God's Vitamin

Why do I call Vitamin D “God’s Vitamin”? Because amazingly, your body makes it from the power of the sun, through your naked skin!

It’s not some slick bit of promotional trumpeting just to get your attention. It is as essential to your life as oxygen. It truly is a miracle of God’s creation and skimping on it, or not taking it at all, means your body is lacking the actual fuel for longevity and freedom from disease.

But doctors have convinced us to stay out of the sun. We spend most of our time working indoors now, crouched over computer screens, and we even exercise at indoor gyms. With all this time spent inside, the body needs supplementation – daily!

Today we reveal why Vitamin D “turns on” our immune system, saving us from unnecessary disease.

Vitamin D – The Precursor to all Health

For some time now, scientists have been baffled by the invisible power of Vitamin D on the immune system, particularly on diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Parkinson’s and worst of all, Cancer.

How did the presence of Vitamin D have such profound power in defeating these diseases without drug intervention?

“Vitamin D is vital in activating human defenses. Low levels, suffered by around half of the world’s population, may mean their immune systems’ killer T cells are poor at fighting infection”

Source: Reuters

Scientists find why Vitamin D, the “Sunshine Vitamin“, is Crucial

The findings by Danish researchers could help the fight against infectious diseases and global epidemics, and could be particularly useful in the search for new vaccines.

The researchers found that immune systems’ killer cells, known as T cells, rely on Vitamin D to become active. They remain dormant and unaware of the possibility of threat from an infection or pathogen, if vitamin D is lacking in the blood.

“When a T cell is exposed to a foreign pathogen, it extends a signaling device, or ‘antenna’, known as a Vitamin D receptor, with which it searches for Vitamin D,” said Dr. Carsten Geisler of Copenhagen University’s Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology, who led the study.

“This means the T cell must have Vitamin D or activation of the cell will cease. If the T cells cannot find enough Vitamin D in the blood, they won’t even begin to mobilize.”

(My comment: Stop and read the quote by Dr. Geisler again. Without D, there is no T cell activation – which means no immune system!)

Scientists have known for a long time that Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, and that there is a link between levels of Vitamin D and diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.

“What we didn’t realize is how crucial Vitamin D is for actually activating the immune system.” Geisler wrote in the study in the journal “Nature Immunology”.

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What Really Killed Mozart?

It’s undoubtedly the most baffling medical mystery of the last 200+ years. The greatest musical prodigy of all time, able to compose an entire symphony at just the age of six years, mysteriously died at the peak of his powers and the height of his career.

Rumors have abounded for two centuries. Was it poison? Did his highly envious co-composer, Antonio Salieri do it?

Watch the movie “Amadeus” by Milos Foreman and you will be as baffled as everyone else. You can stream the movie to your computer instantly with NetFlix – Mozart would have loved that.

I think – no – I KNOW the true answer.

This is not just a fascinating murder-mystery tale, but this new theory behind his premature death could very well save your life – and absolutely prolong it.

Read on and see if you agree with me.

What Really Killed Mozart?

First, some background.

For practically all my life I have been fascinated by Mozart and his untimely death. It seems as if there is a weird conspiracy out there to “snatch” our musical giants from us, way before their time: John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Judy Garland, George Harrison, Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Mario Lanza, Bix Biderbeck and many more.

a portrait of Mozart
Did lack of sunshine and vitamin D cause Mozart's death?

In my callow youth, while everyone else was celebrating Elvis Presley, I was listening to Mozart. How can someone compose an entire symphony at age six with no formal musical training? In his immortal words when asked about this, Mozart answered, “Compose a symphony? I didn’t compose anything. I just wrote down what I heard!

It’s for this reason that he was always known as “Amadeus” (Latin for “Man of God”) as he was convinced his talent came from the heavens and from God himself. If you’ve ever listened to Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, you know what I mean.

So, when a recent research report hit my desk that said the true story to Mozart’s death had been uncovered, I sat straight up and devoured every word.

Mozart was Killed by a common Vitamin Deficiency
When you study Mozart’s habits and do a basic autopsy of his death and disease symptoms, it comes down to a dramatic deficiency of SUNSHINE. He seldom spent time outdoors in the sun, sleeping during the days and writing music at night.

That translates into a equally dramatic lack of the “Sunshine Vitamin”, Vitamin D.

Read this research report summary from NUTRAingredients: Deficiency in D major: Did vitamin deficiency lead to Mozart’s untimely death?

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12-Step Winter Wellness Program

A Chinese doctor in Shanghai told me once that the average person in America gets 3 to 5 colds a year – and for children its double that! Not to mention nagging coughs, wheezing lungs, runny noses and high temperatures.

“Funny isn’t it,” he said, “in China barely anyone gets the cold or flu, no matter whether they are very young or very old.”

So what’s their secret?

Despite the billions upon billions spent on high tech pharmaceutical drugs, no drug company has been able to figure out a cure for the common cold! Every year the health police come out forcing people to get a useless (and dangerous in my opinion) flu vaccine shot.

I’ve said it countless times – there is no “Magic Bullet” to beat any disease – cancer, diabetes or the common cold. It takes a total “PROGRAM” to beat the problem.

Just two years ago, in 2009, we had the Swine Flu pandemic and the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control spent hundreds of millions with the drug companies to hurry and make a vaccine. It is estimated that between 11-21% of the world population came down with the H1N1 virus anyway, over 18,000 people died from it and the vaccine didn’t even work – and most likely further compromised everyone’s immune system that took it. (Source: Wikipedia)

We take pride in the fact that for customers who followed our Swine Flu Protection Program, we did not get one single report of Swine Flu. This year we’ve upgraded the program to a Total Winter Wellness Program. 12-Steps to follow, now and forever. This is pure Gold in it’s value. Print it out, follow it and you can kiss the common cold and dreaded Flu virus goodbye, most likely forever.

Dr. G’s Twelve-Step Winter Wellness Program

  1. Drink more water. Our body composition is 74% water. Fluid and electrolyte balance is a major function of homeostasis (balance), which is our body’s ability to maintain its internal environment as it adjusts to challenges and stress. Do you have any of these signs of dehyration?
    • Thirst, dry mouth, cramping, headaches, weakness, foggy thinking, fatigue, bloating, dark yellow urine, significant weight loss or decreased sweat during exercise
  2. Cook more meals at home. Winter weather is the perfect time for heavier soups and stews with root vegetables and garlic.
  3. Increase whole grains.
  4. Increase sweet vegetables. Red and yellow peppers are deliciously sweet raw or stir-fried and an excellent source of Vitamin C. Carrots and beets are sweet and rich in carotenoids, potent phyto-nutrients that fight free radicals and support immunity. Use these along with other root vegetables to create your comfort food the winter nights.
  5. Increase leafy green vegetables. Especially Kale, which is one the most nutrient dense foods available.
  6. an image of the book cover for the 3 Season Diet - Eat  the Way Nature Intended by John DouillardExperiment with protein. For the Vegetarians and Vegans who get cold easily, experiment with adding homemade beef both or small amounts of grass-fed or wild-caught fish to your diet once or twice weekly during the winter. Studies show this may enhance regulation of body temperature. For more on this topic, read the article To Meat or Not to Meat by Vanessa Johansson in this month’s Catalyst Magazine and also the 3 Season Diet by John Douillard.
  7. Consume less dairy, sugar, coffee and alcohol. I don’t really need to mention to mention to eliminate highly-processed, chemically-infused, artificial junk foods and sodas, do I?
  8. Nurture yourself more often. Spend more time with friends and deeper relationships that support you. Make an appointment for a massage. You will be amazed in the results!
  9. Add more fermented foods with “healthy bacteria” (called Probiotics) to your diet.
  10. Find a physical activity you enjoy and do it regularly. Daily exercise is vitally important to your health and well being.
  11. Find work you love or a way to love the work you have.
  12. Develop a spiritual practice. Studies have shown this can enhance of your health and life.

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Vitamin "D"iabetes

Insulin. Blindness. Gangrene. Amputation.

Millions of diabetics know those words all too well. They’re the words on every Diabetic’s mind every day and also for those in danger of developing Diabetes.

The crying shame is that many doctors will prescribe drugs automatically, like Pavlovian-dogs, without even considering the enormous role that vitamins and minerals play in controlling chronic blood sugar problems. And with zero side effects.

If you’re fighting or frightened by the prospect of diabetes, learn how one single, natural vitamin has profound power in overcoming this terrible (and unnecessary) epidemic, and then ask yourself why Big Medicine and Big Pharma don’t want you to know about it?!

Several years ago I gave a speech in San Diego, CA about the power of Chromium and Magnesium in controlling diabetes. At the end of the lecture, a woman came up to me and introduced herself as a doctor with a patient fighting chronic diabetes. He was in the room and she asked if would I see him, as he had stopped responding to insulin and the drugs prescribed for him were not working.

His condition was the worst I have ever seen. He was massively overweight, weight more than 400 pounds and could not walk without assistance and confined to a wheelchair, as his knees could not hold him up. His legs were jet-black from gangrene (from dead, pooled blood) and he was scheduled for amputation of his legs all the way up to his crotch in two weeks’ time.

We wrote a series of articles called “Diary of a Diabetic” about the program, chronicling the fight and successful recovery by Richard himself and his supervising doctor. Click here to read the articles.

In just six months Richard was totally off insulin, his prescription drugs and dropped 165 pounds – some would say he was “cured” of diabetes.

I created a special “master formula” for Richard that we called Diabesity. It is one of our more popular formulas today, beneficial for anyone wanting to control blood glucose levels.

But Richard’s program was no walk in the park, so to speak. We completely overhauled his diet. We got him off all junk food, red meat, pork, ribs, chicken and most of all, his craving for melted cheese Mexican food and margaritas. He was taking our supplements and drinking “live” vegetable drinks to get life into his nearly dead body and blood.

Since he couldn’t walk, we went to the local YMCA and Richard would use the lane dividers to pull himself up and down the pool. At first he could only do this for 10 minutes before he was exhausted, but week by week, we got him up to 60 minutes every day.

I got four strong young bodybuilders to lift him up and hold him upside down against the wall to drain the blood from his legs and thighs. This was a crude approach to improve his circulation, but it worked.

The weight literally melted off him, losing 25 lbs in the first 3 weeks. His sugar cravings diminished almost immediately, his blood sugar scores plummeted and he no longer needed insulin, instead controlling his blood sugar naturally through diet.

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Vitamin D Pregnancy Scandal

“Today’s newsletter is about a major crime occurring right under our noses, every day.

It’s the mainstream medical world’s refusal to acknowledge the vital role that Vitamin D3 plays in pregnancy and the future life of a child.

This report, from Dr. John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council, analyzes this “crime” of giant proportions and leaves but one intelligent solution – make sure you and your family on are high, daily intake of Vitamin D3.

Please read every word of today’s newsletter, someone you know should also read it.”

Reprinted with permission from the Vitamin D Newsletter, January 2011

Dear Dr Cannell:

Thank You for solving what has been a mystery to me for 45 years. I am an orthopedic radiographer (RT(R). I am very involved with Dexa scans and Vitamin D.

Until your recent letter I thought that my son just had poor bones when he was an infant. His x-rays in our office looked like it could be a battered child. Thank God I knew better and was believed. He was then sent to physical therapy to help with balance and coordination, where on the first day fell and broke both wrists. The endocrinologists and orthopedists could find no reason for his soft bones.

That was 38 years ago.

He turned out to be a fine young man and a RN. His life was tragically cut short at the age of 30 but I wish he could read your letter and know that it was not his fault or mine that he had so many fractures. Not until I started doing Dexa scans did I have my 25 OH Vitamin D level checked, it was 9 ng/ml.

Thank you for your dedication to the understanding of Vitamin D. At our orthopedic practice, we are still showing about a 70% vitamin D deficiency on new patients. Some of or family practice and primary care gate keepers are finally seeing the light as it used to be about 85%.

Paul Simpson

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Famous newscaster killed by Calcium supplement?

Tim Russert’s death two years ago, June 2008, at just 58 years of age was deeply unsettling to many people who, like him, had been earnestly following their doctors’ advice on drugs, diet, nutrition and exercise in hopes of avoiding a heart attack.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure you find Sunday mornings and “Meet the Press” just aren’t quite the same without his beaming face bringing us the inside stories of what is “really happening” in the corridors of power in Washington.

Just this month, a major research report came out that chillingly echoed the autopsy results into Tim Russert’s death.

If you’re taking a calcium supplement or know someone who is, read and forward today’s important Health Alert.

Excess Calcium could be Killing You

What killed Mr. Russert was a “plaque” rupture. A fatty, pimple-like lesion of plaque composed of fats, cholesterol and CALCIUM, residing in a coronary artery. The lesion burst and as the body attempted to repair it, a blood clot formed which blocked circulation to part of his heart muscle, causing a heart attack.

Unfortunately heart attacks happen all the time in the United States, impacting 1.2 million American’s each year, killing nearly one-half at of all sufferers.

In Mr. Russert’s case, the heart attack led to a second catastrophe, an abnormal heart rhythm that caused cardiac arrest and quickly killed him. An electric shock from a defibrillator might have restarted his heart if it had been given promptly when he collapsed at his desk. But it was apparently, tragically delayed.

A new meta-analysis research study published in the British Medical Journal on July 29th (just last week) proves that when calcium is taken alone, without it’s “partner” biofactors, the calcium accumulates in your arteries, increasing your risk of heart attack!

A CT scan of Mr Russert’s coronary arteries showed a dangerously high calcium score of 210, indicating artery disease. Healthy arteries do not have calcium deposits! Instead, the calcium is inside the bone marrow factory, where it should be, busy making strong bones, teeth, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Major Study: 30% Greater Risk of Heart Attack

The new study, led by Professor Ian Reid at the University of Auckland, is a meta-analysis of 15 randomized trials on calcium supplements conducted in the last twenty years, with the aim to investigate the links between calcium supplementation and cardiovascular events.

From analyzing the data on 12,000 people involved in the 15 trials, the researchers found that calcium supplements actually increased the risk of myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) by 30 percent!

No wonder heart disease is our number one killer – we are killing ourselves when we think we’re saving ourselves!
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Vitamin D Powers Chicago Blackhawks to Stanley Cup Finals

The Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey team are the first “Vitamin D” team in modern professional sports history!

On Sunday night, with six minutes to go, the Blackhawks overcame a 2-0 deficit to defeat the San Jose Sharks 4-2 and advance to their first Stanley Cup Finals appearance in 18 years. Not only that, it was a clean sweep for the unheralded Blackhawks, for so long a forgotten team amongst the super teams like San Jose, Montreal and Philadelphia.

Guess what their SECRET WEAPON is? Good old Vitamin D-3.

image from Chicago Tribune

(Story courtesy of John Cannell, MD and Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council)

According to my sources, the Chicago Blackhawks team physicians began diagnosing and treating vitamin D deficiency in all Blackhawk players about 18 months ago. Apparently most players are on 5,000 IU per day, some even more.

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"Back from the dead with Vitamin D-3"

Today’s story comes from the desk of Dr. John Cannell, the world’s leading Vitamin D authority and head of the prestigious Vitamin D Council.

If ever you needed verification of the miraculous, life-giving powers of Vitamin D, here it is in black and white. Please share this article with everyone you know, it could very well save someone’s life.

Dear Dr. Cannell:
“My 71 year old mother is in the hospital diagnosed with Pseudomonas pneumonia. Because she also has COPD  (chronic pulmonary lung failure), along with years of Prednisone use, her doctors have given her only a 5% chance of survival.

The hospital is against patients taking any supplements without doctors orders (they kind of have a don’t ask/don’t tell policy on supplements), but they have prescribed her Vitamin C and Zinc. But they failed to prescribe any Vitamin D.

Under my insistence, six months ago my mother had her vitamin D levels tested and found out she was critically low. So she has been taking 5,000 IU a day since then.

But after finding out she had Pseudomonas, unknown to her doctors, I have been giving my mother 30,000 IU of vitamin D for the last 5 days (based on the studies I saw about Pneumonia and Vitamin D).
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18 Things You Need to Know About Vitamin D and Cancer

The number one question that seems to be on everyone’s mind that I get asked nearly every single day is:

“Will we ever find a cure for Cancer?”

Despite the billions spent on “breakthrough” drugs and invasive surgical procedures, modern medicine is still no closer to solving this cruel, baffling and epidemic disease than we were 39 years ago, in 1971, when President Nixon declared a “war on cancer”.

vitamin D and the SunWhat we in the world of Natural and Alternative Medicine have done however, is something the medical and pharmaceutical cartels haven’t even thought of attempting or achieving; figuring out a way to PREVENT cancer in the first place.

The discovery of Vitamin D-3 and its powerful means of short-circuiting Cancer is the greatest tool at everyone’s disposal – and it is why I am screaming from the rooftops for everyone to make it as essential as a breath of air to stay alive.

Recently I ran across 18 observations, comments and truths that everyone needs to know about Vitamin D-3 and fighting cancer.

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Autism Nightmare Overcome by Miraculous Vitamin D

Today’s story comes from the desk of Dr. John Cannell, MD, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, a non-profit group dedicated to educating the public and professionals about Vitamin D Deficiency.

John Cannell, MD - Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council
John Cannell, MD - Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council

It shows the dramatic healing capacity of Vitamin D-3 on one of the most baffling epidemics of modern time – childhood Autism.

Note: The mother’s letter below has been edited for brevity. You can read the full account on the Vitamin D Council’s newsletter archives, titled, Another Autism Case Report.

Reprinted with permission.

Dear Dr. Cannell:

At age 2.5 years, between December 2007 and January 2008, my son experienced a fairly dramatic onset of symptoms that led to his diagnosis of autism.

We took our son to see a number of specialists during the winter of 2008 including a neurologist (who diagnosed him with Asperger Syndrome), a psychologist (who diagnosed with autism), and a second psychologist who specialized in the treatment of autism (who diagnosed him with Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not-Otherwise-Specified). All three diagnoses are on the autism spectrum. He also began seeing an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a behavioral specialist, and a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor for dietary interventions.

We saw a dramatic improvement by April/May of that year. Nearly all the symptoms on the list above had resolved. We assumed the improvements were due to diet but he started to go into the sun around that time. Our son slept well and spent many peaceful, happy and anxiety-free months during the spring and summer after turning three.
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