"Prostate Cancer? WHAT Prostate Cancer?"


“Hi!  My name is Doug and my prostate story is incredible!

In October 2012, the “Medical Doctor” that I had been seeing annually to check my prostate and told me that my PSA spiked from 3 or 4 to 6.4.  Therefore, he automatically recommended that I have a biopsy immediately.

This is not what I wanted as I hate needles and any intervention.  I turned to my “Super Guru” of Natural Medicine, Wayne Garland, to see what he would recommend.

DougHeyden2Wayne told me to “absolutely not” get the biopsy and explained to me why.

In October 2013,  just a few months ago, I went back for my annual check-up and was asked by the “Doctor” why I did not get the biopsy.

I told him that I did not want to take the chance (if I did have cancer) for the cells to spread or for an infection.  Wayne had told me there was also danger of erectile dysfunction, bleeding and incontinence.

I also informed him that I was taking an amazing, all-natural supplement called Prostate Support – as well as other support formulations.

Even though the results that day for my PSA were 5.1 (lower than the year before – and I had not been taking the supplements that long), the “Doctor” informed me he no longer wanted me as a patient and told me that my primary care doctor can get my PSA tests for me. He was really angry that he was not going to get me into the operating room.

January 30, 2014, over a year since my first blood test, I received my PSA results from my primary doctor.  My PSA was 1.2 – a nearly 5 fold decrease!

No drug!  No biopsy!  NOTHING but nature and a prostate healthy diet!

Thank you Wayne and your entire team!

–  Doug Hayden
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Testosterone Levels Shock Doctor

Hi!  My name is Chris and I want to share with you how Boost Testosterone has changed my life.

Since I’m approaching 40 years old, I wanted to get my baseline hormone levels so that I could monitor them in the years to come.

My first test was in May and what came back was okay but not phenomenal. My “total testosterone” was 714 and “free testosterone” was 75, which wasn’t too bad but there was definitely room for improvement.

3 months later after using the Testosterone Boost cream and taking DIM, my numbers went up dramatically.  My “total testosterone” increased to 1,284 (+540) and my “free testosterone” up to 123.5 (+48). That’s a huge jump in a short period of time and needless to say my doctor was pretty shocked.

So, what have I noticed on the two products?

  • Increased energy…CHECK
  • Increased libido…CHECK
  • Increased lean mass…CHECK
  • Improved body composition…CHECK

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'Boost Testosterone' is UN-Greying America's Hair

To: Fellow Anti-Aging Fanatics
Re: World’s Most Powerful Testosterone Therapy

I think I have uncovered the secret to Ronald Reagan’s perpetually brown hair!

All other presidents immediately go grey while in office. Just look at Obama’s hair in just a few years – he’s aging fast.

Did Reagan know the secret of our herbal testosterone? I think so because he never dyed his hair and he went to heaven with a full mane of rich brown hair.

The Only Transdermal Delivery Herbal Testosterone

What is the BIG SECRET of our “Boost Testosterone”?

You see there are 2 forms of testosterone – “BOUND”Testosterone and  “FREE” Testosterone. Your body, your hormone factory and your hair can only use FREE TESTOSTERONE!

On the contrary, bound Testosterone is trapped by lipid, sex hormone fats that block Testosterone.

When your body has special hormonal modulating compounds and herbs inside it (such as in our Boost Testosterone Cream) it releases and frees up the bound or trapped Testosterone and Whammo! your body celebrates immediately:

  • Fatigue goes away
  • Sex drive returns
  • Body fat disappears
  • Muscles and muscle mass dramatically change
  • Weight drops like a stone
  • Depression and anxiety disappear

The Amazing Radio Show Male Americans Listened To

Last week, I was a guest on a national radio show featuring our new Boost Testosterone cream. I shared how it goes straight into the blood stream and gets to the hormonal factory in seconds.

All other pills, tablets and liquids linger in the gut for hours, barely passing through the digestive system into the bloodstream.  THIS DIFFERENCE IS GIGANTIC!

Our phone lines lit up like fireworks! People went absolutely crazy for our Boost Testosterone and we sold out in one day! (We’re back in stock now.)

We don’t make massive batches of this cream in order to give you the freshest ingredients possible. That’s why it works!

I want to share my words with you I shared on the radio.  Just click on the audio player below to listen now.

Our Boost Testosterone Transdermal Cream is able to not only help balance your hormones, it can give you back 10 or more years!

Male Menopause is a big topic in scientific journals, I believe, because the Baby Boomers are getting older and recognizing the symptoms of low testosterone levels – and refusing to slow down as we age – I know I have no intention of slowing down!

Even relatively young men in their 30’s and 40’s are experiencing symptoms such as depression, lack of motivation, decreased libido and weight gain they can’t loose even with diet and exercise.

If you missed last week’s newsletter sharing  Dale Aychman’s story (President of Ask Dr Garland) of how his hair is actually un-greying after a few months of using Boost Testosterone, and at 51 is in the best shape of his life, competing in triathlons and other endurance races, take a moment and read Dale’s story. Click on this link… (read more)

Boost Testosterone

Boost Testosterone, our transdermal Hormone Balance Cream, is a 100% natural formula, stimulating the production of vital testosterone, the most important male hormone.

Testosterone enhances all sorts of masculine body features! It supports lean muscle development, increases libido and enhances performance, boosts energy and stamina, promotes tight, youthful skin and reduces signs of aging. Testosterone is required for maintaining bone density and blood sugar levels as well as creating a more positive outlook on life – and how could you NOT have a positive outlook if your hair starts to un-grey!

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Special Offer: Buy Boost Testosterone and get a free copy of the Ebook, “The Key to All Health and Healing” explaining the giant ‘missing link’  in all health, healing and medicine.

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"51 and in the Best Shape of My Life"

On my 44th birthday I signed up for a Sprint Triathlon race (750 yd swim, 13 mile bike ride and 5K run) as motivation to workout consistently. Like a lot of men, I had a busy career working extra hours, a family and sporadic exercise, often pushed to the weekends.

At 5-11 and 175lbs, I wasn’t that overweight, but I felt like the Pillsbury Doughboy, soft and pudgy. All the tricks I used when I was in my 30’s to drop the weight no longer worked. I just couldn’t lose those last 10 pounds. I avoided sugary treats, had several servings of fruits and vegetables each day, tried to boost my exercise, but nothing worked.

I remember attending a triathlon workshop for first timers and thought, “I can do this.” Instead of driving to work everyday, I started riding my bicycle the 10 miles each way 2 days a week. The other days, I would go for a walk/run or swim. I lost about 5 pounds during the 2 1/2 months of training.

I’ll never forget that first race. I finished in 1 hour, 45 minutes and was hooked! The event was so much fun, but after the high wore off, I was exhausted for the rest of day. And sore for the next 3 days.

Image of Dale Aychman, 51, running.I’m now 51 and have competed in more than a dozen triathlons since that first race. My weight fluctuated between 170-175 lbs, no matter how much I exercised or how well I ate, until 2 years ago when I made the decision to go vegetarian.

Like many of us, I thought I needed animal protein to maintain muscle, but after watching the movie Forks Over Knives, I was convinced that wasn’t true. I went on our 14 Day Detox Program after reading John Keefe’s story, figuring I could use a good “clean out” and dropped 5 pounds without even trying.

More significantly, I noticed I wasn’t as tired as I used to be. I could exercise harder and recover faster.

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The Crisis of Masculinity

Will the Real Men Please Stand Up!

Over the last several years, I’ve been greatly concerned as I’ve read a plethora of research studies and articles written on the decline of masculinity and fertility and increasing male menopausal symptoms.

Of course, our culture is changing and evolving, but men are, according to research studies, growing weaker and less virile than in generations before.

Recently, I read a research article saying essentially that men are the weaker sex. Here’s the depressing laundry list:

  • Men are more likely develop coronaries
  • Men are more like to have strokes
  • Men are more likely to be obese
  • Men are 70 percent more likely than women to die of cancer
  • Men are experiencing rapidly declining fertility rates due to low sperm counts
  • Man-boobs are increasing as obesity numbers increase
  • Man-opause, or male menopause, is becoming THE research topic of the new millenium.  Men are suffering with debilitating hormonal imbalances.

To put a final nail in the coffin, the studies also say men are more likely to commit suicide.

But if that wasn’t enough, there was an extraordinary article from Salon magazine highlighting their interview with Australian Anthropologist Peter McAllister, author of Manthropology: The Science of Why the Modern Male is Not the Man He Used to Be.   The article exclaimed: Modern men are puny compared to the great men of the past.

McAllister explained that traditional physical power has become less important to our society, and therefore, the “real markers” of masculinity have become less important.  The visual signs of manliness – strength and muscle development – have become far less prominent.  The bottom line, says McAllister, “masculinity is in crisis:”

The article didn’t give any real solutions to address the problem, and won’t be able to offer a solution until they address the real, underlying problem!

A toxic overabundance of estrogen is the real culprit and no amount of dieting and exercise will ever completely solve the problem.

Want to find out the simple way to AVOID manopause, get rid of your man-boobs, shed excess weight, increase your testosterone levels, and give you the libido of your dreams?

Male Menopause: Myth or Reality

According to the Mayo Clinic, male menopause or andropause, sometimes referred to as manopause,  is described as decreasing testosterone levels due to aging.

Hormone changes are a very natural part of aging, and unlike the very dramatic hormone plunge women experience, manopause occurs more gradually over a period of many years.  The effects on men, such as decreased sexual function, energy levels and mood, are subtle and may even go unnoticed.

Testosterone levels vary among men, but in general, they gradually decline about 1% per year after the age of 30.  By age 70 this decrease can be as much as 50%!  That is shocking!

Most men tend to pay very little attention to the subtle changes happening to their bodies and probably wouldn’t do anything even if they did notice.  They continue to gain weight, be depressed and just live with the sexual dysfunction.

Others listen to their bodies and notice the erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual desire, infertility, changing sleep patterns, weight gain, swollen man-boobs, and emotional changes like decreasing self-confidence – who wouldn’t have low self-confidence with all THIS going on! – and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

The first thing every man, regardless of age, needs to do is take charge of their life and realize low testosterone and high, toxic levels of estrogen go hand in hand.  There is hope!

What Does Estrogen Have to do With Men?

Men over 50 years old  literally have higher Estrogen levels than their post-menopausal wives!  Frightening, huh?

This Estrogen dominance is a basic reason men get fat, grow those horrifying breasts, become impotent, suffer from prostate disease, and lose their hair.  (Does this lovely picture describe your husband?)

Hyper-estrogen levels in men are due to the same causes as for women – gobbling down animal fats, especially dead pigs (bacon, ham, bacon cheeseburger, etc.) drinking alcohol, eating dairy products, low fiber dietary intake, laying on their FAT butts watching TV and being grossly overweight.

All these choices cause massive hormone explosions in the body and even cause breast cancer in men!  It’s getting worse by the day.

FACT: All American men will end up with man boobs, prostate cancer and horrific man-opause if they live long enough.  All of them – unless, of course, they do something about it.

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The Alarming 'Male Breast' Phenomenon

I will always have fat on me. There’s nothing I can do about it, just genetics. As I said earlier, I’ve got subcutaneous fat. And most people who are ripped have visceral. There’s nothing I can do! It just lies underneath the skin as opposed to underneath the muscle. And as long as I feel better and get stronger, then I can’t really worry about, you know, body fat.
– Phil Mickelson

Even after Phil Mickelson famously lost over 20 pounds and declared he was man-boobless, or moob-less, he continues to hold onto to that stubborn breast fat.

Genetics? Maybe. Although looking at pictures of his parents and sister who are skinny, it’s hard to imagine genetics.

After enduring ridicule on the tour for several years, Phil started working out and eating healthier, and still can’t shed that “subcutaneous fat.”

Multitudes of American men face this tragic scenario, many working as hard as Phil worked to lose the breast fat – but they can’t!

They can’t because they aren’t addressing the real, underlying problem!

A toxic overabundance of estrogen is the real culprit and no amount of dieting and exercise will ever completely solve the problem.

Here’s a simple way to get rid of your man-boobs, or moobs, and at the same time, shed excess weight, increase your testosterone levels, and give you the libido of your dreams!

Do You Have Moobs?

Moobs have risen to the forefront of the news in the last several years as professional athletes and major film stars have begun to address theirs.

Rumors flew several years ago when Simon Cowell lost his moobs and speculation swirled as to whether he had undergone gyecomastia surgery or used other means.

In the US during 2011, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported roughly 17,645 men underwent gynecomastia surgery, or breast reduction surgery, making it the fourth most popular procedure for men.

Is surgery your only option? Heaven’s NO! You can lose your man-boobs without expensive surgery or massive exercise.

The answer is simple: Rid your body of excess, toxic amounts of estrogen and you will lose your moobs.

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Miracle Estrogen "Reset" Formula for Men AND Women

Miracle Estrogen “Reset” Formula

Do you know what your hormone levels are?

Particularly your Estrogen and Estrodiol levels? And do you know the difference?

Actually, Estrogen isn’t a single substance – it’s a group of 3 distinct, unique, yet similar hormones called “estrogen”.

Estrogen is formed in the ovaries and also produced by the adrenals and fat cells. It is a combination of three compounds: Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2) and Estriol (E3).

The strongest and most influential of the three estrogen hormones is Estradiol (E2), next in strength is Estrone (E1). These are the so-called aggressive estrogens. At high levels, they are associated with increased risk of breast, uterine AND prostate cancers.

Is there a simple answer to the Estrogen dominance epidemic? YES! The MIRACLE comes directly, as always, from Mother Nature’s pharmacy.

Everyone in the world needs to read this vitally important piece of news. It is all about a very special natural compound – a compound metabolized from vegetables like broccoli and brussel sprouts – and it literally makes cancer cells commit suicide!

As a woman, if you are not already taking this formula, read every word of this newsletter to find out why it is vital you do.

And it is just as important for men too!

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Enjoy the Gift of Great Sex

Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

  • Lost Love?
  • Libido exhaustion got you down?
  • Has your S-E-X drive disappeared?
  • Those horrendously expensive little blue pills not working anymore?
  • Tired of saying “not tonight honey, I’ve got a headache”?

Guess what? We have found the answer to one of today’s biggest problems.

And of course it is all natural, totally safe, without nasty side effects. The results are extraordinary.

Resurrect Your Libido AND Your Relationship!

Reduced or inhibited desire has become an underground epidemic. It is not something that only older people suffer from. More and more men and women in their 30’s and 40’s are complaining of zero sex drive.

There are many reasons; high psychological and physical stress, long commutes and demanding work schedules (or unemployment due to layoffs) and the typical “overextended” American lifestyle are the biggest contributors.

Both women and men today are overwhelmed with family and career responsibilities, kids’ activities and now more than ever, caring for elderly parents. It leaves us exhausted and wanting to collapse at the end of the day and praying for the weekend to hurry up and get here!

When I was in Asia, in China, Korea, Bhutan and India, sex was a daily occurrence! Men and women way into their 70’s and 80’s had active sex lives. An active and fulfilling sex life is a perfectly natural part of God’s plan, bringing a wonderful dimension of love and intimacy to the totality of life.

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The Ultimate Men's Collection

The Ultimate Men’s Collection
The ultimate gift package for any man on your list this year!

The Ultimate Men’s Gift Collection contains:

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Anti-Aging Gift Collection

Anti-Aging Gift Collection

The perfect gift for your “most special person” this holiday season, literally “Turning Back the Hands of Time!”

Our Anti-Aging Gift Collection includes:

* Age-Less Anti-Inflammatory
* Emporer’s Chi
* Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex
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