Can Vitamin D Add Years Onto Your Life?

Barely a day goes by without another amazing fact emerging about the life-extending powers of Vitamin D-3. I believe it has supernatural powers, far beyond any other vitamin.

The fact that the body can make Vitamin D from sunlight, tells you how much it is a part of human creation on this planet. But you need to take it orally, because too much sunlight is highly dangerous.

A latest-breaking piece of news hit my desk this week, it is something that everyone needs to read and act upon.

Super-Vitamin Fights Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, Muscle Weakness, Fractures, Cancer, Immune Disease, Infectious Disease, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

The message coming from a new mega-analysis by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France and from the European Institute of Oncology in Italy confirms that high levels of Vitamin D-3 have a striking ability to fight all diseases – particularly cancer, heart disease, degenerative bones and diabetes. 

For just a few cents a day, we can practically “disease-proof” our bodies with this miracle Vitamin. The study was published in the September 10 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The end result was loud and clear:

“those individuals who took Vitamin D every day had a massively lower risk of death than those who did not take it.” 

In my July 24th newsletter, Vitamin & Mineral Combo Stops Cancer Cold In Its Tracks, the combination of high assimilation Calcium in conjunction with Vitamin D-3  reduced overall cancer rates by a staggering 77% in a four year trial.  

I am telling every single person I know of the amazing powers of this simple but genius Vitamin, and of the need to include it in their daily nutritional program.

The results are just too staggering to ignore. The world’s most powerfuMaster Formulas Vitamin D-3 bottlel   Vitamin D-3 Formula uses the most powerful form of Vitamin D available, the ultra powerful “D-3” version.

Each gelcap contains a massive 1000 iu’s of disease fighting Vitamin D-3. I strongly recommend everyone take 3 gelcaps a day for the massive benefits this dosage can trigger.

As a bottle contains 180 gelcaps, this dosage level meansyou get two month’s supply for just pennies a day!

My enthusiasm for this latest dramatic finding is so high, that I practically stop people in the street and tell them about the miraculous powers of Vitamin D-3!

 Dr. G

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