Green Tea Stops Colon Cancer in its Tracks‏

In Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, a man called Hal Fishman became a giant TV star in an unlikely way, by being serious.

The Brooklyn-born broadcaster delivered the evening news in Los Angeles for nearly five decades, an unprecedented run of longevity, that continued until just late last month, when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He spent a bare 3 weeks fighting this horrific disease before he succumbed.

Hal was a fabulous person, a wonderful newsman, one who immersed himself in “news” every day of his life. It’s a tragic irony that this latest-breaking news is something that could have saved him if he could only have read it in time. (HAROLD FISHMAN) 1931-2007

Colon Cancer has over 50% Fatality Rate

There are a staggering 363,000 new case of colorectal cancer every year, with an estimated 945,000 globally. More sobering is the fact that 492,000 deaths occur from this cancer each year, over 50% fatality rate.

But just last week, some giant news surfaced that revealed that humble Green Tea can stop colon cancer in its tracks. (There are some important provisions to this, so read on to learn the full facts.)

The study, published in the journal “Carcinogenesis,” came to the conclusion that we now have a means of treating and preventing colon cancer with staggering success potential. Dr. Ala Issa from the University of South Carolina, who headed the research study said,

“Our results suggest that Green Tea specifically targets initial stages of colon carcinogenesis; the time of administration of green tea is pivotal for effective chemoprevention.”

She went on however to say,

“Green Tea beverage levels are not likely to have enough to inhibit the progress of any very large adenomas or “aden carcinomas” existing prior to the tea administration.”

The results add to an ever-growing body of science linking consumption of Green Tea to a wide range of health benefits, including lower risk of cancer, increased weight loss, improved heart health and protection against Alzheimer’s.

Green Tea Fields of Daehan Tea Plantation, Posung County, South Cholla Province
Green Tea Fields of Daehan Tea Plantation, Posung County, South Cholla Province

The researchers under Dr. Issa reported that the consumption of Green Tea in solution significantly inhibited the formation of any new tumors in the colon, but had no effect against larger tumors.

I have an answer to that, read on.

Dr. Issa and collaborators from the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of Columbia, used “ApcMin” mice as a model for colon cancer, and treated the animals with azoxymethane, a chemical that selectively induces cancer in the colon.

At the age of eight weeks, the mice were divided into two groups – one to receive either water or a green tea solution as the only beverage source for an additional four to eight weeks.

The researchers report that consumption of the green tea solution “significantly inhibited” the formation of new tumors in the colon. A mechanistic study indicated that Green Tea decreased the total levels of the early carcinogenesis biomarker beta-catenin and its downstream target in the colon.

The tea seems to actually “cancer-proof” the colon. To fight larger, existing tumors we will need a highly concentrated extract of Green Tea and its active catechins.

Super Green Tea

I am a Green Tea fanatic after my times living in China, where everyone seems to drink no less than a gallon per day – and where colon cancer is practically non-existent. (I think I’m just about at that rate of consumption nowadays; a big mug of it sits by me all day and night. Even now as I write this letter to you!)

The very best Green Tea you can buy is made in Japan by Ito En. Get the “Oi Ocha Dark“. It has no sugar and is just fabulous Green Tea. Each bottle contains 800mgs of Green Tea Catechins and 260% of your Vitamin C daily requirement.

Incredible stuff.

One of my greatest mentors was the great cancer researcher and healer, Dr. Douglas Brodie, who always said the way to cure the world of cancer was to prevent it happening to begin with.

He hated the modern-day methodology of chemotherapy and radiation when he said,

“Mother Nature has all the answers to prevent cancer in the first place. In conjunction with a pure, plant-based diet free of poisonous, dead meat, milk, refined sugars and polluted air and water.”

This latest research is Brodie’s dream come true.

Green Tea has now been proven to actually cancer-proof the body, particularly the colon, stopping it in its tracks before it can overcome the body.

Drink Green Tea as your daily beverage and you will be making your body “healthy beyond disease”, the greatest aim of all naturopathic healers and practitioners.

And for goodness sakes, avoid Diet Green Tea drinks with Aspartame, Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners. Make your own Green Tea and use Stevia if you feel the need to sweeten it.


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