PMS; Menopause; Hot Flashes – GONE!

Mother Earth

All my life I’ve been fascinated, enthralled by the power of women, of motherhood and the secret of their ability to never seem to age.

My own daughter at three years of age had a timeless wisdom about her that made me think that she indeed “had been here before.”

My grandmother who lived to be 98, bringing no less than 13 children into the world, told me that a good mother “stands in the place of God for her children, and with all His love.”

Maybe this is the core ingredient of a woman’s power?

Why is it that your mother’s apple pie tasted so much better than any other, when the ingredients are just humble apples, cinnamon, flour and sugar? What was in your mother’s love for you that traveled from her to you and touched your very being, to this day?

a photo of an elderly asian woman smiling with hands to her faceWhile in China and Korea, every household I met and stayed in held up the mother of the family as their leader and source of all knowledge, wisdom and advice.

Asian women never seem to age at all, they just “change” with the seasons and the years.

The old professor at the Institute in Shanghai confided that he too was fascinated by this power that women posses.

One thing he did pass on to me was the single thing that all Asian women do each day, along with their Tai Chi exercises at dawn and vigorous work schedules – they all drank a special “Serene Woman” herbal drink, usually as a tea but sometimes as a soup, starting from puberty, all the way through their life – into their 80s, 90s and even past 100 years of age.

Female hormonal problems like hot flashes, PMS, painful menstrual cycle occurrences and even menopause are practically non-existent in China. Mostly I feel this is due to the centuries-long use of this amazing herbal tonic by every woman throughout her life.

PMS; Menopause; Hot Flashes – GONE!

The old professor gave me the recipe to bring to America and share it with every woman here. Many of you reading this now will remember when we first introduced Balanced Woman 40 Plus along with the Life Transfusion Liquid Minerals more than 15 years ago now.

The formula has improved countless womens’ lives, dramatically aiding the symptoms of PMS and menstruation, as well as hot flashes and mood swings associated with menopause. It has also played a crucial role in the fight against breast cancer, endometrial cancer and osteoporosis.

“I have been taking Balanced Woman off and on for about 8 years. I’m 53 years old and I don’t get hot flashes, night sweats or mood swings like my co-workers. This is the best product on the market for females who are experiencing pre, peri or menopause. Thank you Dr. Garland for all you do!”
Edna, FL

“I have been using this product for the past 13 years. I take it during menstruation and all I can say is I don’t get moody and snappy like my friends and co-workers. I wish they would take this product too.”
Gayle, FL

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