No More Menopause

I love women.  The women in my life bring life, joy, beauty and strength.

If there is one thing that annoys me as much as people in our country dying needlessly, is how many women are living with preventable symptoms of menopause. It’s true women can’t stop menopause – who would even want to?  There are so many beautifully amazing things about women becoming more comfortable in their own skin.

My goal is that every single person, including every menopausal woman in our country, living to the maximum, having the energy and happiness for all of the days God gives us to ENJOY!

I can almost guarantee if you are over 50 and peri- or post-menopausal you are probably having a hard time losing weight, sleeping, eating healthy and may be depressed, or heaven forbid, despairing.

You are not alone! Millions of women in our country are suffering and their doctors tell them their only option is taking horse urine tablets and addicting them to Prozac or Valium.

What if I told you it is absolutely possible to go through your entire life with:

  • No More Menopause
  • No More Hot Flashes
  • No More PMS
  • No More Temper Tantrums
  • No More Crying Fits
  • No More Osteoporosis
  • No More Thyroid Imbalance
  • No More Sleepless Nights
  • No More Chronic Fatigue

Your pre- and post-menopausal years can be some of the most glorious in your entire life!

In fact, even if you aren’t there yet, there are things you can do right now so that you actually laugh your way all the way through menopause!

Time for Change

In 1993, an article was published in the The New England Journal of Medicine.  It was to be some of the most famous words uttered by former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop and his colleagues from the Health Project Consortium:

“Preventable illness makes up approximately 70 percent of the burden of illness and the associated costs.”

Think about this:  At least 70% of illness in this country, be it physical, emotional or mental, is preventable.  The HRT drugs given to women today in order to ‘help’ can make you very ill and, in some instances, even kill you. (For more in depth information on HRT, read our newsletter, The hidden, Ugly Truth About HRT)

Menopause isn’t a disease! It is a very normal and necessary part of life but the symptoms can actually make you feel like you WANT to die! The symptoms are what CAN be reversed and even more importantly, they can be prevented!

The time is come to change our thinking and inform women they don’t need to be medicated or cured from menopause.  It is time for a change.

Estrogen Dominance is the REAL Menopause Issue

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Vitamin D-3 "Frightens" Cancer Cells to Death

BREAKING NEWS: Increased dietary intakes of Vitamin D3 could prevent the cancer-causing effects of obesity by 42 percent, according to a just-released research study.

Source: Cancer Prevention Research

That’s right, 42%!

Even 10% is considered a giant step in fighting cancer. No chemotherapy drug or radiation therapy can deliver a 42% success rate. And vitamin D-3 is just pennies a day, not the horrendous $40,000 a month costs of chemo and radiation.

Vitamin D continues to amaze researchers (but not us, as we have been promoting it from the rooftops for over 12 years.)

This latest research is just stunning in what was discovered – that vitamin D triggered the body of obese female lab mice to stop producing a key cancer fuel called “osteopontin” which the cancer needs to keep burning, much like wood to fire. And at the same time, it super-activated the body’s production of a compound called “E-Cadherin” which literally terrifies cancer and stops it from spreading or metastasizing.

This is an extraordinary “dual action” where vitamin D “puts out” the fuel needed for the cancer to stay alive and then literally “freezes” it from spreading, thus causing the cancer to self-destruct (cellular apoptosis in medical speak.)

Yet again another piece of research confirms the profound power of Vitamin D3 against the Big C (cancer). We are winning the fight – without drugs or radiation!

Read the full study release here: Vitamin D3 may protect against endometrial cancer: Study

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