America's Bones Are Crumbling

I was startled to read a research study recently week on the “crumbling bones of America.”

It says that over 60% of Americans fail to get adequate amounts of Calcium! Osteoporosis (porous bones) is  becoming an epidemic, particularly among women. But men are also “crumbling”.

How can this be? So many people take  Calcium supplements, drink milk by the gallon and eat cheese and ice cream without benefit. What has gone wrong?

This week’s Health Alert will debunk the myths behind Calcium supplementation and what truly is required to grow strong, healthy bones.

The May 2007 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published findings from the ‘Program on Prevention Outcomes’ at Stanford University. Despite well-publicized recommendations concerning the need for Calcium to aid in osteoporosis prevention, a startling 60% of Americans fail to receive adequate intake of Calcium.

The study was exhaustive, involving 5,094 men and 5,780 women aged 19 and older.

Summary of the Findings:

  • Daily Calcium intake was calculated from the results of dietary interviews provided by the participants.
  • Supplemental Calcium intake was estimated from the subjects’ intake of prescription and non-prescription nutritional supplements, and Calcium-containing antacids like TUMS.
  • 40% of the study population was found to meet age-specific national Calcium intake levels – just 40%!
  • And less than half of the participants reported using Calcium supplements.
  • Participants who were at low risk or high risk of osteoporosis were more likely to have adequate intake levels of Calcium than those at moderate risk, although those at moderate risk were more likely to use Calcium supplements than subjects at low risk.
  • Men, ethnic minorities and those who did not graduate from high school were more likely to have inadequate Calcium intake and were less likely to use Calcium supplements.
  • Taking Calcium supplements increased the odds of meeting the adequate intake recommendations by a factor of four compared with non-users.

The researchers stated,

“Our results show that overall, most US adults do not meet adequate daily Calcium intake levels THROUGH DIET ALONE, and that among those taking supplements, SUPPLEMENTAL CALCIUM IS OFTEN INADEQUATE TO OVERCOME THE DEFICITS BETWEEN DIETARY INTAKE AND THE RECOMMENDATIONS.

(My capitalized emphasis added.)
Many who are addicted to milk, cheese and ice cream will find this heresy, but bear with me if you want strong bones,  no broken hips, no knee replacements and no crumbling bones. And what is worse is the sad fact that 99% of most Calcium supplements are totally worthless and just “powdered rock” that the body cannot digest, let alone utilize.

My Observations and Comments:

  1. Dairy is NOT a good source of usable Calcium. (Explained below.)
  2. Most Calcium is “rock” like Coral Calcium and Calcium Carbonate. Rock is not assimilated or utilized by the body easily.
  3. The body needs high levels of Magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K to convert the Calcium into a usable nutrient. Milk does not contain Magnesium.
  4. Calcium is not “alone” in building strong bones; it needs vital minerals like Boron, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Manganese and Strontium as well. (None of which are in milk, cheese or ice cream.)
  5. Cows don’t drink milk, so where do they get their Calcium? (Osteoporosis rates are highest in countries who consume the MOST dairy like Denmark and Sweden.)

First, despite all the milk moustache ads that tell you milk is a perfect food, the fact is, dairy is not a good source of usable Calcium. Dairy contains dangerous hormones directly linked to breast and endometrial cancers. Milk also creates an acid condition in the gut. To alkalize or neutralize the acid, the body sucks Calcium out of its own bones, thus creating weak and porous bones…aka, osteoporosis.

Cheese and ice cream are the worst forms of milk to consume, as it takes ten to twelve pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese or ice cream. The more you eat ice cream and melted cheese pizzas, the weaker your bones become.

For the body to get Calcium into your bones, it needs high amounts of Magnesium (more on this below), but milk does not contain any meaningful amount of this vital mineral.

Second, you need Vitamin D and Vitamin K to get the Calcium OUT of the bloodstream and INTO the bones. Without these two miracle vitamins, Calcium is inert and useless in the body. Milk does not contain these vitamins.

Vitamin K is the “key” that opens the door to the bones so the Calcium can flow from the bloodstream into the bones, uninhibited. No “K”, no Calcium in the bones. The Japanese think so much of Vitamin K, it’s only available there as a prescription osteoporosis drug!

Third, you need all the support minerals that make up the bone “matrix”. These include Magnesium, Boron, Phosphorous, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Strontium. With  just Calcium alone, the “matrix” or core of the bone crystal is brittle and weak, able to break and crumble easily. ALL the support member-minerals of the “strong bone team” have to be present for it all to work.

Fourth, the form of Calcium is VITAL for success and strong bones. We were not designed to eat “rock” forms of anything. Our bodies are unable to digest rock and extract the minerals within.

“Six months ago I could not work past 12 midday as the morphine would make me too groggy. The discs in my spine were crumbling. I was looking at a life trapped in a wheelchair and constant pain medication.

Then Dr. Garland came along and created a special Bone Density Formula for me. In three months, yes, JUST THREE MONTHS, the discs completely regenerated. The pain also went away, day by day.

Today, I’m off all morphine. Off all pain medication. And I’ve started my own graphic design business, working 18 hours a day. Thank God for this formula and Dr. Garland.”

J.Stephens, Georgia

Bone Density

So how do you get all the minerals in a form the body can utilize? That’s what I’ve been working on for the past four years!

Bone Density – the most technically advanced, super-powerful Calcium supplement on the market today in a giant Economy Size 240 capsule bottle to save money and bones.

Other Tips and Suggestions for Bone Health:

  • Prepare my Calcium-Rich Watercress Soup for Strong Bones and have this 4 times a week. Every spoonful makes your bones stronger.
  • Exercise each and every day, and add light weights for strength. This helps keep bones strong.
  • If you are a woman over 40, get our Balanced Woman 40-Plus formula to keep the hormones enriched and stop them from leaching Calcium from the bones.
  • Throw the Fosamax away. Read the side effects report. It will terrify you.
  • Get dry Sea Vegetables from the health food store or online from The Seaweed Man. These are a smorgasbord of minerals and bone healthy compounds.
  • Eliminate red meat and reduce all animal protein. These are high in phosphates that leach Calcium.
  • Avoid sugar and caffeine-containing foods, hard liquor, tobacco and nightshade plants that interfere with Calcium absorption.
  • Reduce your salt intake – high salt levels accelerates bone loss and decreases bone density.

Say “goodbye” to your crumbling bones!

Dr. G

p.s. If you would like to learn more about the ingredients and science behind this amazing formula, read my article, What’s in Bone Density?

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