10 Commandments

The Ten Essential Steps to Achieve Unbridled Health and Freedom from Disease

My methodology is based on a simple premise, given to me by a series of extraordinary Master Healers that I have met over the past 20 years.

“The best doctor for your body is not a doctor, but your own body.”

The Miracle of Life creates a Miracle of Healing

The Body as Doctor means triggering the body with all its miraculous capacities to treat the problem, the disease, the malfunction. There are a billion things to use to do this and we use as many as we can in our formulations, which is why we get such astounding results in triggering health and healing.

Many people ask me, “what should I do to get into this condition you call Contagious Health?”

There is no magic bullet, but there are Ten Essential Things everyone should do to trigger this condition. They are my personal Ten Commandments of Health. The more you adopt, the greater the result.

Below is a true story and an example of my philosophy of the Body as Doctor.

One of our customers, Jeff Zecolli of New Jersey, called me last November with a plea for help. His friend, Dina, age 30, had terminal cervical cancer. She was on a morphine drip for the pain and heavy chemotherapy and the prognosis was not good. We quickly put together a total nutritional and supplementation program with several of my formulas and other supplements and foods available from their local health foods store.  We told Dina to continue taking a special form of chemotherapy called “5FU”.

Every day they Jeff and Dina would call me and report her condition. Day by day something seemed to be happening. On Christmas Eve they called with astounding news. The tumor in her uterus had shrunk by 40.62%! The doctors were speechless – as were Jeff, Dina and her family.

In just three weeks, we had turned Dina completely around from despair and worry to hope and optimism.  And just last week (3 mos after we started working together), Dina called me with the results of her latest checkup. “Are you sitting down?”, she asked me. “The doctors just told me the cancer has completely disappeared, it’s gone!”

So here we go, my Ten Commandments to Contagious Health

#1: Get out of Bed and have a Big Glass of Electricity!

Minerals, minerals, minerals. These are as important as oxygen for life to be created and maintained. And the minerals must be ionic to be able to conduct electricity. Our body is a magnificently orchestrated electrical machine.

What conducts the electricity? Minerals, minerals, minerals.

Our Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex is 40,000 volts of pure electricity to run every organ in your body. It contains all 84 minerals and trace minerals in a liquid form, plus Chlorophyll (identical to Hemoglobin), peptides and amino acids, plus a mega-B Vitamin complex.

Vitamins are useless without minerals. So are you. Read my ebook, The Key to All Health and Healing to learn more.

Start each day with a  big glass of organic carrot juice or low-sodium V8 juice and a teaspoon of Liquid Minerals added. Repeat this at 4pm. The electricity of life itself will start flowing through you.

#2: Protect your Brain at all times – take the Einstein Pill everyday.

Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body? The mind runs everything, it is the control center that sends instructions for our entire body to run properly. The modern-day plague of Alzheimer’s Disease puts this in total perspective. No brain, no life.

Apart from eating brain-healthy foods such as fish, vegetables and fruits and grains, make sure you take a super-powerful smorgasbord of smart nutrients and antioxidants to protect your brain and increase your thinking capacities.

Our Mind Power formula is a blockbuster of smart nutrients and brain-healthy compounds. It’s Einstein in a bottle. Just one of the compounds has been proven to boost intelligence by 40% to 60% when taken on a regular basis.

Mind Power also contains:

  • Ginkgo Biloba, the herb of the sages and wise ones from the East
  • Phosphotidyl Serine the world’s smartest brain nutrient
  • Brain vitamins B-6, B12 and Pantothenic Acid
  • Plus amino acids and neurotransmitter generating chemicals that help cognitive function and also wash away dangerous free radicals that damage delicate brain tissue

Take 3 a day or more, depending on how smart you want to be. This is the Life Transfusion formula in a capsule.

#3: Have an Immune System as strong as an Ox

The Bible tells us the body is the temple of our spirit. It’s a physical structure of amazing sophistication and complexity. Don’t let any invaders get into this structure and destroy it.

Have you ever stopped to look at the spelling of “disease”?  It is dis-ease.  Our body is out of ease. Cancer, Tuberculosis, Polio, AIDS, Lupus, Diabetes, Influenza, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and Leukemia – these are all states of dis-ease.

To have an immune system as strong as an Ox requires more than just taking one or two herbs or vitamins. You need a system in its own right – just like your immune system is.

Our extraordinary Immune Support formula is a Mack Truck of immune formulas. It triggers the body to manufacture a profound anti-disease, natural chemotherpeutic compound called Calcitriol which de-masks the cancer genome in the body. In university trials, this compound reduced cancer incidence by an extraordinary 80%. Yes, you read right, 80%.

Immune Support also contains extraordinarily powerful phytonutrients like Agaricus, the rare mushroom fungus from the jungles of the African rainforests. It has brute strength to take on any disease it comes across. We also added cancer-fighting Selenium, T-cell generating Zinc in its most powerful form. Vitamin C from the Amla plant. Cruciferous vegetables that are now being hailed for their immune boosting abilities. And Omega-3 fatty acids and minerals from the ocean. These phytonutrients are the front-line troops in your immune system army.

#4: Feed your Heart with Love and Nutrition

Your heart is your link to our Creator. Every single beat of your heart tells you that you are alive and telling your mother, your father, and God that you are here for them.

Yet America’s #1 killer is heart disease, taking nearly 1 million of us annually. And over 70 million people live with some form of heart disease like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, angina (chest pain), heart attack and congenital heart defects.  And it will likely get worse, as the front end of the baby boom generation is just now reaching their mid-60’s.

I wanted to fix this problem, so I created our extraordinary Circulatory Support formula. It really is like having a second heart beating alongside yours, every single second. Circulatory calms the heart, increases strength and natural blood flow, so high pressure counts go away. With high Magnesium and the amino acid L-Carnitine working in conjunction to make it all happen.

Forget bypass surgery, stents and blood thinners. Mother Nature and her magic has been captured in a capsule. Enjoy, enjoy.

#5: Kill Cholesterol Before Cholesterol Kills You

A strong heart alone is not enough to stave off a heart attack. High cholesterol and a second, yet lesser known culprit, Homocysteine, are the silent killers that clog up arteries, inflame the veins and lead to Alzheimer’s.

How do you reduce your risk of heart disease? Simple – change your diet from animal sourced meats to plant sourced food such as vegetables, beans, grains, fruits, nuts and seeds. Eliminate all milk, cheese, butter, ice cream. Switch to heart healthy soymilk and tofu.

Read how Carl Bypassed a Bypass and download my ebook, Kill Cholesterol Before Cholesterol Kills You, to learn more about how our amazing Cholesteine formula fights both Cholesterol and Homocysteine. Take 2 capsules 15 minutes before each meal.

If you have dangerously high cholesterol today, download my eBook for step by step instructions. In Carl’s case, we reduced his cholesterol count from over 600 to 221 in just one week on this program. The same thing can happen to you.  Call 877-975-9080 or email me.

#6: Don’t Get Eaten Alive by Free Radicals

Free Radicals in case you did not know, are the common denominator in over 54 of the world’s most degenerative diseases. They occur naturally as part of the life process and very simply, they are the very building blocks of cancer, Alzheimer’s, Leukemia – you name it.

They wreak havoc, and do it silently.  Free Radicals are electrically impaired molecules with a voracious appetite for cellular tissue. Do you remember the arcade game Pac-Man?  That’s what Free Radicals are like – they eat everything around them.

Premature aging is the first sign of their destruction. Liver spots on the hands. Sagging skin. To get rid of them you need Antioxidants. The body makes some of its own but it needs reinforcements.

Our AntiOxidant Free Radical Control formula is possibly the world’s most powerful thing ever put in a bottle. It contains some 145 individual components in each capsule! In particular, it is very high in marine pine bark Proanthocyanidins and Resveratrol, both of which are now the darlings of the pharmaceutical companies because of their power to fight disease and aging. Each one these joins with the other to form a brutal army that will drive the free radicals from the body.

This free radical fighter also includes Selenium, Zinc, Beta Carotene, Vitamins C and E, Ginkgo Biloba, Iodine-rich ocean Kelp for the thyroid and 25 year old organic, wild crafted Ginseng that is brimming with anti-disease ginsennosides. AntiOxidant Free Radical Control formula could very well save your life, not to mention dramatically extending it and keeping you free of disease.

Take 2 capsules 1 to 3 times daily in times of peace – and double that in times of war.

#7: You Insure Your House – Wouldn’t You Want to Insure Your Body?

I was speaking to a doctor last year who had brain cancer 15 years ago. He recovered, but it came back. I asked what he had done nutritionally in those 15 years.

“Oh, nothing – everything you need is in your food.”

Unfortunately the truth is our soil in most regions of the world is depleted of vital nutrients and therefore dead. Our body requires the basic building blocks of vitamins, minerals, peptides, proteins, enzymes and phyto-nutrients to function and protect.

How do we provide these essential nutrients in today’s world? Does it have to mean taking handfuls of pills, capsules and powders? Not any more.

Our Electro Vita Min formula is total nutrition in a capsule. If there is one thing you should take each day, this is it. Especially if you travel a lot, this is the formula for you. Take 2 capsules 1 to 3 times daily with meals.

#8: Love your Liver and Live Longer

In Chinese medicine, the Liver is revered as

“the general of the body’s army – in charge of battle strategy and peace”

Maybe this is why Chinese medicine works so wonderfully to trigger unbridled health and healing. Every drop of blood goes through the liver countless times a day. The liver makes cholesterol, proteins, stores vitamins for later use, burns fats and is key to all health. Yet in the Western world it is ignored and abused with tobacco, alcohol and junk food.

The key to health starts in the liver. Our Liv-RX Liver/Gall Bladder formula has tremendous ability in cleansing the liver clean of accumulated bile and toxins, unclogging the vital cells so that the blood can filter through faster and cleaner. This is a formula to take daily and your liver will love you forever.

#9: Receive God’s Wisdom Every Day

Ezekiel, the ancient Biblical prophet had it right.

“The fruit of the tree will be your meat, the leaf thereof, your medicine”

All the evidence is now on the table – eat at least 8 organic fruits and vegetables a day and you reduce the chances of cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, arthritis, etc. dramatically. Organically fruits and vegetables, grown in nutrient rich soil, contain the ionic minerals that conduct and create life.

How many of us actually eat 8 servings of fruit and vegetables every day?

Our Marine Phyto-Plankton formula has it all and is electrically charged. Every action in the body is conducted electrically. Minerals are what conducts the pulse of life.

To learn more, read The Japanese Secret to Longevity.

Take 2 capsules 1 to 3 times daily and turn your cells into miniature powerhouses of energy production. When the cells are full of electricity, the aging process, the disease process comes to a screeching halt.

#10: Drink the “Li Chung Yun Tea of the Immortals” each Day and Night

I have it on good authority that the Dalai Lama does not drink Starbucks. Nor did Ghandi, Lord Shiva or Buddha or Muhammad.

My grandmother lived to be 98 on a strict diet of no meat, no dairy, no smoking, no alcohol and a gallon of tea a day. I know about the tea because as a child growing up, I made it for her. Tea is magical and has magical powers. When in Shanghai a few years ago, I discovered an amazing elixir-tea at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was known as Li Chung Yun Tea or the Tea of the Immortals.

The Chinese authorities covet it as one of their greatest treasures. And in my opinion, it is. This supreme elixir of longevity contains amazing life generating capacities, particularly on the brain and the reproductive process.

About Li Chung Yun
Li Chung Yun, the famous Taoist scholar and master herbalist, is said to have lived to be 253 years old. During his talks, Li said that when he was a child, he left home to follow a band of wandering herbalists. In the mountains of China, he was tutored in the secret medicines of the earth. He practiced Taoist exercises every day, believing that strenuous exercise strains the mind and shortens the life of the body. His preferred method of travel was what he called “walking lightly”. Even in his later years, young men could not match his pace, which he could sustain for miles.

Legend goes that when he as around fifty years old, an old hermit, a very, very old man who could walk and run faster than Li Chung Hun. Impressed, he inquired as to the old sage’s secret. He was told that if every day he consumed a soup or healing tea of Ginseng and other herbs that he would soon attain a new standard of health. Li Chung did just that and continued to drink his special Ginseng tea daily until he was over one hundred and thirty years old. It was then that he met an old Taoist hermit in the mountains who claimed to be five hundred years old. Humbled by the great illumination of this old Taoist, he begged the sage to tell him his secrets. The old Taoist, recognizing the sincerity of Li, taught him the secrets of Taoist Yoga known as Nei Gung, the “inner Alchemy,” and gave him a even more powerful tea to drink. This tea combined wild woods-grown Ginseng, Radix Polygonum Multiflorum and Schizandra, the greatest herbs in all Chinese medicine.

Li went on to be 253 years of age, dying in 1933, he married fourteen times during his lifetime and lived through eleven generations of his own descendants, of which he had almost two hundred during his lifetime.

Further Tips and Suggestions:

  • Get out and exercise and walk every day for 45 minutes.
  • Eliminate all milk, cheese, butter and ice cream. Drink soymilk or nutmilk instead. Eat soy ice cream.
  • Eliminate all junk food. You are not junk, nor should your food be.
  • No Diet Coke or Pepsi. None.
  • Avoid all tobacco smoke, firsthand or second hand.
  • Pray each day.
  • Bless your food and He who provided it.
  • Call your mother.
  • Laugh whenever you can.
  • Volunteer whenever possible.
  • Drink responsibly.
  • Give back.
  • Don’t eat any food from a source that had to die for you to have a full stomach.
  • Pass this on to all you know. Thank you.

Wayne Garland

25 Replies to “10 Commandments”

  1. I am so happy to receive email of new web site and interaction. God bless you, protect you and give you every happiness.

  2. The Miracle of Life creates a Miracle of Healing…….WOW! This story made my day. =) I am so proud to know of Dr. Garland. You are a true inspiration and a blessing to humanity.

  3. hi Dr. Garland,
    I’ve been drinking your LTLMinerals since January this year.
    I have a problem with “leaky gut” and was hospitalized about 18 months ago with a perforated colon. I had no pain until about 12 hours before
    I went to ER and catscan discovered the perforation.
    My only symptom ongoing is my skin on my hands, neck and some on my face. It looks like I have acid burns on my skin. I believe they is connected with the perforated colon (leaky gut).
    Six months after the hospitalization I had another severe flare (on my face and neck) and another catscan showed very inflamed colon.
    I’m taking 2 teaspoons of LTLMinerals daily and stay away from all wheat, sugar, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, egg plant. I’m still having
    problems with my skin though improved most of the time. If I get upset about anything my skin gets really inflamed fast.
    My question is: What should I take other than the LTLMinerals? I’d
    like to take as few supplements as possible yet get my colon healed and at some point be able to live normal.
    Please tell me what to order and amounts to take.
    Can this be healed? And my eating and life be normal?
    Margaret Cunningham

  4. Dr Garland,
    Thank you so much for sharing all this with me. I love reading all this, and most of all I love hearing all the testimonials. I thank God everyday for sending you our way, and thanking him of what He has done in your life, God is so AWESOME! I know he will definitely richly bless you for all you are doing. 🙂

    From My Heart
    Margaret Gibson

  5. I was listening to the web cast “poetry in Motion” from river of life, when I saw your comment to Chris and noticed the link to your site. God works in wonderful ways. I am 35 and feel like 65. I have a degenerative disc disease in my lower back, so live in a constant state of pain. Since having the pain my activity level has drastically decreased and over 4 or 5 years put on 100 pounds. Feeling overwhelmed to get healthy, but know if I was my back wouldn’t hurt as much. Reading your tips this morning is a good starting place for me. I don’t want to ruin my liver by taking pain meds everyday. I am praying for the miracle of healing, but also know God puts people in your path to help you heal. thanks for your wisdom and in site.

  6. Here is a tip for those of you that need something different to mix the Liquid Life Transfusion in. I was using warm tomato juice and that was the only thing that would cut the taste for me, but it was still hard and I was getting tired of all that tomato juice. I was at a friend’s the other day and she had some fresh brewed green tea that she pours some cranberry juice in for flavor. It was still hot and she added in the Life Transfusion, and to my surprise it was good. This is how I will be taking mine from now on.

  7. Good Morning,
    Dr. Garland, would you please call me at 538-6500. My husband and I would like to make an appointment.

    My husband is a diabetic and he wants – sincerely – to benefit his health. We have a massage table and he has been doing enemas on himself. I want him to learn the proper way. He is doing many of the same things I am doing for my health – walking and eating raw and whole foods.

    I LOVE your website. What do I need to do? THANK YOU!!!


  8. Thank you Dr. Garland. I was hospitalized for the second time this year with acute diverticulitis. The surgeon wanted to do surgery, I did not, but I was about to let him to do it and get over the pain. I remembered meeting you at a seminar and decided to call you. You seemed to be so concerned and surprisingly accesible.

    Your formulas and diet and exercise recomendations are working. I feel like a new person. No pain. I have lost weight and feel younger and healthier. I am still following up with the doctor, but I am pretty sure that I will not need surgery, if I keep this up.

    Kind regards, Millie

  9. Hi Dr. Garland my 5 year old was diagnosed with Uveitis, after being misdiagnosed by her pediatrician for 2 yrs as having chronic conjunctivitis. The treatment protocol is oral steroids, and methotrexate long term. I am not a fan of traditional medications and particularly those with high side effects is there any thing that we can do for her condition

  10. Hi. My dr. called after I had some routine bloodwork done and said my cholesterol was 211. She thinks I should start on a drug to lower it. I do not want to do that. I have taken Totrol XL for years for high blood pressure which was not really very high when I was put on that either. I would love to stop taking that also. Should I take the Nattokinase or Cholestine or both to reduce the cholesterol and maybe also the blood pressure?
    I eat hardly any red meat and have used soy milk for a long time. I don’t eat ice cream, I use margarine instead of butter, and I am trying to eliminate most cheese.
    Thank-you for any advice you can give me. I am 62.

  11. @Judy Sandlin
    Judy, it is imperative that you totally eliminate ALL CHEESE from dairy. Any form of dairy is highly dangerous to the body with the cancer-causing/fueling growth hormone “Insulin Growth Factor-1” (IGF-1).

    You can still enjoy cheese, just not from a cow or goat. Go to http://www.daiyafoods.com to order their wonderful, natural cheese or find a store near you stocking it, from their store link.

    Also get off the dangerous cholesterol drug, this is damaging your liver with long term consequences of muscle wastage. Our CHOLESTEINE formula and our NATTOKINASE-MAX formula will address all your cholesterol scores naturally and the Natto will dissolve the plaque in the arteries that blocks blood flow and thus bring down your blood pressure scores.

    Walking each day works wonders. WALKING WORKS WONDERS should be your new motto! Just 30 minutes of brisk pace walking will help with blood pressure, cholesterol, heart health and immune system boosting.And it’s free~!

    The “Recipes” section of our website has a treasure-trove of health meals and soup to make that can help a lot, particularly the Miracle Potassium Broth, as it helps to dissolve plaque and brings down blood pressure with every spoonful and the high Potassium is a great cancer-preventative.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know or call our toll-free number and we can discuss it personally.

    Kind regards.

    Dr. G

  12. Dr. Garland,i found you by accident and i am so grateful!!I just decided this week to work hard at getting my health in order.I had a stroke six years ago and i let it bring my world to a stand still.It affected my left side.That side is weak but i can move everything but it hasn’t got the strength it had before.My mental state has gotten to the point that i think i am not a woman in any sense of the word.Before the stroke i always kept myself well groomed and cared about my appearance,now i feel like;what’s the point?But finding your website and reading about all the things that i can do to help improve my health,i have gotten excited enough to think that maybe i can help myself to do better.All doctors do is prescribe another pill with another side effect.But you have given me some hope.God bless you.

  13. I truly love what I am reading. I have been health conscious most of my life but in 04 found myself with congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, and weight gain. It has continued over the years. I am on medication and take supplements everyday. Still, I don’t feel that health that I used to feel. This sounds like it could happen for me. However, the organic foods are so expensive. I cannot afford to buy all organic foods. Are the non-organic fruits and vegetables really that bad for you?

  14. @Jennette Perkins
    Laura on our staff wrote an in-depth article this summer on this very topic. See Organic Produce – Is it worth the Money?. We also recommend you sign up for her newsletter, Laura’s Kitchen, published periodically with healthy eating tips and great tasting vegetarian recipes.

    Also, download a copy of my “Meals that Heal” recipe book and incorporate the meals into your daily routine.

    For assistance with your heart and circulatory problems, contact me via phone at 877-975-9080 for a personal consultation to review your diet and medications you are taking. We will get your “Body Working As Doctor” in no time to naturally lower your blood pressure and improve your heart’s ability to pump blood.

    DR. G

  15. How happy I am to have come across you with such knowledge. It is so refreshing to have you pass it on so freely. Not many alternative doctors seem to be willing to do this.

  16. Dear Dr. Garland:
    I am looking for a holistic approach once again to my sons severe cystic acne. He is 18 and has tried every form of treatment including accutane.
    He now has severe scarring on back and chest and suffers from colitis due to the accutane. He continues to suffer from cystic acne as well.
    As a parent I feel as if the medical field and I have failed him. He is currently taking Lialda for colitis and minocycline for acne. Neither of which are good for long term use. I have scoured the internet contacting some of the top derm specialist only to be told there is no other treatment. Your insight into the human body and the complete function as a whole gives me hope that perhaps there is something that can be done. I look forward to hearing from you!!
    Kelly Curland

  17. Dear Dr. Garland,
    I’ve noticed in your columns that you promote the use of soy milk as being healthy. Isn’t soy too estrogenic especially for men with BPH, and women who have a tendency to develop breast cancer. I have read so many doctors articles suggesting alternate products like almond, coconut and goats milk. What are your comments? PLEASE respond to my email with your reply.

    Thank you, Melvin (Mel) Coleman

  18. @Melvin Coleman
    Melvin,this is a controversial subject with sides split 50/50, much like Christianity and Atheisim.

    I recommend all the nut milks you list, they are NOT from a cow or a goat, so they are totally bio-compatible with a human.

    And regarding soy, as long as the soy is ORGANIC and NON-GMO it is perfectly safe as far as my research goes. Regarding the nonsense that the Weston Price Foundation put out that slanders soy while recommending we drink cows “BLOOD” like the Masai warriors that Price met on his travels, I have yet to meet a soybean with breasts or testicles.

    The natural hormone-like compounds in soy beans are NOT the same as estrogen or testosterone in humans.

    Ask yourself this – why is it that the Okinawan’s who are the longest living race on the planet (proven in the blockbuster research study and book ‘The Okinawa Program” by Wilcox, Wilcox and Suzuki) who consume the most soy milk, tofu, tempeh and nattokinase in the world, HAVE NEARLY ZERO INCIDENCE OF HEART DISEASE, DIABETES AND CANCER?

    I rest my case.
    (Please go to http://www.NotMilk.com for further verification of my theory.)

  19. I was introduced to your website this past weekend and am impressed. I have had hypothyroid for over 5 years now and have been taking 60 mg of Armour Thyroid. How can I overcome this? I would love to be drug free once more.

  20. @Rose Yarmouth
    Rose, your situation is very common, as nearly everyone is deficient in the essential mineral Iodine which runs your Thyroid. There are many things you can do naturally.

    Please take a moment to read Andrea’s story, a dear friend whose doctor was insistent on removing her Thyroid and prescribing pharmaceutical drugs to take its place for the rest of her life. Together we developed a natural program to nourish and support her Thyroid, restoring normal function.

    Call our customer support team at 877-975-9080 to setup a private consultation if you would like to discuss privately.

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