What's Lurking in Your Water?

“We have the safest drinking water in the world—except for the pesticides that sometimes sneak in. And the rocket fuel. And the antibiotics…”

Source: Reader’s Digest, August 2011

What’s Lurking in Your Water?
Last night we had an incredibly informative interview with Gary Merritt, CEO of Genesis Water Filtration Systems, discussing the hows and whys of protecting yourself (and your  family) from all the contaminants that are present in our water supply today.

If you missed the call, click here to access the recording.
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Involved in manufacturing water filtration systems for nearly 20 years, Gary is a wealth of knowledge about the different types of filtration medias and systems, and more importantly how to avoid overpaying for pure, clean water.

If you do not have a water filtration system for drinking, cooking and bathing, you really need to stop and ask yourself why. If you are buying bottled water today, you’ll wonder why you are wasting money, when you can make your own for a few pennies (or less) a gallon.

We will publish an in-depth report in the near future, but for now, pour yourself a big glass of water and listen to the interview.


The Mack Truck of Immune Formulas

Ninety nine percent (99%) of the requests we get for help each day stem from IMMUNE SYSTEM deficiency problems.

Today’s over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and a truly destructive modern-day food supply and diet regimen has literally destroyed our natural Immune System defenses. It’s no wonders overnight calamities like the Bird Flu and Swine Flu wipe out thousand upon thousands of people.

Have you seen the new movie “Contagion”?

a poster image for the movie Contagion

Just released to theaters in September, Contagion is an environmental disaster thriller that follows the rapid progression of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do. It will wake you up with a jolt as to how a major apocalyptic disaster is brewing out there.

Click here or on the picture to watch the video trailer on YouTube.

We’ve become so accustomed to all of these infections that we take it for granted and that it’s all perfectly normal.

Nothing could be further form the truth! We aren’t supposed to get sick or to be depressed. That’s not in God’s perfect design for life on this planet.

Today, a BRUTALLY STRONG immune system is vital to each and every one of us. Just look at the laundry-list of immune system epidemics all around us:

  • Cancer – out of control
  • Diabetes – over 60% of Americans have it to some degree
  • Lupus -no medical answer
  • Fibromyalgia – doctors think patients are making it up
  • Multiple Sclerosis – once barely heard of, it’s raging like a forest fire
  • Mumps, Measles & Rickets – they’ve decided to come back
  • Tuberculosis – they told us that had been wiped out, but it hasn’t
  • Polio – look out, it’s breeding like wildfire again
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – it’s a kissing cousin to mainline cancer
  • Staph Infections – stay away from the hospital or jail, that’s where they’re breeding like wildfire
  • Common Cold – is a Common Killer with no medical answer despite billions spent on useless vaccines

The overuse of antibiotics has made the problem far worse! Last year, we wrote an in-depth report on this topic. If you missed it, read my article, What’s for dinner – Antibiotics!.

“Health Beyond Disease”

… an old Chinese Medical adage

Sitting where I do, the news gets grimmer each day. So many people are sick as a dog, or worse they are in a dire fight for their life.
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