Milk and Meat Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

Patrick Swayze died earlier this week – a victim of pancreatic cancer – a terrible way to go, but one that I believe could have been totally avoided, or at least his life could have been significantly prolonged.

Robert Cohen, the researcher and a wonderful friend of mine, tells me that in the eight months before his death, because Patrick lost so much weight from chemotherapy, that his so-called highly paid “advisors” told him to consume an ultra-high-fat diet, including ice cream, cheese and pudding.

With films like Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing and dozens of other films to his credit, Patrick Swayze is now a “Ghost” for having chosen “cancer fuel” as his cancer cure.   If only Patrick Swayze had seen this in time:

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Why Colon Cancer Returns

I subscribe to Reuter’s News Service, and thank God I do, because this latest breaking news just came over the Internet about the disturbing recurrence of Colon Cancer.

Best of all, this article detailed results from a 5 Year Study, showing the dramatic effect of the Standard American Diet (SAD) on the recurrence rate.

Please read this news alert – it could save your life or someone you love or know, or think could benefit.

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