19-1/2 Miracles: And You're Next

People always ask,

“can changing my diet and taking your supplements really work for my health situation?”

Instead of hearing me emphatically say yes, I asked a few of our customers to share a brief comment of what they have experienced.

“Lipitor’s not a miracle drug for cholesterol – my recipe is! Steel-cut oatmeal each morning with almond milk and honey. And three Cholesteine capsules. My doctor couldn’t believe it, as I could never get my score below 230 before. On September 11th I started at 236. By November, it dropped to 198 and then on January 17th it was 180 – and still coming down. That’s my miracle for you!”
… Judy Porter, IN

“I hope I live as long as my dog “Pepper” – he’s 145 in dog years. The secret? Pure filtered water from your whole home unit, the Liquid Minerals each day in his bowl, good food and the Shark Liver Oil gelcaps. The vet said he’s the dog that became a person, he’s my miracle!”
… Mike Calabrese, OH

“People would consider me a fitness fanatic, yet recently I discovered I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My dad always had high cholesterol, so the doctor said it must be hereditary and he wanted to put me on a drug to control it. Instead, I was introduced to you guys and switched to a plant-based diet and starting taking your heart formulas. I was very skeptical at first, wondering how I was going to get my protein to maintain my muscles and strength? After six months my doctor ran some tests and said he’d call in a week. He called that night! What was wrong, I asked? Your (bad) LDL cholesterol has dropped 55 points, from 164 to 109. I’ve never seen anyone lower it this much without taking a statin drug, he said. I’m a walking, riding, running miracle!”
… Ken Terrell, CO

“My breast cancer has completely disappeared following your all-natural diet and your formulas. I think this is a miracle.”
… Suzanne Pierce, AL

“Your minerals and heart formulas worked so well, the pacemaker didn’t even kick in. My doctor said this was a miracle.”
… Pat Ensch, MI

“The bones in my spine were crumbling and the pain so bad I couldn’t stand it. Your Bone Density formula completely rebuilt my bones in under six months. I know this is a miracle.”
… Stephen Jones, GA

“I stood in the rain and cold for an hour waiting for a bus to Manhattan and got a terrible cold next day. But your Shark Liver Oil and Immune Support formulas got rid of it overnight. No doctor visits or prescriptions needed. Miracles do happen.”
… Lya Meltzer, NY

“Miracles? You want a miracle? My Stage 4 Breast Cancer has gone, gone I tell you. No mastectomy, no chemo, no radiation – just your formulas and the diet. I’ll give you a miracle.”
… Judith McClimans, OH

“My dog Zeus lived to be 161 (13 in canine years) and the vet said his blood was like a young puppy. I know it is because of your formulas, in particular the Life Transfusion Liquid Minerals and the Marine Phyto-Plankton. Many people say it was a miracle he lived so long.”
… Lisa DeCrescente, NJ

“My husband’s blood pressure was through the roof, over 180 even on medication. After following your heart dietary program, it is now down to 103! He’s a walking, talking miracle.”
… Mary Lebeau, AR

“The doctors said I’d never live more than a year with my Breast Cancer if I didn’t take chemotherapy drugs. Guess what? That was 11 years ago. I know a miracle when I see one.”
… Kathy, NY

“Synthroid was making me so sluggish, I couldn’t get out of bed before 12 noon. Dr. G suggested I try his Thyroid Energy formula and the Liquid Minerals. I felt different almost immediately. I’m up at dawn now, mowing lawns to make extra money and I’m off the Synthroid drug! That’s one big miracle.”
… Kimmy Keech, AR

“My kids breezed through the winter here in Utah and the Swine Flu Epidemic without even a sniffle thanks to your Vitamin D-3 and the Kids Mins. You’re a miracle man, Dr G.”
… Alana Kelly, UT

“I’m a farrier, I work with horses repairing their hooves and feet and my arthritis was so bad I couldn’t lift my arms higher than my waist. Just one bottle of your Arthritis Clinic Formula and it all melted away. I feel like I could lift a horse now! I think this stuff is a miracle in a bottle.”
… James Luman, AR

“Rheumatoid Arthritis is no walk in the park. I couldn’t turn my head left or right; my feet and toes were glued together; the pain was excruciating and it got to the point where I couldn’t walk, even with crutches. After just six weeks on Dr G’s nutrition program and his formulas, I have to tell you the PAIN HAS GONE and I can move again without crutches! And no drugs or painkillers. God has given me a miracle.”
… Liliana Prange, MI

“For 46 years I was hooked on nicotine and cigarettes. I tried everything to quit and my nephew introduced me to Dr. Garland and suggested I try his Smoker’s Cure Program. I’ve been “smoke free” for over 5 months now and I don’t even miss it. I think that qualifies as some kind of miracle.”
… Arthur Cranston, Arizona.

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and the side-effects from surgery and radiation scared me more than the cancer. A friend referred us to Dr. Garland and in only just three months following his dietary program and nutritional supplements, I feel better than I can ever remember. It is too early to say that I am cancer free, but my recent PSA count came down dramatically. I asked God for a miracle and I think he’s given me one.”
… Name withheld for personal reasons

“My journey to a miracle started in June of 2008 when my doctors diagnosed me with DCIS breast cancer, stage 4. The surgeon suggested I have a mastectomy and chemotherapy. I knew for sure I didn’t want to radiate my body and I certainly didn’t want to lose my breast. I called Dr. Garland who immediately got me started on his cancer recovery program. I followed it without waiver and in just six months we shrunk the tumor from 3.8 to 2.0. At that point, I decided to have a lumpectomy to remove only the tumor, and am happy to say that I have no cancer in my lymph system and I still have my wonderful breasts! I continue to follow Dr. Garland’s program and I remain cancer free and very grateful. Thank you so much for your love and guidance.”
… Faleen Campbell, CA

“I struck up a conversation with Dr G at Starbucks this week and asked him for help with my bone pain. The formulas haven’t even arrived and I already feel better. Is that half a miracle?”
… Edward Knutz, AR

If you or a loved one have a health issue and want to pursue a natural approach, contact me and together we will create a personalized program.

For even more customer stories and video testimonials, click on the Videos & Testimonials section on our website.

This is the miracle of Contagious Health!

Dr. G

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