Getting Ready with Meat & Dairy Alternatives

As I mentioned in my introductory article, I will share with you recipes and tips that I’m learning, as my family and I transition to a plant-based eating plan.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to implementing change: 1.  Change is swift and complete.  2.  Change occurs gradually over time.  While either could be true and useful, I would recommend that if you do not have a pressing health issue, you make your transition as stress-free as possible. You don’t need to throw out all the “bad” food in your pantry, but if you choose to do that, take the time to donate any usable items to your local food bank or shelter. In the thread of gradual change, as you run out of things, purchase plant-based alternatives.

Now, off to the grocery store.  My first tip:  Go to your local grocery store with fresh eyes and extra time.  We are all creatures of habit and if you’re like me, you know exactly where things are in your grocery store.  You go in, get what you need & get out as quickly as possible.  When you give yourself time, you can  make this trip an adventure to see what treasures you can find.

You may have heard to shop the perimeter of the store because interior aisles have less healthy options.  This is true for the most part.  The produce section is where you will spend a great deal of time choosing your fruits and vegetables, however you will also venture into the aisles containing ethnic foods, grains, pastas, dried and canned beans, rices, frozen fruits and dairy and meat substitutes.  This is why the first trip to the grocery store should be a way for you to familiarize yourself with what is available, not necessarily to purchase.  Go aisle by aisle. Continue reading “Getting Ready with Meat & Dairy Alternatives”

Nuclear Radiation and Your Thyroid

Like any caring person, right now our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the tragedy that has hit Japan and that has so profoundly affected all of humanity so deeply.

It is as if we are caught in a nightmare that will never end or stop. For elderly Japanese in particular with the memories of World War 2, this must be like the end of the world all over again.

As conditions worsen, rumor and panic are becoming heightened and more widespread. Germany just shut down all its nuclear power plants. The British yesterday told all their nationals to “get out of Japan NOW before the situation gets any worse.”

To help you make sense of what is fact and what is fiction, what the danger really is, how likely a “worst case scenario” is, and how to be prepared if we really do experience nuclear fallout and how to prepare yourself ahead of time “just in case”, please read this article.

And to help those in the epi-center of this disaster right now, please stop everything for sixty seconds and say a prayer that peace will come soon on wings from up high.

The China Syndrome

Most of the near-hysteria about this nuclear meltdown is in what is called “The China Syndrome”. Hollywood made a movie about it, the scenario being that the intense heat from the reactor would burn a hole all the way through the Earth to China.

Well, that just won’t happen. But the radiation will get into the atmosphere and it will get picked up by the trade winds and transported all over the globe. That’s how the world works.

The bottom line is that even if there is a meltdown in one of the Japanese reactors, it is unlikely to breach containment in an upward direction. The containment around nuclear reactors is really, really strong. In the United States they must be strong enough to withstand the impact of a fully loaded passenger airliner without rupture – for obvious reasons.

“Unlikely” however does not mean “impossible.” There is some degree of risk, no matter how small, that significant amounts of radiation may leak from one or more of the Japanese reactors, make its way into the upper atmosphere, and ultimately drop down on the rest of the world.

With radiation, small amounts of exposure can have significant health consequences – particularly for the weak, the vulnerable. The particularly dangerous forms of radiation are iodine-131/134, strontium-90, and cesium-137.

Your Thyroid is the Most Vulnerable

In a nuclear radiation disaster, even a “scare”, there are 3 things to do:

  • Protect your thyroid, the most vulnerable organ in your body.
  • Remove as much of the radiation as possible from your body, immediately.
  • Protect your DNA from genetic mutation.

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Milk does NOT do a Body Good!

Did you know milk and arthritis pain are directly associated?
How about milk and fibromyalgia?

Today’s Health Alert comes to us from Dr. Sunny Kierstyn, a Chiropractic Physician and founder of the Fibromyalgia Care Center in Eugene, OR. Dr. Kierstyn has documented a 70% decrease in PAIN in her patients within a few weeks of eliminating dairy.

If you have any doubt at all that milk and dairy products can really be linked to pain in your body, take Dr. Kierstyn’s No Dairy Challenge (instructions below) and document your experience. I have no doubt you will be amazed at the results!

Please forward today’s Health Alert to anyone you know who still consumes dairy (especially whey protein powders) and urge them to switch to delicious and healthy plant-based alternatives.

Milk Does NOT Do a Body Good!
by Dr. Sunny Kierstyn
Fibromyalgia Care Center of Oregon
Reprinted with permission from Robert Cohen’s NOTMILK column, March 8, 2011.

America has had a love affair with the juices from a cow since the wagon trains came west. When mom died, Dad could feed the munchkin cow’s milk and the child would appear to thrive. Today, a hundred and fifty years later, Americans consume milk and dairy products in record numbers – in a dozen+ varieties, upwards of a half a dozen times or more a day – for decades through their lives.

During my years as a Chiropractic Physician, at the second visit of each patient, I have been collecting food surveys designed to seek out the overt and covert ways people consume dairy containing foods. Ten years worth of these surveys have shown us that, on the average, Americans put some form of dairy foods in their body three to eight times a day! That’s a lot of cow juice.

So what is so wrong with that? Research about cow’s milk shows that it is designed to grow a 600 pound, breedable animal within fifteen months of time. That’s A LOT of calories and hormones and proteins.

So what is wrong with that? What’s wrong with that is that humans were never meant to drink the milk of another species and certainly not for prolonged times, such as decades! What’s wrong with it is that we are finding out that those proteins cause disease.

What diseases?
Numerous diseases are known to stem from and/or be seriously (negatively) influenced by dairy consumption: acne, ADD (plus a variety of other behavioral problems), arthritis, PAIN (any PAIN problem), asthma, allergies, Alzheimer’s, anemia, bed wetting, bone disease, PAIN, bowel function, breast cancer, brucellosis, cholesterol and liver problems, colic, colds, congestive conditions, Crohn’s disease, PAIN, Diabetes (both juvenile and adult), depression, dioxin poisoning, early maturity, fibroids, fibromyalgia, PAIN, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, headaches, heartburn, infertility, kidney stones, lymphoma, lactose intolerances, leukemia, lungworms, ALS (any autoimmune disease), PAIN, mucus problems, migraines, mood swings, MS, nasal dysfunctions, obesity, osteoporosis, ovarian cysts, PAIN, prostate problems (both enlargement and cancer), PAIN, rheumatoid arthritis, salmonella, sinus conditions, skin conditions, stroke, PAIN, stomach aches, SIDS, tuberculosis, the terrible twos, uterine cancer, colon cancer, PAIN, ovarian cancer, etc., etc., etc.

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Dr. Vegetable Will See You Now!

The greatest healing doctor of all time in my book was Hippocrates who said these immortal words:

“Your food should be your medicine, your medicine should be your food.”

The greatest healing foods on the planet are the wonderful gifts that God gave us in his original Garden of Eden:  succulent fruits, juicy vegetables, yummy nuts and bountiful grains.

But good as all this is, so many people find “going Vegetarian” just too difficult.  Well, sit back, we have the answer for you!  It’s called, “Community Kitchen“.  (Click on the link if you’d like to start receiving this newsletter.)

Come on in, take a seat and get healthier by the spoonful.

Wayne Garland

Thinking about eating Vegetarian?

a photo of Laura Aychman
Laura Aychman

Hi, my name is Laura.

When I first began at the company, my husband Dale would make comments about changing to a vegetarian diet. For as long as I have known Wayne, he has been a vegetarian and a strong advocate for no dairy.

While I could understand the health benefits, I wasn’t compelled to revamp how I cooked. I felt our diet was already healthy.  We seldom ate red meat, but we did eat chicken, pork or fish, with a good mix of vegetables, almost every night.

In October 2010, we had the opportunity to watch a pre-screening of the movie “Forks Over Knives.” (The film is coming to theaters in May and I recommend you go see it.) Sitting in that darkened banquet hall, I was stunned at the information shared on the screen.  I had heard most of it before, but the term “plant-strong” appealed to me. And to my delight, it appealed to our 11 year old son Jacob too.

We left the movie that night thinking we have to change how we eat. And then reality set in – we have to change how we eat! This meant I would have to change how I cook.  Thoughts started rushing through my head about where would I start?  What would we eat?  How would I make the kids’ lunches?

I was overwhelmed just thinking about it.  I wondered, “Is there a class I could take?  Where do I find someone to teach me to cook this way?”

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Sacred Northern India Cancer Secret Revealed

Those of you who have been following me for awhile and reading our weekly Health Alerts and Newsletters, know of my passion for finding natural elements to fight and defeat cancer.

Some of you have “discovered my discoveries” and are benefiting enormously from what Mother Nature holds in store for us all, if we just dig a little in her garden.

Recently I ran across two leading research institutes, one in the United Kingdom, the second here in the United States, with results of major studies about “Curcumin” from the Turmeric plant, a compound that I have touted the benefits for a long time.

Curcumin has been a staple of Indian cooking for literally thousands of years. I fell in love with it when studying and fighting cancer in northern India over 24 years ago.

Now, all this time later, the scientific world has “woken up” to Curcumin’s powers.

But the GIANT NEWS is we secured access for you to the patented, pharmaceutical grade, Super Curcumin C3 Complex formula, which is far more powerful than the common spice used in food and Curcumin/Turmeric supplements you’ll find in stores and online retailers.

This super grade Curcumin is also super-activated for maximum assimilation through a compound called “Bioperine”, making the Curcumin up to 25 times more powerful in the bloodstream. These new compounds in this “Natural Cancer Drug” have been patented for obvious reasons, and we have it for you.

But first, read the news release heralding its success in fighting cancer.
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