Vitamin D-3 "Frightens" Cancer Cells to Death

BREAKING NEWS: Increased dietary intakes of Vitamin D3 could prevent the cancer-causing effects of obesity by 42 percent, according to a just-released research study.

Source: Cancer Prevention Research

That’s right, 42%!

Even 10% is considered a giant step in fighting cancer. No chemotherapy drug or radiation therapy can deliver a 42% success rate. And vitamin D-3 is just pennies a day, not the horrendous $40,000 a month costs of chemo and radiation.

Vitamin D continues to amaze researchers (but not us, as we have been promoting it from the rooftops for over 12 years.)

This latest research is just stunning in what was discovered – that vitamin D triggered the body of obese female lab mice to stop producing a key cancer fuel called “osteopontin” which the cancer needs to keep burning, much like wood to fire. And at the same time, it super-activated the body’s production of a compound called “E-Cadherin” which literally terrifies cancer and stops it from spreading or metastasizing.

This is an extraordinary “dual action” where vitamin D “puts out” the fuel needed for the cancer to stay alive and then literally “freezes” it from spreading, thus causing the cancer to self-destruct (cellular apoptosis in medical speak.)

Yet again another piece of research confirms the profound power of Vitamin D3 against the Big C (cancer). We are winning the fight – without drugs or radiation!

Read the full study release here: Vitamin D3 may protect against endometrial cancer: Study

The Most Powerful Vitamin D-3 Formula in the World

an image of Wayne Garland's  vitamin D3 K2 nutritional supplement
Endometrial cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women, with over 41,000 new diagnoses in the US during 2006. (This was 4 years ago – the figures are far worse now with obesity out of control.)

Exposure to high estrogen levels is the main risk for endometrial cancer, but obesity is known to elevate chances of developing the cancer by between three and five fold!

Our Vitamin D3+K2 formulation is simply the single most powerful D-3 formula available anywhere in the world.

We get inquiries from Europe, Asia, Russia and Scandinavia wanting to purchase it, because no other formula has such a high content of vitamin D-3 combined with vitamin K-2 and crucial bio-factors like zinc, magnesium, boron, as well as beta carotene, which converts to vitamin A, and vitamins C & E for powerful antioxidant action.

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Further Tips & Suggestions:

  • Get off all dairy – no more milk, cheese, ice cream, butter. Dairy fuels cancer. Switch to Almond Milk, Hemp Milk, Rice Milk, organic Soy Milk.
  • No more junk food hamburgers. All red meat and pork causes cancer. Switch to organic Tofu for your “cooked” meat. Email me for my delicious Tofu Recipes.
  • No more sodas or fruit drinks with High Fructose Corn Syrup. This is yet another cancer fuel killing us all.
  • Lose weight, fast. Former President Bill Clinton recently lost 24 pounds on his new vegetarian diet. Click here to watch a video interview with President Clinton explaining why he went on a vegetarian diet. Cancer loves obesity. Don’t give it a place to breed.
  • Exercise every single day. Even a daily 30 minute brisk walk works wonders.

This is the miracle of Contagious Health!

Dr. G

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