Magic Mushrooms and Wild Garlic

Carved into the old, giant teak doors that welcome you to the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China are some magical words that sum up all that is so right about this form of medicine and also, what is so wrong with Western medicine and drugs.

These words are pure genius in their simplicity:

“Don’t wait to get thirsty to dig a well.”

What the Chinese never do, in particular, is to ever let their immune system lose its protective power. In over seven years of living and traveling throughout China, not once did I ever meet someone who had a cold or the flu, or even a tiny sniffle or sneeze!

Today’s article shares with you how I discovered this power, and now how you can too.

To the Top of Drum Mountain

At the end of a three day journey, on foot, up the fabled Drum Mountain to the Monastery of the Golden Buddha, I learned a gigantic truth about the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Buddhist Temple on  Trail up MountainDragging my dear friend and confidant Mark Soderquist, along to witness and record it all, it seemed like we crawled up Drum Mountain on our hands and knees, through the fog that envelopes Drum Mountain continuously.

The Head Professor at the fabled Institute in Shanghai had said “the monks up there live forever, no one ever dies, they CAN’T die.”

This could very well be the famed Holy Grail of all Chinese Medicine and the answer to my prayers in fighting cancer (and something to bring home and share with all of America.)

This magical Kingdom of Longevity is like something from a dream, all set in a Lord of the Rings setting, containing what seemed like the greatest collection of gold Buddhas in all of China. Some of the golden Buddhas were so immense they were laying down on their side. Work, prayers and meditation went on all around them. Simply amazing, but let’s move on.

Through our faithful translator and mediator, Shen Yuun who worked at the Instititute and spoke impeccable Hollywood DVD-English, we were introduced to the Head Abbot of the Monastery and his Number One Assistant, the Monk of all Healing.

“We watch nature in action; Then we eat it.”

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