Heart Disease Wiped Out by Miracle Mineral

Just this past week, two major celebrities collapsed and died from sudden “Cardiac Arrest”. One was a true superstar, Michael Jackson. The second was an amazing TV spokesperson, Billy Mays, who touted laundry detergents and other products. I believe that neither of these super-talents needed to leave us, so far ahead of their time. I also believe I have the true answer behind their sudden deaths and how you can ensure it will not happen to you, or anyone in your family.

The answer is the massive necessity of daily supplementation with a Miracle Mineral, called Magnesium, the Mother Mineral of the entire Universe. If it ensures your heart will keep beating, what else can it be called?

The Double Tragedy of Michael Jackson and Billy Mays Deaths

If you’ve been following my messages on Facebook and Twitter, you will know my theory behind the tragic deaths of two superstars, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. Both died suddenly, from a non-beating heart.

Neither of them, it appears, had any major heart problems. Their fate lay in a massive lack of the basic fuel to keep the heat beating.
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God's Soup of Life

When I was fighting and recovering from Cancer, many moons ago in Korea, my doctor and mentor, Dr. Sook Kim, made a special soup that I had every night as my main meal. She called it “The Soup of Life”.  It certainly worked, as I am still here!

The ingredients, and the love she instilled into making it, were what made it work. Mushrooms, fresh from a field, a giant log, or a shaded glen, have been recognized for a millennia as containing very high healing powers. I now snack on raw Shiitake and Portobella mushrooms whenever I can, there is definitely something within these amazing fungal creations that can defeat any disease.



1-2 cloves garlic to taste
1 Tbsp. Virgin Olive Oil
1/2 cup dried Chinese Shiitake Mushrooms
1/2 cup Dried Chinese Wood Ear (tree fungus)
1 cup Button Mushrooms
3 cups (1 cup each) of 3 different fresh mushrooms (available at Whole Foods, Asian markets and some local grocery stores)
1/2 cup minced Parsley
1-2 vegan bouillon cubes to taste
3 drops Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex


1.  Pour pure, filtered or ionic boiling water over dried mushrooms and let steep for 10 minutes. Reserve liquid. Cut into bite sized pieces. Discard stems.

2.  Mince shallots and saute in olive oil. When tender, add crushed garlic and continue cooking for an additional 20 seconds.

3.  Add fresh sliced mushrooms and stir fry for 3 minutes. How do you know when they are done?  Taste test is best.

4.  Immediately add 2 cups of reserved broth left over from soaking dried mushrooms.

5.  Add bouillon cube(s) to taste.

Serve over noodles or rice.

You will live forever.

The Double-Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Sudden Death

Late Thursday this week, the world lost “The King of Pop”, much too early at the age of 50 from sudden Cardiac Arrest. Early reports indicate it was not a heart attack, but that Michael Jackson experienced Cardiac Arrest, an abnormal heart rhythm that stops the heart from pumping blood to the body.

Michael reportedly had been spending hours and hours with a team of dancers, preparing for a comeback series of 50 concerts, starting July 13th in London’s famed “02 Arena”.

What Causes Cardiac Arrest?
First, I believe this tragedy could have been avoided if Michael had been taking some elemental compounds to fuel his heart. The most vital one, is a major mineral called “Magnesium”. Without Magnesium being supplied to the heart every split second, making the heart contract, “cardiac arrest” occurs and you can literally drop dead or go into a coma.

Every organ in the body is a miniature factory and each factory needs a foreman to run the factory and keep it working. Guess who is the foreman of the heart factory? Magnesium.

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What is Nattokinase?

Nattokinase was discovered in 1980, by Dr Hiroyuki Sumi, who was working at the Chicago University Medical School. He was testing 172 different foods for their ability to promote healthy circulation, and Nattokinase did the job better than any other substance he was testing.

Since then, additional research has been done on Nattokinase, including 17 published studies in Japan and here in the U.S. The results have been dramatic to say the least.

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Instant Migraine Headache Relief

Anyone who ever had a Migraine knows that it’s the most debilitating and painful thing possible.

Migraines generally means vascular instability potentiated by chronic stress, cranial artery constriction and inadequate blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Inflammation of the brain tissues results in a feeling like a jackhammer is coming through your skull.

Feverfew is the Anti-Migraine Herb
Feverfew is a member of the sunflower family and commonly known as Bachelor’s Button.  The name adapted from the Latin word febrifugia or “fever reducer”, as Feverfew was initially used to treat fevers, and has been used for centuries in European folk medicine as a remedy for headaches, arthritis, menstrual irregularities, labor difficulties, skin conditions, stomach aches, and asthma.

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ADHD Meds May Hike Kids' Heart Risks

New York, (CBS)

Dr. Jennifer Ashton Discusses New Research Linking Stimulant Drugs and Sudden Death

Research released Monday by The American Journal of Psychiatry gives more support to the claim that stimulant drugs usually prescribed for ADHD could increase the risk of sudden unexplained death in children.

On The Early Show Monday, CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton what the study might mean for the 2.5 million children taking medication for the disorder.

The study found the rate of stimulant use in children and adolescents who died suddenly or from cardiac dysrhythmia was 1.8 percent, compared to 0.4 percent for youth who died as passengers in motor vehicle accidents.

Ashton said all the drugs commonly prescribed to children with ADHD are amphetamines. While amphetamines have been shown to give children the ability to keep focus and attention, Ashton said they can increase heart rate and blood pressure.

“(Amphetamines) do have very potent effects on the body,” she said.

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Vitamin D Linked to Successful Weight Loss with Dieting

Vitamin D levels in the body at the start of a low-calorie diet predict weight loss success, a new study presented at The Endocrine Society’s 91st Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. found.

In this study, the authors attempted to determine whether baseline vitamin D levels before calorie restriction affect subsequent weight loss.

They measured circulating blood levels of vitamin D in 38 overweight men and women before and after the subjects followed a diet plan for 11 weeks consisting of 750 calories a day fewer than their estimated total needs. Subjects also had their fat distribution measured with DXA (bone densitometry) scans.

On average, subjects had vitamin D levels that many experts would consider to be in the insufficient range, according to Sibley. However, the authors found that baseline, or pre-diet, vitamin D levels predicted weight loss in a linear relationship.

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Breakthrough Autistic Drug Found to be "Useless"

Nearly 90% of children with autism are regularly prescribed anti-depressants as part of their overall treatment.

New research published this month in Archives of General Psychiatry, has found that the most prescribed drug to treat autism, Celexa, is nearly useless when compared to a placebo in children with autism, and the side effects are twice as bad.

The results of this nationwide trial have experts reconsidering the appropriateness of antidepressants overall, and other mind-altering drugs, used to treat children with autism spectrum disorders. Worldwide spending on drugs to treat autism is estimated to be between near $2.5 billion annually.

An estimated 1.5 million children in America have autism, a group of poorly understood developmental disorders characterized with communication and social interaction problems.

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Vitamins May Reduce Risk of Uterine Cancer

Increased intakes of vitamins C, E and beta-carotene reduce the risk of cancer of the uterus, according to a new review and meta-analysis.

Writing in Cancer Causes and Control, US scientists report that increasing key antioxidant vitamins was associated with a measurable reduction in the risk of endometrial cancer:

  • Beta-carotene – an increase of just one milligram (mg) of beta-carotene for every 1,000 calories of daily diet, was associated with a 12% reduction in the risk of endometrial cancer
  • Vitamin C – an increase of 50 mg’s of vitamin C per 1,000 calories, reduced the risk by 15%
  • Vitamin E – in increase of 5 mg’s of vitamin E per 1,000 calories of diet reduced the risk by 9%

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