Alzheimer's, Pigs and Einstein

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”
– Albert Einstein

Let me tell you the story about how Alzheimer’s, pigs and Albert Einstein intersect in the body.

I recently had the opportunity to share my opinion on a radio interview, on how to live each day to the fullest, healthiest and most productive – and how to put an end to brain deterioration. Take a few minutes to listen the the interview.

Alzheimer’s did not exist when I was growing up. It has only appeared in the last few decades and was simply unknown until very recently. Other modern epidemics too are running rampant, like diabetes, hypertension, breast and prostate cancer.

We are having these new epidemics because we are doing things humans have never done before. These record rates are confined to the industrialized nations,
especially America.

No one in the history of the entire world has ever hogged down so many calories, fat, sugars, and nutrition-less food than we do. No one.

Alzheimer’s disease is basically based upon inflammation and oxidative stress – the same factors causing coronary heart disease. Once Alzheimer’s takes hold, it cannot be cured. The most significant causes are excess sugar intake (more than 160 pounds per person each year,) high blood glucose, high insulin, and insulin resistance.

Our mad devotion to eating double bacon cheeseburgers only adds fuel to the fire as we stuff over 40% saturated (animal) fat calories into ourselves each day. The percentage of fat we consume should only be 10 to 20%, and come directly from vegetable oils.

Excessive saturated animal fats from dead pigs (in the form of bacon and ham) and dead cows (hamburger, steak, etc.) is what is killing America.

Of course, we all need to stop our addiction to animal protein and eat NO pig and NO dairy. That’s the first step. But, there’s more.

Our Brain has a “Sixth Sense” quality about it.

Like so many of our formulas, Mind Power has seemingly a thousand and one ingredients. Every conceivable thing I discovered or was told about in my journeys would increase intelligence and enrich the brain is in this formula. (Click the picture on the right of the Supplement Facts label and you’ll see what I mean.)

Specifically, Mind Power helps anyone who does a lot of what I call “Volume Thinking”. Students of all ages discover an entirely new way of studying things and storing up tons of information for later use or analysis.

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"God Pitched a Shutout!" Audio

Earlier this week, I shared with you the story that changed my life forever.

In fact, just reading the story caused me overwhelming emotion!  I still can’t comprehend, even after all these years, I had the experience of working with terminally ill patients during the early days of the AIDS crisis, in the 1980’s, and saw God Himself provide the answer we needed to save lives.

If you haven’t read the newsletter, you can click here now to read the entire article.

I decided to share this story with you after a recent radio talk show visit.  As I shared this story on the radio, I just knew I had to get the message out to the masses. I wanted to give you the chance to hear the story, in my own voice, for yourself.

Please take just a few moments to listen to the extraordinary account of the most significant breakthrough in my journey to help you and countless others achieve wholeness and healing.

It is why I am so utterly passionate about our Body as Doctor message.

This is my gift to you!  Enjoy!

(Click the image to launch the 13 minute radio interview.)

"God Just Pitched a Shutout!"

“The split second you were born, God prepared for you a special meal, His “Soup of Life.” This soup held all things needed from the universe to create, sustain and protect life.”
– Wayne Garland

There’s an old healing adage, “God never sent any of us here to be unhealthy or unhappy.”

Our body is God’s finest creation, a true miracle and tour de force of both creation and healing.

Our motto, “Body As Doctor” is a simplistic summary of this extraordinary power we can all tap to prevent disease and heal when necessary.

Today’s message is about one of the most powerful elements in God’s arsenal.

I call it “God’s Vitamin” for its demonstration of what God can do.

If you aren’t taking God’s Vitamin already, please spend 5 minutes or more to read this personal affirmation of what miracles I have witnessed first hand of its unique and clearly, supernatural powers.

But, unfortunately, I’ve found over the years, most medical doctors I’ve met don’t get it.

When I give a speech, they come by afterwards and dismiss my stories of extraordinary healing using God’s powers as Fairy Tale story stuff and not based on “scientific research” and “double blind studies”. According to them, “true healing” was the sole domain of pharmaceutical wonder drugs.

I hope these naysayers are reading this today as this is firsthand proof of a miracle I was personally and intimately involved with. This miracle came as a result of the greatest medical failure in modern history – or maybe even in all of time. God Himself interceded.

With yours truly coming along for the ride, so to speak.

AIDS: Modern Medicine’s Greatest Failure

Think back to the 1980’s during the height of the AIDS crisis – the epidemic was killing homosexual men like flies.

The medical and pharmaceutical world was in uproar. Nothing could stop this Gay Plague. Nothing.

To add insult to injury, rumors were flying that AIDS was originally started from a pharmaceutical drug testing failure that caused the deadly virus to jump from monkeys to humans. Other rumors swirled around the homosexual community that the unknown virus was the wrath of God coming against this population.

I knew in my heart nothing could be further from the truth.

I personally believed there HAD to be an answer to this horror and God would have the solution it if we just looked hard enough.

To test my theories, I volunteered at a famous AIDS Foundation in San Francisco, the hotbed of the AIDS epidemic because of the high homosexual population and lifestyles.

This was the Ashanti Foundation, funded by a billionaire oil man (name withheld by request) and housed in an old but comfortable hotel in the downtown area.

Along with six other students from the National College of Naturopthic Medicine, we gave our services and advice for free in the hope we would find some kind of answer.

Little did we know what lay ahead, for the patients and for us!
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Introducing the Clinic without Walls

One of the greatest books on life I’ve ever read (and then re-read and re-read) is Deepak Chopra’s, “Timeless Body, Ageless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Aging”.

This masterpiece contains abundant wisdom in each word, phrase and sentence – Chopra’s depth of insight, timeless thoughts and powerful beliefs flow over you like a waterfall.

The one thing that reverberates throughout my mind and spirit as I contemplate this book is Chopra’s belief that, within us all, is a “place” where disease simply does not exist.

Imagine, for a moment, being able to manifest this thriving “place” throughout your entire body, and then spread it forward to the next person you meet or to transfer it to our loved ones. Just Imagine.

This became the very first stone laid in the invisible “wall” I built all around myself in creating the idea of “The Clinic Without Walls” – A place of boundless knowledge, filled with caring and healing, available each moment of the day and night, just for the asking.

Today marks the spellbinding moment when it finally becomes reality.


“The Body As Doctor” is a phenomenon – it is the basis of our entire mission.

Our belief is that the best doctor for the body, is in fact, the body itself. This is the total reverse of modern day medicine and healing, even natural healing. We design all our formulas and protocols based on “what the body is telling us”.

When the body talks – Listen.

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