Your Story Can Change a Life

“If you’ve heard this story before, don’t stop me, because I’d like to hear it again.
-Groucho Marx

For years, we’ve had a Refer a Friend program, but we’ve never really called attention to it. What we have discovered (and I guess we’ve known all along) is that Contagious Health spreads because people tell their stories.

If someone told you about us and then you told someone else and so on, eventually, we will heal the world – one person at a time. Stories have amazing power.  They have not only the power to change lives, but even the miraculous power to save lives.

Sam Freeman has that kind of story. In 1997, Sam’s beloved wife, Susanne, was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Sam knew exactly what he needed to do. Sam called me, as he had heard my story many times of how I overcame cancer without dangerous chemotherapy drugs or radiation treatments.

Fifteen years have passed and Susanne is still cancer-free.  In fact, neither Susanne nor Sam have even gotten sick in those fifteen years.  Today, Sam is 72 and he doesn’t take any medication.  He does take our supplements, teaches exercise classes every week, walks a 10K 3 times a week and runs or walks a 3K 3 times a week. He goes to the gym every day, except for Sunday.  He has his priorities in order.

One of Sam’s priorities is telling his story to other people.  When Sam talked to his long-time friend Earl, he couldn’t help but tell Earl what Dr. G had done, both for Susanne and for Sam himself.  Earl was impressed and shared that his mother had died of a blood clot.  Earl was afraid. He, too, had recently been diagnosed with a blood clot.

Earl didn’t know what to do – but Sam did!  Sam told him about us and soon, Earl was taking Clean Heart, Shark Liver Oil and Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex.  Not long after, Earl felt better than he had in years, and his blood clot had disappeared! His life had been changed forever!

Sam tells his story all the time. Everywhere he goes, he meets people who are struggling emotionally and physically and need help.  Sam not only shares what we have done for him and his wife, he even orders for them so they can experience what is possible when the right nutrients are going into the body.  He spreads the word that there is hope and healing and he is passionate, like I am, about Contagious Health.

What is “Contagious Health”?

The concept of Contagious Health began during my own recovery from cancer over 25 years ago.  Many people helped me on my road to recovery, and I have committed my life since then to helping others.  When I do, I tell that person to go and pay it forward – healthy living is contagious!

Will you help us spread the message of Contagious Health by sharing your story with your friends and family?

Refer a Friend - Get $10 OffThis is your opportunity to tell a friend or family member about your experiences with our products or services. Tell them about how your life has changed – how you changed your diet or started using one of our products – and how much better you feel.

When your friend registers as a new customer or calls to place their first order, you’ll receive a $10 discount coupon to use on your next order. There’s no limit to the number of referral coupons you can earn!

Find your inner hero and tell your story!  Someone is dying to hear it.

Wayne Garland

Rock Star's Chemo Trip to Hell

“Chemotherapy is so hard on a person.”
-Melissa Etheridge, Singer/Songwriter

a photo of Melissa Etheridge after her chemotherapy
Melissa Etheridge
Getty Images

Late in 2004, then 43 year old singer/songwriter and Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge discovered a lump in her breast she swore wasn’t there the day before.

Immediately, she underwent surgery to remove the lump and it was determined she had stage 2 cancer and would need to undergo chemotherapy.

In an interview on Dateline NBC, Melissa shared:

It’s the closest to death I have ever been. The chemotherapy takes you as far down into hell as you’ve ever, ever been.

I know firsthand how devastating it is to hear the word cancer. Hearing it out loud is like getting punched in the stomach.

A diagnosis of a close friend or loved one will cause the same horrific reaction as a personal diagnosis.

The standard treatment for cancer is a toxic cocktail of chemicals (that’s why they call it “chemotherapy”) intravenously administered into the body like agent orange, quickly destroying every rapidly-growing cell, cancerous or not. This is why patients have such horrible side-effects, the least of which is all their hair falls out.

I think it is horrific that modern medical science continues to ignore natural breakthroughs in treating cancer. Did you know that your amazing body can cure cancer by itself? It is true.

I am living proof that no one needs to put their body through the chemical warfare of chemotherapy to beat cancer once and for all. No one. Including you.

Chris Beat Cancer – Without Chemotherapy

In 2003, Christopher Wark, 26 years young from Memphis, TN was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. After having a third of his colon removed, his doctor told him he would need to endure 6-9 months of intensive chemotherapy in order to stop the cancer from spreading to his lymphatic system – or die.

While Chris was home recovering from surgery, he began researching other options and realized he didn’t have to go the chemotherapy route. Instead, he rebuked his doctors and began to change his life and his body from the inside out.

The whole idea of poisoning your way back to health just didn’t sit right with me, it didn’t make sense,” said Chris in a recent Fox News interview.

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Help – My Brain is Shrinking!

Did You Know Your Brain Shrinks With Age?

Scary, isn’t it? Comprehension, memory and reasoning actually begin to decline at the age of 45 – considerably earlier than previous studies where declining brain capacity began at 60.

Brain shrinkage increases even more when associated with smoking, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity, according to a recent study at the University of California-Davis.

I discovered a virtual Fountain of Youth recently in my research – a key to reversing the effects of aging on our brains and slowing brain shrinkage. In fact, this secret “Miracle-Gro®” ingredient is already produced inside your body!

It’s called BDNF, Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor. BDNF is a versatile protein linked to brain cell survival and rejuvenation.

Ground-breaking research from UC San Diego has shown the protein BDNF impacting memory circuits in the brain and preventing disease at the cellular level. It appeared to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s Disease in mice and monkeys!

BDNF enhancement also was shown to have beneficial effects on Parkinson’s Disease, high-blood pressure and disorders of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

How Can I Increase My BDNF Levels?

One simple and inexpensive way to increase BDNF in your brain is to start each day with 20 minutes of aerobics or brisk walking. Just 20 minutes increases your alertness, lowers your stress and wakes up your brain! If you want to increase your BDNF levels even more, sprint for 1 minute, then walk for 2. Keep doing this for 30-45 minutes. In studies, this has shown to increase BDNF levels by 20% or more compared to non-sprinters.

Watch this CBS News report highlighting new research in neuroscience demonstrating how exercise makes kids smarter. The real-world study showed that kids who exercised before class had double the improvement compared to kids who exercised afterwards. Exercise enhances brain plasticity and promotes the growth of new brain cells.

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Keys to a Longer Life – Part II

Even though we think we can eat whatever we want, our body has to deal with every choice we make. Choosing what foods we put into our body can upset a delicate balance between war and peace – between health and disease.

Without sufficient probiotics, the body is vulnerable to obesity, suppressed immune response and even cancer. Intestinal bacterial composition is a huge component when fighting these health problems – even more important than dieting, exercising and genetic makeup.

In her book, The Alchemy of Nourishment, Esther Cohen states that our digestive tract, specifically the intestines, provide home for 70% of our immune system. These bacteria provide immunity we don’t have to work for – they work for us.

Probiotics are the soldiers on the front line of the battle for our health, protecting us and constantly guarding against unhealthy bacteria and pathogens invading our body. We just need to provide them with the right environment to keep them nourished.

When we go out of our way to take extra probiotics, we actively become resilient and improve our ability to adapt to any disease invasion.

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