The Story Behind "God's Vitamin"

“The split second you were born, God prepared for you a special meal, His “Soup of Life.” This soup held all things needed from the universe to create, sustain and protect life.”

– Wayne Garland

In the late ’90’s I used to visit an old copper mining town called Bisbee in southern Arizona, near the Mexico border. Something called out to me and drew me to the town and a lot of what I learned there goes into all our formulas. It is a special place, a time-warp type of town, full of wonderful artists and thinkers and dreamers, and I recommend making a point to visit the little town.

One day I was running late, and driving hurriedly to Tucson to catch a flight, when I looked up and saw a giant billboard that hit me square between the eyes and into my entire psyche.

It said, We need to talk. And was “signed” by God.

The story goes that an anonymous donor was behind the billboards. The donor wanted to people to smile and think about God in a new way. (Visit the website,, to learn more about it.)

The billboard and it’s message have stuck to me like glue all these years now and whenever I need some kind of “breakthrough” this poster’s message always comes through.

Disease Should Not Exist
Some of you have probably read or heard about the extraordinary books by Neale Donald Walsh called Conversations with God. The books will change your life and your relationship with God, that’s for sure. I’ve used them often.

In one conversation that I had, I asked God why was it that with so much brilliance in the worlds of medicine, pharmaceuticals and nutrition, that disease still proliferated – and some diseases long thought to be cured were now returning in epidemic proportions. Diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s.

And while these were once the diseases of the elderly, they were now affecting the very young, even babies.

The situation is dire and getting worse by the day. Hospitals are overflowing. Doctors can’t cope and don’t know what to do anyway. Drugs are ineffective and repeated use cause dangerous, long-term side effects. The cost of medicine is bankrupting the country and there’s no end in sight.

None of this should be happening! There is an answer and it costs next to nothing per day.

  • Cancer should not exist. (Cancer can be prevented and is not a death sentence.)
  • Diabetes should not exist. (Junk food, diet drinks and and lack of exercise cause most of this.)
  • Arthritis should not exist. (No one in Okinawa, Japan gets it. Why is that so?)
  • Heart Disease should not exist. (Strokes, heart attacks and high blood pressure are unheard of in Japan. Why?)
  • Autism should not exist. (This isn’t caused by vaccinations, it’s a chronic lack of one vitamin during pregnancy. And now it is a massive epidemic.)
  • Alzheimer’s should not exist. (This is caused by prolonged poisoning from aluminum, from cooking, foods and deodorants.)
  • Multiple Sclerosis should not exist. (The root cause is a chronic deficiency of sunshine.)
  • AIDS should not exist. (T-cells cannot function properly without one key mineral and one key vitamin.)
  • Lupus & Epstein-Barr should not exist. (Both are the result of an exhausted immune system.)
  • And the list goes on and on.

Do you think the medical and pharmaceutical industries want to you to know all this? Of course not! Billions and billions of useless drugs are at stake if you start taking God’s Vitamin!

God’s Vitamin: God’s “Soup of Life” in a capsule
God himself makes the core ingredient in this formula, the miraculous “sunshine vitamin” called vitamin D3. Did you know that during the summer months, in just fifteen minutes of midday sun exposure on the naked skin, our body generates 10,000-15,000 iu’s of vitamin D?

Amazing isn’t it, the most powerful means of defeating disease can be created by the body itself?

But do you hear the medical doctors telling you this? No way! They tell you just the opposite; stay out of the sun. And if you must go outside, slather yourself with sunscreen and cover up. Heaven forbid we should get some sunlight and prevent disease when we’ve got all these wonderful, expensive and dangerous drugs to use instead.

Vitamin D is as essential as oxygen for life!

No wonder we have multiple epidemics right now – none of us are getting sufficient vitamin D.

The Most Powerful Vitamin D3 Formula in the World

Flowing through this remarkable creation is a true smorgasbord of superfoods that are surmised to have been the original foods and fuel for life on this planet.

No mass-produced, artificial ingredients are used, instead plants and elements from the earth itself are utilized to bring not just their potency, but their entire heritage of genetic intelligence for the body to seize upon and thus regenerate itself, protect itself and heal itself, on a level never before reached by standard science and mass-production.

Every capsule contains high-potency vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 in a base of the most powerful vitamin C available from Amla fruit and ionic minerals and trace minerals, particularly Magnesium and Boron that have powered our formulas from the very beginning.

But that’s not all.

For superior antioxidant protection, we added L-OptiZinc®, a unique, patented form of zinc that dramatically increases the bio-availability or absorption by the body, vitamin E and vitamin A in the form of natural beta carotene from Dunaliella Salina, a single-cell alga that grows in sea salt fields where most plants wither and die. In order to resist the intense UV light, it generates massive quantities of natural carotenoids, which research reveals to be significantly stronger in antioxidant activity and DNA repair than all other forms of beta-carotene.

This truly is a new paradigm in healing power from nutrition!

  • 2500iu’s of vitamin D3 per capsule, safe for children
  • Vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7) for osteopenia and osteoporosis protection
  • Mega-boosters Magnesium, Boron and vitamin E for maximum effectiveness
  • Opti-Zinc®  the most-powerful form of Zinc for immune system support
  • Vitamin A as natural beta-carotene from Dunaliella Salina, an ocean algae super-antioxidant
  • Packed with 76 ocean-sourced ionic minerals & trace minerals
  • Loaded with Amla fruit, the world’s richest source of vitamin C

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings per container: 60
Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily with food. Increase to 3-4 capsules in time of need or as directed by your health care professional.

Retail priced at $46.95, Preferred Members save 30% at just $32.97.

Click here to order.

“Look after yourself at all times, no one else but God will.”

This new formula is one that I’ve been working on all my many long days on the Road to Healing and Happiness.

Someone told me once that no one should be unhealthy, nor should they be unhappy. God didn’t send any of us here for that to happen. Yet those two conditions are what plague a vast majority of people today.

I think this single formula in its own way, is one giant step for mankind in solving these terrible problems. Please try it as soon as you can, and thank God when you do, He made it.

Wayne Garland

3 Replies to “The Story Behind "God's Vitamin"”

  1. I am 52 years old and could barely walk due to arthritis and being over weight. I’m looking forward to living a long full productive life and I’m hoping your product can assist.

  2. @Marilyn Thomas, we strongly believe everyone can lead a “Contagious Healthy” life. Often the root cause of arthritis is years of chronic inflammation where finally the body can no longer deal with the inflammation, leading to pain and lack of movement. All of this is brought on by the standard American diet of processed foods, dairy and meat. Contact our support team at 877-975-9080 for a private consultation. We’ve helped thousands turn their health around – and can help you too.

  3. I’ve started God’s vitamin. Have noticed a burst of energy that stays with me through the day. Also my hair is growing like crazy! I colored my hair 1 1/2 months again and have 5-6″ hair growth of grey!! I have arthritis and other ailments which still act up but have only been on this about 2 months.

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