The Age of Arthritis

Fact: Every hour, every day, 330 Americans turn 60.

Fact: By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be older than 65.

Fact: The number of people over 100 doubles every decade.

Fact: As we age, people lose muscle mass, strength, flexibility and our bones crumble.

Fact: Over 64% of Americans suffer witth some form of Arthritis or crumbling bones, and drug therapy shows no signs of reversing it.

Fact: So called “miracle drugs for bones” like Fosamax and Boniva have just been found to actually cause sudden hip fractures and snapped hips!

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How Homocysteine Kills the Heart

Do you know what your Homocysteine level is? Has your doctor ever mentioned it? Probably not.

But it’s now recognized by leading, intelligent doctors and researchers as more deadly than high cholesterol.

Do yourself a giant favor and next time you’re in for a blood check, make them do a Homocysteine check too, it won’t take a second and could save your life.

When the levels of a substance called “Homocysteine” in your blood becomes too high, the perfect conditions are created for plaque buildup.¬†This is what killed Tim Russett.

An amino acid, Homocysteine, promotes the growing of smooth muscle cells just below the inner wall of the artery. Multiplying rapidly, these cells create a deadly bulge that protrudes into the artery itself. On the bulge, cholesterol, blood products, and calcium begin to accumulate.

These are the blood traps that lead to problems like impotence, poor memory, heart attacks, strokes, and even death.

And research indicates that you should be just as concerned, if not more so, over your Homocysteine level as you are over your cholesterol levels.

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