God, my Daughter & Thyroid Cancer

“When my daughter Ashley turned 16, we found out she had thyroid cancer. I have a deep faith in God and all of our family prayed so hard for her to be saved.

Ashley Navarro The Comeback Kid
Ashley Navarro The Comeback Kid

Ashley is now 21, but back then we didn’t know anything. The doctors said surgery was the only way to go, that it was “a matter of life or death.”

Every day since then has been one long, dark nightmare, especially for my little girl. Would I ever see her become the magnificent young woman that I knew was within her?

Not only did they cut out her thyroid but they removed most of her lymph glands as well. For four long years, its been one trip after another to the hospital in West Palm Beach. It seemed that with every visit, the doctors would say that her counts were still climbing and there was residual cancer around her neck area.

But I know something, maybe you do too. The devil only comes to kill, rob and destroy and there is a God that can turn anything around if you ask him with all your heart.

A good friend told me that I needed to call Wayne Garland, a naturopathic doctor in Arkansas, who did things differently. So I gave him a call and incredible coincidences started happening.

He wanted Ashley on a special diet of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that we were to make up as healing soups and also to juice and drink. Lo and behold, a friend turned up with a juicing machine and showed us how to get started. He had a bunch of pills too for Ashley’s thyroid and immune system. And no more partying and late nights out with friends (that was tough at first!) so Ashley could get lots of good sleep every night to help the healing process.

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Are You a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen?

If your systolic blood pressure reading is continually above 120, you are a ticking bomb, just waiting for a heart attack to happen!

February is National Heart Awareness Month and for good reason. Heart Disease is America’s #1 Killer. There are over one million unnecessary deaths each year from strokes, heart attacks, cardiac arrest, severe angina and clogged arteries.

Yet it shouldn’t be this way.

Did you hear about what happened to former President Bill Clinton last week? He required emergency surgery to have two stents placed in one of his coronary arteries due to chest pains – this after having quadruple bypass surgery in 2004.

Over two-thirds of Americans suffer from some kind of cardiovascular disease; heart attacks, strokes, clogged-up arteries, dangerously high cholesterol and homocysteine, hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes. It is estimated by medical researchers that in excess of one million people die each year from heart related problems, and all unnecessarily.

Obesity is also a chronic problem in all age groups and getting worse by the second. The first lady, Michelle Obama, last week launched an initiative to fight Childhood Obesity.

Conquering what I call the Foot and Mouth Disease; a lack of exercise (foot) and eating too much food (mouth) – has an immediate impact in reversing both of these epidemics.
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How Carl Bypassed a Bypass

Carl Crawford - Saved from Triple Bypass Surgery

“My husband Carl had 100% blockage in two main arteries and the other was 60% blocked!”

Carl started to have chest pains when working in the yard or out in the cold and he was very tired all the time. The doctor ordered a heart catheterization and found that all three arteries had clogged up, two were 100% totally clogged, and the other had over 60% blockage. Carl’s cholesterol level was over 600. (no, this is not a misprint) and his triglycerides were 1,233! (again, not a misprint.)

Carl had a triple by-pass operation 13 years ago and wasn’t about to go through it all over again, as the pain nearly killed him the first time. So, the doctor put a stent into the one artery with only 60% blockage and said that was all he could do for Carl.

We were both desperate to do something more. That’s when it hit me – call Wayne Garland. He had done so much for us and others over the years with his formulas.

I dug up his number and called him out of the blue. He said he had a program for Carl that would de-clog his arteries, get his cholesterol down and also shed the pounds of extra weight, so his heart would work easier. And get this, with NO DRUGS OR SURGERY!
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Brains that Sleep are Smarter‏

Did you ever get called “Sleepy Head” at school?

Researchers now tell us that “sleeping” is an ultra-powerful intelligence-boosting fuel for the brain. This latest research is fascinating for lots of other findings too.

Memory Improved, More Creativity, Better Intellectual Performance
All this from a good night’s sleep? That’s the conclusion of a spate of recent studies.

“The sleeping brain is not stupid,” said Jessica Payne, an assistant professor at Notre Dame University, “it’s making rapid decisions on what memories and information to store and access later.”

All of which makes us “smarter”.

Why sleep is so crucial for memory-retention and smarter-thinking capacity is ironically, still a mystery. It turns out that our brains are not like TiVo and able to store and watch something and at the same time and comprehend it all. We can’t simultaneously take in information and process it.

Sleep helps in the whole information-processing picture giving the brain a chance to go “offline” and shift into a different psychological mode that’s evolved to perform certain information processing just like a computer does. Memories, things to do, wondering.

Research suggests that “REM” sleep, the stage of sleep involving rapid eye movement, seems to be the phase that tells the brain what to do with new information. This is all surmised to be vitally important in preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Sleeplessness is a chronic problem in America and the use of stupefying drugs only makes matters worse. (And rear-end car accident rates keep skyrocketing!)

Sleep is not only important for your ability to remember, it also helps you be more creative and more innovative. Lack of sleep has also just been found to be directly linked to obesity because it disrupts insulin regulation which means instant fat formation and worse, early-onset diabetes.

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Sprung from Nicotine Prison after 46 Years

Arthur Cranstoun

My name is Arthur Cranstoun, and with Dr Garland’s help, I just got out of prison. I was a Tobacco prisoner, hooked on the filthy weed for nearly fifty years.

Oh, I sure tried to quit, I tried everything under the sun. I knew it was killing me, and worse, it was killing everyone around me too. (Now the Nicotine Police tell me they’ve uncovered “Third Hand Smoke” is just as bad as smoking or Second Hand Smoke!)

Like I said, I tried and tried and tried and failed every time to quit smoking.

Then I ran into this Dr Garland and his team. Long story short, after 46 years, I have quit smoking! And get this, I don’t miss it one little bit!

Listen to me now; I tried every damn thing in the universe to stop smoking. The patch, chewing gums, fake cigarettes, Commit, hypnosis, hocus pocus pills, the lot. Even good old Will Power didn’t work.

You see, this Dr Garland is real cunning. He didn’t just come up with just another pill or potion, he came up with an entire “system” that understands the nicotine addiction and the way to beat it. I wouldn’t be telling you this story if it wasn’t true, that just isn’t me as anyone who knows me can tell you.

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18 Things You Need to Know About Vitamin D and Cancer

The number one question that seems to be on everyone’s mind that I get asked nearly every single day is:

“Will we ever find a cure for Cancer?”

Despite the billions spent on “breakthrough” drugs and invasive surgical procedures, modern medicine is still no closer to solving this cruel, baffling and epidemic disease than we were 39 years ago, in 1971, when President Nixon declared a “war on cancer”.

vitamin D and the SunWhat we in the world of Natural and Alternative Medicine have done however, is something the medical and pharmaceutical cartels haven’t even thought of attempting or achieving; figuring out a way to PREVENT cancer in the first place.

The discovery of Vitamin D-3 and its powerful means of short-circuiting Cancer is the greatest tool at everyone’s disposal – and it is why I am screaming from the rooftops for everyone to make it as essential as a breath of air to stay alive.

Recently I ran across 18 observations, comments and truths that everyone needs to know about Vitamin D-3 and fighting cancer.

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Autism Nightmare Overcome by Miraculous Vitamin D

Today’s story comes from the desk of Dr. John Cannell, MD, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, a non-profit group dedicated to educating the public and professionals about Vitamin D Deficiency.

John Cannell, MD - Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council
John Cannell, MD - Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council

It shows the dramatic healing capacity of Vitamin D-3 on one of the most baffling epidemics of modern time – childhood Autism.

Note: The mother’s letter below has been edited for brevity. You can read the full account on the Vitamin D Council’s newsletter archives, titled, Another Autism Case Report.

Reprinted with permission.

Dear Dr. Cannell:

At age 2.5 years, between December 2007 and January 2008, my son experienced a fairly dramatic onset of symptoms that led to his diagnosis of autism.

We took our son to see a number of specialists during the winter of 2008 including a neurologist (who diagnosed him with Asperger Syndrome), a psychologist (who diagnosed with autism), and a second psychologist who specialized in the treatment of autism (who diagnosed him with Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not-Otherwise-Specified). All three diagnoses are on the autism spectrum. He also began seeing an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a behavioral specialist, and a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor for dietary interventions.

We saw a dramatic improvement by April/May of that year. Nearly all the symptoms on the list above had resolved. We assumed the improvements were due to diet but he started to go into the sun around that time. Our son slept well and spent many peaceful, happy and anxiety-free months during the spring and summer after turning three.
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