The Best Damn Diet Since Starvation

There was a time, not so very long ago, when Weight Watchers did not exist.

The Atkins Diet had not been invented or the Scarsdale Diet or the South Beach Diet – let alone the Grapefruit Diet.

Yoga was something weirdo’s did in India.

Jane Fonda hadn’t come out with her exercise videos and no one belonged to a fancy, expensive gym.

Jenny Craig was still a plump, little known Genieve Guidroz, living in a tiny town on the outskirts of New Orleans.

How things have changed! Where did it all go so terribly wrong?

I remember vividly taking my 80-year old English grandmother to McDonald’s for her birthday.

She wanted a surprise and all the family thought this a grand idea.

One step inside the madness of a fast-food emporium totally bewildered her. She asked me if we had landed on Mars and immediately wanted to go straight home and have a “normal meal”.

She told me a story about England during World War II, when no one was fat! And all the food was “rationed”. No one could get any meat and cows were extinct. Who could risk milking a cow with bombs raining down on your head?

“You never saw a fat person on the streets of London, everyone was skinny as a beanpole. It became a real pride thing… people didn’t want to be seen getting fat as it would mean they have a secret supply of luxury fat foods!

People joked that maybe the Martians had come and stolen all the fat people for weird experiments!”

And this fact from her memory bank was best of all:

During this famous period of history, England saw disease and death rates plummet. Everyone was getting healthier than ever with far less food!

How could this be? People were forced to walk everywhere or ride a bike as rationing of fuel was introduced so as to supply the troops at battle.

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Is Vitamin D3 the Ultimate Flu Fighter?

Why are Some People You Know Impervious to Colds and Flu?

Do you know people who bounce around happily all winter long, without a hint of sickness or even sniffles?

Do you wonder what they’re doing to “cold-proof” themselves?

It’s NOT the flu shot.

It’s vitamin D3 and if you are like most Americans, you are dangerously deficient!

Where You Live Could Be Making You Sick!

If you live above the line on this map, you are in greater danger of contracting a cold or dangerous flu virus this winter.

Why? You won’t be exposed to enough sunshine to fight it!

Vitamin D is the most important vitamin for our immune systems and it has been linked to far more than building strong bones and teeth – it can also protect us from high blood pressure, some forms of cancer, Hodgkins Lymphoma, and of course, influenza.

100 MILLION Americans are seriously vitamin D deficient!

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$0.50 a Day Flu Shot

“It’s a miracle in a bottle!”
The biggest secret withheld in fighting the flu is an amazingly inexpensive way to turbo-charge your immune system to banish it from your body forever.

This simple trick is the use of the miraculous, sunshine vitamin, VITAMIN D3.

Your body actually makes Vitamin D3 from sunshine, but this time of year it’s nearly impossible to get enough sunshine for your immune system to function properly, which is why winter is the yearly Flu season.

But, you need more than an ordinary, over the counter D3.

You need a brutally strong form of it with other flu-fighting ingredients.

We have it, we created it, it works overnight wonders. It’s called Ultra D3.

And it’s far safer and cheaper than a dangerous flu shot.


Dear Wayne,

I have been taking the “Flu Protection Kit” for the last 240 days.

I work in a public building and have been around sick and ill people and have not gotten sick at all.

I’m very amazed of how healthy I’ve been while taking the “Flu Protection Kit” and recommend this product to everyone!

Thank you Dr. Garland for providing us with great products!

Roland Smyth

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The Flu Shot Isn't Working!

8.5 Weird & Wonderful Ways to Fight the Flu
If you haven’t heard, there is an epidemic in our country and it’s getting worse by the minute.

It isn’t a flu epidemic.

It’s an epidemic of false information.


The CDC (Center For Disease Control), actually came out and admitted the Flu Shot would only work in 42% of cases.

You can get better odds playing roulette in a casino!

What can you do? You can listen to the media insist you need to rush out and get your shot today, but don’t do it. Vaccinations do nothing to prevent disease, but they can cause damage.

The flu is caused by a weakened immune system. The only way to avoid it is to boost your immunity, not get a vaccine. You can’t vaccinate disease away!

Don’t be the guy who is stuck in bed with the flu.

Be the one who doesn’t get sick this year and use these 8 1/2 natural remedies today! They’ve worked for centuries.


8.5 Proven Flu Busters
These absolute, time proven, all natural immune boosters are just the ticket to fighting off – not only the flu – but whatever virus may be floating around your head this time of the year.
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1st Diabetes Miracle of 2013

“It was a miracle!”

Talk to any conventional doctor and they’ll tell you – “Diabetes is incurable!”

The alternative, natural medicine world TOTALLY DISAGREES.

Want some instant proof?

Read the following amazing testimonial from one of our customers who saw his Diabetic Neuropathy foot condition disappear in just 3 weeks.

Without drugs.

We want to hear your amazing story too, so we can share it with others throughout the year. (Find out more at the conclusion of this amazing story.)


a photo of David MiodDear Wayne,

I have had great results with the Treat Your Feet” product!

My diabetic feet have been cracked and sore for the longest time and I have tried several creams and lotions to try and heel them including using Neosporin ointment to heal the cracks. “Treat Your Feet” is the first cream that has provided me total relief from cracking, and dry skin.

The best part: I felt huge results in just 3 days! Now my heels are smooth and not dry or cracked. The bone on the side of my foot, below my big toe was inflamed, and swollen. Now, the redness is gone, and I feel so much relief from the pain associated with the start of arthritis in my toes. Also, the yellowing of my toenails has almost gone away. One of my toes has a toe fungus that splits the toenail and it appears the fungus has stopped growing and is starting to heal.

I have only been using this cream for 3 weeks and have been applying it twice daily. An amazing product! My feet thank you so much!

David Miod

If Treat Your Feet Rescue Cream works miracles on diabetic feet, just imagine how it will work on yours!

a photo of Connie AlbrightDear Wayne,

I absolutely love Treat Your Feet!

I have had the WORST dry, cracked, and bleeding heels since I moved to a dry climate, and have tried – literally everything – including prescription lotions and ointments. Some worked for a little while, then they stopped, and my feet are worse than ever.

I was often in pain and hated to be barefoot because my feet were so ugly.

I started using Treat Your Feet when it became as soon as it became available and the results were amazing. My feet were cracked so badly, they were bleeding. After 2 days of using Treat Your Feet my feet were already visibly healing and after a week, no more cracks – at all! It was a miracle.

Thank you! Now I LOVE MY FEET and can’t wait for summer!

Connie Albright

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Triple Your Weight Loss in 2013!

You can burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are having trouble losing weight, it’s likely due to a clogged liver and unbalanced blood sugars. It’s also very likely stress and out of control cortisol levels are keeping you from being a fat-burning furnace.

We have a cutting edge, weight-loss and fat-burning Trio we believe will actually triple your capacity to achieve your optimum weight and undo all that Holiday over-eating and sugar indulging.

Our Triple Threat Trio helps your body become a fat-burning furnace – revving your metabolism, balancing blood sugars, lowering cortisol levels, cleansing your liver, detoxifying your blood – generating rapid, and most importantly, sustained weight loss.

Too good to be true?

Read on to learn how to burn fat 24/7 – tripling your weight loss capacity!

The Triple Threat Trio!
a photo of the Triple Threat Trio - Raspberry Ketone, Night Time Fat Burner, and Green Coffee PLUS+Our Triple Threat Trio is your ticket to reaching your goal weight once and for all, and losing those unwanted pounds.

Night Time Fat Burner, Green Coffee PLUS+ and Raspberry Ketone, are the Triple Threat Trio, delivering the fastest, most efficient weight loss combination available.

The Trio effectively blocks starch absorption, enhances fat burning and promotes lean muscle development.

The First Step to Losing Weight is to Unclog Your Liver!
Yes, you really can burn fat constantly, but not if your poor, run-down liver is clogged up with junk.

Your liver is home to industrial-strength workers called hepatocytes. Hepatocytes provide effective communication within the liver, cleansing the blood of waste by-products, processing proteins, fats and carbohydrates, synthesizing cholesterol and lipids, and much more.

Diet, stress and medications put up walls inside the liver, preventing the hepatocytes from communicating effectively!

If I was your liver, I’d cry “Uncle” and give up under this enormous work load!

The first place we start with each of our cancer patients is detoxifying the liver, cleansing the blood and boosting immune system response.

Why not do the same thing for weight loss?

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