christ, we want to ask each of you, the members of our ever-growing family, to stop for a moment and give thanks for your body in providing you with “life” in every moment.

In the hustle & bustle of our world, which is fast-becoming a constant blur of noise and tumult, this time of year is one we all need to just stop for a minute, take a time-out, and look up to the heavens and say a soft “Thank You” for the miracle of the gift of life.

We see miracles of life every single day at our little company and take tremendous pride in our earnest, tiny contribution, of helping people realize what we call “Contagious Health” that is everyone’s God-given right from birth.

Keep sending us your stories, so we may share them with others, as they are powerful inspiration.

Dear Dr. Garland,

I turned 50 this year and since I never go to the doctor, my wife was adamant I have a physical and blood workup done. I’ve been healthy and athletic all of my life, so my weight was fine and bodyfat was less than 15%, but my cholesterol and blood pressure were high – really high.

Ken Terrell

I eat well (or so I thought) and my dad always had high cholesterol, so the doctor said it was hereditary and there was nothing I could do about it. He wrote me a prescription for a cholesterol drug, but I said “no thanks” and wanted to see if I could lower it naturally.

I called a friend who put me in touch with you, and you opened my eyes about what a good diet really is.

I also read your book, Kill Cholesterol Before Cholesterol Kills You, and made the commitment to switch to a plant-based diet, although I must admit I was concerned how I would get enough protein to maintain muscle size and strength. I always thought that was what animal meat was for.

I also started taking the formulas recommended: Cholesteine, Liquid Minerals, Nattokinase Max, Liv-RX and Omega 3/6/9.

I work in construction and the guys normally eat fast food for lunch. I would bring a big salad for lunch and they teased me. For the first few weeks, I didn’t really feel much different, but I kept with the program. And then I realized something – the guys couldn’t keep up with me in the afternoons. I had all this energy and they were sluggish and always wanting to stop and take a break.

After 6 months, I went back to the doctor for a blood test, thinking for sure I’d made some progress. He said he’d call me in a few days and we would discuss the results.

Later that night, he called and asked, “What are you doing?” I thought, “Oh no, what’s wrong?” My LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) dropped 55 points, from 164 to 109! He couldn’t believe it.

He said, “nobody drops their cholesterol like this without drugs… people might lower their cholesterol by 20 points, but no one lowers it like this!” He then said, “well, I guess there’s no need to put you on a statin drug now.”

Thanks Dr. G. Your program and changing to a plant-based lifestyle has made an incredible difference in my energy, how I sleep and best of all lowered my cholesterol!

Ken Terrell
Conifer, CO

Each of us wish to say “Thank You” for your friendship and patronage, and for helping us to make this all happen. You are in our thoughts, prayers and hopes at all times with what we do, with God’s help.

Merry Christmas,

Wayne, Dale, Greg, Laura, Jacob and Mackenzie

Hidden Dangers in Our Drinking Water

an image of industrial pollution pouring into a lakeIf you live anywhere near a refinery, factory, chemical plant or dump, chances are you are well aware that your water is a toxic and life-threatening substance.

But what about the rest of us, who live in the city or suburbs, far from industrial contamination? Is our drinking water clean and free of contaminants?

More than 2 million synthetic substances are known, over 25,000 are added each year, and over 30,000 are produced on a commercial scale! Only a very tiny fraction are ever tested for toxicity – and a lot of them come to us on the winds and in our water without us knowing.

Even bottled water with fancy labels and advertising, hides behind the fact that it contains highly dangerous toxic chemicals.

We are literally drinking ourselves to death!

Did you know manufacturers and drug makers in the USA legally release hundreds of millions of pounds of pharmaceuticals into rivers and streams, that are then used for our drinking water?

Consumers are big contributors to the contamination too, as millions of people flush unused drugs down the toilet.

And hospitals and long-term care facilities throw away an estimated 250 million pounds of pharmaceuticals and contaminated packaging.

Nearly 40 years ago, Congress enacted the Safe Drinking Water Act and yet today we have more contaminants in our water supply than ever!

  • In the summers, half the rivers and streams in America’s “Corn Belt” are laced with pesticides.
  • Microbes in tap water may be responsible for 1 in 3 cases of gastrointestinal illness.
  • Chlorine (also known as bleach) is the most-widely used disinfectant by water treatment facilities. As it mixes with other substances in municipal water, it produces carcinogens and has been identified as a major contributor to breast cancer.
  • Chlorine is a gas at room temperature, and when heated in the shower, the chlorine turns to chloroform, a chemical once used as an anesthesia until it was replaced by less toxic substitute.

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New Flu Virus Will Hit Harder than Swine Flu

an image of people walking down the street with flu masksDo you remember the mass-hysteria surrounding the Swine Flu last winter? The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) ordered up hundreds of millions of vials of H1N1 vaccine, urging everyone to get a H1N1 flu shot, especially children and the elderly.

Yet people still came down with the flu!

That’s because flu shots are NEVER accurate enough to work on a continually mutating virus like the flu!

Yet for the thousands of people who took our Swine Flu Prevention Kit last year, they went through winter with barely a sniffle or sneeze, even little kids at school where the flu breeds faster than anywhere.

“All my kids were on your Vitamin D3 and not one got so much as a sniffle let alone a cold and it’s freezing up here in Park City.”
Alana Kelly, UT

This morning the Wall Street Journal broke the news that an outbreak of a high-risk Bird Flu has been discovered in Japan and Hong Kong.

an image of The Wall Street Journal logo
Dec 3, 2010
The Japanese government Friday confirmed the country’s first outbreak of a high-risk bird flu in three years, though it stressed that there was no evidence the disease had spread beyond chickens. The report came two weeks after Hong Kong reported the first human case there since 2003.

The announcement from Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries came after a farm in rural western Shimane prefecture found five chickens dead in one place in its poultry house last Saturday, and a few more in the same spot on Monday morning. After a quick test turned up positive for the industry-threatening …

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