Magic Mushrooms and Wild Garlic

Carved into the old, giant teak doors that welcome you to the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China are some magical words that sum up all that is so right about this form of medicine and also, what is so wrong with Western medicine and drugs.

These words are pure genius in their simplicity:

“Don’t wait to get thirsty to dig a well.”

What the Chinese never do, in particular, is to ever let their immune system lose its protective power. In over seven years of living and traveling throughout China, not once did I ever meet someone who had a cold or the flu, or even a tiny sniffle or sneeze!

Today’s article shares with you how I discovered this power, and now how you can too.

To the Top of Drum Mountain

At the end of a three day journey, on foot, up the fabled Drum Mountain to the Monastery of the Golden Buddha, I learned a gigantic truth about the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Buddhist Temple on  Trail up MountainDragging my dear friend and confidant Mark Soderquist, along to witness and record it all, it seemed like we crawled up Drum Mountain on our hands and knees, through the fog that envelopes Drum Mountain continuously.

The Head Professor at the fabled Institute in Shanghai had said “the monks up there live forever, no one ever dies, they CAN’T die.”

This could very well be the famed Holy Grail of all Chinese Medicine and the answer to my prayers in fighting cancer (and something to bring home and share with all of America.)

This magical Kingdom of Longevity is like something from a dream, all set in a Lord of the Rings setting, containing what seemed like the greatest collection of gold Buddhas in all of China. Some of the golden Buddhas were so immense they were laying down on their side. Work, prayers and meditation went on all around them. Simply amazing, but let’s move on.

Through our faithful translator and mediator, Shen Yuun who worked at the Instititute and spoke impeccable Hollywood DVD-English, we were introduced to the Head Abbot of the Monastery and his Number One Assistant, the Monk of all Healing.

“We watch nature in action; Then we eat it.”

What Shen Yuun plucked from the depths of the Abbot’s mind was something of pure genius and totally magic in its simplicity. For thousands of years, the monks had been taught all aspects of life everlasting, and that every answer to all things lay in Nature and the Universe. It was their duty was to observe this, note it all down and adopt as much of it into their daily practice.

In particular, to note very carefully what things they observed in nature – in the air and in the plants, flowers, trees, bushes and leaves – that would keep them alive for as long as possible, maybe even forever.

If a bush or leaf could be boiled into a tea that made you think smarter, deeper, wiser, they wrote all this down and started drinking this tea each day. For more than a millennium, all this wisdom of watching nature in action and then distilling it into a meal or a beverage had become the core of the monastery’s belief, and the reason for their fame and following.

And the reason we were there that fateful day.

The Abbott and his right hand man, the Monk of all Healing, were testament to this belief and quest. They both appeared to be more than one hundred years of age, yet neither one had barely a wrinkle on their face. They had a marvelous twinkling in their eyes that could reach all the way into the darkest soul.

The Mushroom Factory & the Garlic Army

As the Abbott talked, and talked and talked, the Monk of all Healing reverently nodded and grunted in agreement, to emphasize the importance of what we were learning.

The Monk then excused himself and came back ten minutes later with a giant wooden bowl of thick steaming soup, as well as bowls for us all to share. The soup was their daily Soup of all Life, the recipe a guarded secret, but the results were there for us to witness.

Everyone at the monastery, many of them 70, 80 and some even 100 or more years old, was bursting with health, energy and glowing with an extraordinary aura. This monastery had no hospital nearby, nor any jail or lunatic asylum. They weren’t needed. No one got sick, no one went mad and jails were unheard of.

I quickly asked for a second bowl and pressed Shen Yuun if we could know the primary ingredients, as we did not want to insult them by asking for the treasured recipe.

It was very simple – in fact, genius in all of its simplicity. Mushrooms collected from all over Drum Mountain, crushed wild garlic cloves, green tea leaves and the special mineral water from their well. These were not your ordinary, everyday mushrooms, though.

They were both tender and thick at the same time and you had to chew and chew to swallow them. There were mushrooms I’d never heard of before; Agaricus, Cordyceps, Maitake, Chaga, Shiitake and Reishi. All these ‘gifts from Nature’ were profoundly enriching to the body’s immune system.

And the garlic was unlike any other garlic I had tasted before. It was like dynamite in the mouth. (Garlic is famous for its immune-fighting abilities, amongst other attributes.)

The water these were all simmered in was no ordinary water either, it was brimming with minerals and trace minerals elements in a chemical balance identical to body plasma.

As we said our thanks for the immense hospitality and made a donation to the monastery and its ongoing work, I said to myself that one day I would bring this meal and this message to America in some shape or form. It became an important part of my personal fight against cancer and I wanted to be able to share it with everyone.

5000 Years in the Making – From the Monastery to You

TCM-c bottle photo
Hydroponic Delivery - a new paradigm of Immune Formulations

After a 5000 year journey, today we introduce to you one of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s greatest secrets.

It is very possibly the most powerful immune dysfunction formulation ever released.We have incorporated everything we learned in China up on Drum Mountain, and more.

The “and more” is the use of Garlic (by itself a proven cancer-fighting compound) as a “factory” to incubate and absorb the miracle mineral Selenium into its cellular structure.

What I have always theorized is if we used plants to absorb and assimilate the mineral compounds, then these vital elements would be instantly recognized and quickly assimilated by the body. And the results would be dramatic!

We devised a way to grow garlic in a special “Hydroponic Chamber”, where the water is saturated in vital nutrients and minerals, in particular a high concentration of Selenium. As the garlic absorbs these nutrients from the water, it bursts forth with flavonoids, and is super-potentiated with Selenium.

And you are getting it for the first time – it simply is not available anywhere else.

And yes, the “hydroponic” process is patent pending for all this right now. (Copycats be warned.)

A New Paradigm of Immune Formulations

is a comprehensive cellular and immune system formulation boosting Natural Killer cells to fight free radical production in the body. The “magic mushrooms” of Maitake, Reishi, Agaricus, Shiitake and Cordyceps, combined with hydroponically-grown Garlic infused with Selenium during the growing process to increase cell to cell communication.

Ingredient Summary:

Medicinal Mushrooms – Agaricus, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi
Aloe Vera – immunity booster
Larix Decidua – extraordinary immune boosting compound sourced from the pine cones of the Larix tree, high in the mountains of Asia.
Bladderwrack – organic sea vegetables with profound power to fuel a systemic immune system. Amazing effect on radiation and chemotherapy
Oligosaccharides – provides friendly bacteria to the small intestine to improve absorption rates
Vitamin C – the most powerful antioxidant vitamin
Vitamin B6 – to activate amino acid polysaccharides
SelenoForce┬« – hydroponically-grown garlic infused with Selenium to maximize the potency of the most powerful immune boosting food in history

Combined synergistically, these nutrients boost immune system response, aiding the body to help to combat infection, cold or flu, cancer and other immune system deficiencies.

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Further Tips & Suggestions:

  • Get our high potency Ultra D3 formula with vitamin K2, and vital co-factors and antioxidants.
  • Make up a big batch of my God’s Soup of Life and have a bowl three times a week. It will drive the flu away.
  • Walk every morning at sunrise, deep breathing to get oxygen into the lungs and keep them strong and healthy.
  • Get a lemon, garlic and organic black honey and make up Rose Kalajean’s Natural Honey Antibiotic Syrup. Mix with 1 cup hot water and sip as a tea for daily immune boosting, or when the first signs of the flu, chest congestion or a sore throat appear, mix with 1/2 cup hot water and gargle to kill the bacteria and germs in the throat.
  • Eat a ripe orange, grapefruit, red or green pepper for your daily requirement of Vitamin C. In fact, have two, just to be safe.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Wayne Garland

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