The Secret to Fertility and Longevity

While studying in Shanghai, I heard innumerable stories about a famous herbalist and Taoist Master Healer called “Li Chung Yun” who lived to 252 years of age.

Were these stories true?

I am sure they were, at least in part, because they had birth records to prove his amazing existence. Most of all, he was famous for drinking and eating his mountain-grown wild Ginseng every day.

I’ve been “hooked” on wild Ginseng ever since. In moving to the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, I was amazed to find a source of the most powerful Ginseng in the world – and at a price that the Chinese would do cartwheels if only they could get their hands on it! They can’t, but YOU can.

Read all about this incredible, natural gift from God.

Can an Herb Manufacture Its Own Testosterone?

Recent scientific analysis of the magical, longevity and fertility capacities of Ginseng found an amazing thing – Ginseng is the only plant to actually make its own testosterone!

Ginseng increases sperm count and seminal vesicle weight, and supports key gland functions like the adrenals and prostate.

Ginseng’s antioxidant qualities help cardiovascular performance, not only for sexual energy, but for sports and strenuous workouts, important for any man or woman wanting to live 252 years!
Wild Grown Ginseng
Ginseng is known and revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the King of all Herbs. It is the most famous and valued herb used by all mankind for thousands of years. It has been used by the Oriental people since the dawn of their civilization and has a rich and extensive history.

Ginseng is now becoming widely known in the West with the rarer more potent versions becoming extraordinarily expensive to obtain.

In the first Chinese Materia Medica medical encyclopedia, written over two thousand years ago, a famous Chinese herbalist, Shen Nang said:

“Ginseng is a tonic to the five viscera, quietening the animal spirits, stabilizing the soul, preventing fear, expelling the vicious energies, heightening the eyes and improving vision, opening up the heart, benefiting the understanding and if taken for some time will invigorate the body and prolong long life.”

Ginseng is said to replace the vital “Chi” or energy of the universe concentrated within each of us and is used to benefit all organs in the body so that one may live a long and bountiful life.

“Ginseng grown in the wild, high up in the mountains, wild-crafted and organic is nearly impossible to find at any price in the herb markets of China and Korea.”
– Ron Teaguarden, master herbalist

Dr. Clark’s Sacred Mountain Ginseng Now Available

Twenty five years ago, a wonderful doctor and close friend of mine, Dr. Clark, left his life in the big city and purchased an entire mountain in the remote Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Each day he planted Ginseng seeds across the mountain, from the valley below to the very top, living in a mountain cabin as a hermit, all alone like the Korean Taoist monks.

He says,

Sometimes I miss the solitude of my life up in the high mountains, the sound of the howling, growling winter wind as it rages through the trees and across the ridges and hollows, but 25 years as a hermit on the top of a mountain is more than enough and now I feel that it is time to bring the treasures of my Ginseng to the world.

It is a truly magical mountain paradise, deep in the Ozark woods with a view for miles down the valley. And for miles, all you can see under the trees are my Ginseng plants, growing wild, untamed, untreated, nurtured from birth by me and getting ready to reward the world. This is the Ginseng that has been my life, my journey, my mission, for over 25 years. This is the best Ginseng in the world, use it wisely.

Through my association with Dr. Clark, this wild crafted and totally organic Ginseng is available for just pennies an ounce. Ginseng of this quality (if you could find it in Asia) would cost 50,000 Yuan a kilo. That’s $6615.00 in US currency.

A strict limit of one hand-packed bag of 90 double-lot capsules per customer due to scarcity of supply.

Ginseng has been long revered by spiritual seekers!

They maintain that Ginseng clears perception so that one can understand the deep meanings of the changes which take place on so many subtle or subconscious levels.

Sages say that Ginseng develops the “Center” (the Earth element), gives staying power, stamina and endurance and benefits the Vital Treasures: “Ching,” “Chi” and “Shen.” Because of this ability, it is revered as a spiritual entity by the Taoists.

Zen Buddhist monks have said that Ginseng enriches one’s karma, and eases the path of spiritual progress. Because Ginseng enhances the power and control of lungs and breath and clarity of the mind, it is invaluable to one who meditates, performs yoga, studies a great deal or is involved in strenuous athletic activity.

The Taoists masters say that Ginseng has the strongest ability of any herb to absorb the energy from the Earth itself. It absorbs the five elemental energies, which are then available in abundance to anyone who consumes Ginseng regularly.

Ginseng is capable of extending the powers of adaptability to any who consume it, those who use it wisely can become radiantly healthy beings, with an adaptive capacity to all pressures, with an attitude and freedom unsurpassed by other men and women.

Louise Venings in her landmark book, “The Ginseng Book” says,

“As far as I have been able to determine, Ginseng possess “non-specific” restorative qualities which strengthen the stress mechanisms and, by balancing the body’s metabolic equilibrium, increases its efficiencies.”   “Those undergoing great physical or mental exertion highly praise Ginseng’s effect, offering them an alternative to “pep” pills, caffeine or pharmaceutical stimulants. Many who are spiritually oriented, use Ginseng while fasting as a valuable aid in obtaining effective spiritual progress. It is for the mind and spirit as well as the body.”

Dr. G

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