A Heart Attack, in Reverse

Once, not so very long ago, a Heart Attack was an instant death sentence.

No one seemed to really recover from it, most passed away in a few weeks or months, or lived a “non-life” in a vegetative state.

Those days are over. Startling things are happening and without drugs or surgery. Heart Attacks can be reversed!

We want everyone to watch this fascinating interview with two leading natural doctors, who are also researchers into preventative health and healing, discussing the only true way to totally reverse heart disease.

The video starts with an interview with former-President Bill Clinton, who as you may know had quadruple-bypass surgery several years ago, and is now the number one pitchman for the diet we have been urging everyone to adopt all these years.

an image of the book: The China StudyAfter you watch the video, I urge you to get a copy of the book that explains it all with facts, statistics and dramatic findings, The China Study.

Written by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, The China Study is the culmination of a 20-year partnership of Cornell University, Oxford University and the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine, making a definitive connection between what we eat and chronic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


P.S. If you missed our announcement last week about a natural means for lowering dangerous HIGH Blood Pressure, read the article Spinach’s Super Powers Revealed and start using our new Clean Heart drink mix.

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