$0.50 a Day Flu Shot

“It’s a miracle in a bottle!”
The biggest secret withheld in fighting the flu is an amazingly inexpensive way to turbo-charge your immune system to banish it from your body forever.

This simple trick is the use of the miraculous, sunshine vitamin, VITAMIN D3.

Your body actually makes Vitamin D3 from sunshine, but this time of year it’s nearly impossible to get enough sunshine for your immune system to function properly, which is why winter is the yearly Flu season.

But, you need more than an ordinary, over the counter D3.

You need a brutally strong form of it with other flu-fighting ingredients.

We have it, we created it, it works overnight wonders. It’s called Ultra D3.

And it’s far safer and cheaper than a dangerous flu shot.


Dear Wayne,

I have been taking the “Flu Protection Kit” for the last 240 days.

I work in a public building and have been around sick and ill people and have not gotten sick at all.

I’m very amazed of how healthy I’ve been while taking the “Flu Protection Kit” and recommend this product to everyone!

Thank you Dr. Garland for providing us with great products!

Roland Smyth

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What Really Killed Mozart?

It’s undoubtedly the most baffling medical mystery of the last 200+ years. The greatest musical prodigy of all time, able to compose an entire symphony at just the age of six years, mysteriously died at the peak of his powers and the height of his career.

Rumors have abounded for two centuries. Was it poison? Did his highly envious co-composer, Antonio Salieri do it?

Watch the movie “Amadeus” by Milos Foreman and you will be as baffled as everyone else. You can stream the movie to your computer instantly with NetFlix – Mozart would have loved that.

I think – no – I KNOW the true answer.

This is not just a fascinating murder-mystery tale, but this new theory behind his premature death could very well save your life – and absolutely prolong it.

Read on and see if you agree with me.

What Really Killed Mozart?

First, some background.

For practically all my life I have been fascinated by Mozart and his untimely death. It seems as if there is a weird conspiracy out there to “snatch” our musical giants from us, way before their time: John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Judy Garland, George Harrison, Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Mario Lanza, Bix Biderbeck and many more.

a portrait of Mozart
Did lack of sunshine and vitamin D cause Mozart's death?

In my callow youth, while everyone else was celebrating Elvis Presley, I was listening to Mozart. How can someone compose an entire symphony at age six with no formal musical training? In his immortal words when asked about this, Mozart answered, “Compose a symphony? I didn’t compose anything. I just wrote down what I heard!

It’s for this reason that he was always known as “Amadeus” (Latin for “Man of God”) as he was convinced his talent came from the heavens and from God himself. If you’ve ever listened to Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, you know what I mean.

So, when a recent research report hit my desk that said the true story to Mozart’s death had been uncovered, I sat straight up and devoured every word.

Mozart was Killed by a common Vitamin Deficiency
When you study Mozart’s habits and do a basic autopsy of his death and disease symptoms, it comes down to a dramatic deficiency of SUNSHINE. He seldom spent time outdoors in the sun, sleeping during the days and writing music at night.

That translates into a equally dramatic lack of the “Sunshine Vitamin”, Vitamin D.

Read this research report summary from NUTRAingredients: Deficiency in D major: Did vitamin deficiency lead to Mozart’s untimely death?

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Vitamin "D"iabetes

Insulin. Blindness. Gangrene. Amputation.

Millions of diabetics know those words all too well. They’re the words on every Diabetic’s mind every day and also for those in danger of developing Diabetes.

The crying shame is that many doctors will prescribe drugs automatically, like Pavlovian-dogs, without even considering the enormous role that vitamins and minerals play in controlling chronic blood sugar problems. And with zero side effects.

If you’re fighting or frightened by the prospect of diabetes, learn how one single, natural vitamin has profound power in overcoming this terrible (and unnecessary) epidemic, and then ask yourself why Big Medicine and Big Pharma don’t want you to know about it?!

Several years ago I gave a speech in San Diego, CA about the power of Chromium and Magnesium in controlling diabetes. At the end of the lecture, a woman came up to me and introduced herself as a doctor with a patient fighting chronic diabetes. He was in the room and she asked if would I see him, as he had stopped responding to insulin and the drugs prescribed for him were not working.

His condition was the worst I have ever seen. He was massively overweight, weight more than 400 pounds and could not walk without assistance and confined to a wheelchair, as his knees could not hold him up. His legs were jet-black from gangrene (from dead, pooled blood) and he was scheduled for amputation of his legs all the way up to his crotch in two weeks’ time.

We wrote a series of articles called “Diary of a Diabetic” about the program, chronicling the fight and successful recovery by Richard himself and his supervising doctor. Click here to read the articles.

In just six months Richard was totally off insulin, his prescription drugs and dropped 165 pounds – some would say he was “cured” of diabetes.

I created a special “master formula” for Richard that we called Diabesity. It is one of our more popular formulas today, beneficial for anyone wanting to control blood glucose levels.

But Richard’s program was no walk in the park, so to speak. We completely overhauled his diet. We got him off all junk food, red meat, pork, ribs, chicken and most of all, his craving for melted cheese Mexican food and margaritas. He was taking our supplements and drinking “live” vegetable drinks to get life into his nearly dead body and blood.

Since he couldn’t walk, we went to the local YMCA and Richard would use the lane dividers to pull himself up and down the pool. At first he could only do this for 10 minutes before he was exhausted, but week by week, we got him up to 60 minutes every day.

I got four strong young bodybuilders to lift him up and hold him upside down against the wall to drain the blood from his legs and thighs. This was a crude approach to improve his circulation, but it worked.

The weight literally melted off him, losing 25 lbs in the first 3 weeks. His sugar cravings diminished almost immediately, his blood sugar scores plummeted and he no longer needed insulin, instead controlling his blood sugar naturally through diet.

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The Story Behind "God's Vitamin"

“The split second you were born, God prepared for you a special meal, His “Soup of Life.” This soup held all things needed from the universe to create, sustain and protect life.”

– Wayne Garland

In the late ’90’s I used to visit an old copper mining town called Bisbee in southern Arizona, near the Mexico border. Something called out to me and drew me to the town and a lot of what I learned there goes into all our formulas. It is a special place, a time-warp type of town, full of wonderful artists and thinkers and dreamers, and I recommend making a point to visit the little town.

One day I was running late, and driving hurriedly to Tucson to catch a flight, when I looked up and saw a giant billboard that hit me square between the eyes and into my entire psyche.

It said, We need to talk. And was “signed” by God.

The story goes that an anonymous donor was behind the billboards. The donor wanted to people to smile and think about God in a new way. (Visit the website, GodSpeaks.com, to learn more about it.)

The billboard and it’s message have stuck to me like glue all these years now and whenever I need some kind of “breakthrough” this poster’s message always comes through.

Disease Should Not Exist
Some of you have probably read or heard about the extraordinary books by Neale Donald Walsh called Conversations with God. The books will change your life and your relationship with God, that’s for sure. I’ve used them often.

In one conversation that I had, I asked God why was it that with so much brilliance in the worlds of medicine, pharmaceuticals and nutrition, that disease still proliferated – and some diseases long thought to be cured were now returning in epidemic proportions. Diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s.

And while these were once the diseases of the elderly, they were now affecting the very young, even babies.

The situation is dire and getting worse by the day. Hospitals are overflowing. Doctors can’t cope and don’t know what to do anyway. Drugs are ineffective and repeated use cause dangerous, long-term side effects. The cost of medicine is bankrupting the country and there’s no end in sight.

None of this should be happening! There is an answer and it costs next to nothing per day.
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