Milk and Meat Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

Patrick Swayze died earlier this week – a victim of pancreatic cancer – a terrible way to go, but one that I believe could have been totally avoided, or at least his life could have been significantly prolonged.

Robert Cohen, the researcher and a wonderful friend of mine, tells me that in the eight months before his death, because Patrick lost so much weight from chemotherapy, that his so-called highly paid “advisors” told him to consume an ultra-high-fat diet, including ice cream, cheese and pudding.

With films like Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing and dozens of other films to his credit, Patrick Swayze is now a “Ghost” for having chosen “cancer fuel” as his cancer cure.   If only Patrick Swayze had seen this in time:


“This data points to an important and avoidable cause of pancreatic cancer – specifically, eating fat in red meat and dairy products. Research subjects who ate high amounts of saturated animal fat had a 36 percent higher rate of pancreatic cancer compared with those who ate low amounts.”

Another important finding: fat found in vegetables was not associated at all with cancer of the pancreas.

“We observed positive associations between pancreatic cancer and intakes of total, saturated, and monounsaturated fat overall, particularly from red meat and dairy food sources. We did not observe any consistent association with polyunsaturated or fat from plant food sources.” the authors wrote in the journal article.

If you want to know the pancreatic cancer treatment program I would have recommended to Mr. Swayze and his “advisors”, totally free of charge, email me and I will share it with you.

This is a senseless tragedy.

Dr. G

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