"got protein? – got MEGA protein?"

Protein Plus Superfood is the ultimate Superfood that is really 7 formulas in one – it’s a Daily multivitamin/mineral supplement, Meal replacement when blended with fruit as a smoothie, Blend of 12 freeze-dried vegetables and digestive enzymes, Omega 3/6 EFA’s from Hemp seeds and Sacha Inchi nuts,
Antioxidant protection with high-ORAC Chokeberry, Acai & Goji berries, Superfoods Maca, Cordyceps mushroom and Green Tea extract, 22 grams of plant-based protein from Yellow Pea, Brown Rice, Hemp Seed and Sacha Inchi nut.

Another Day. Another Miracle. You're Next

Miracle of Life is like having your own personal doctor or therapist in the palm of your hand. This miraculous formula goes directly to where your body sends it to provide nutrients into cells and healing where it’s needed. Be a Miracle!

Rock Star is Hooked on Vitamins, Not Drugs

Miracle of Life is a unique formulations – like taking 8 different formulas in one. It’s got everything you need from ionic minerals to herbs, bringing electric health and healing right to where your body needs it most.

The 25 Steps to Cancer-Proof Your Body

People ask me all the time, “Dr. G, how did you rid your body of cancer?” This is the program I followed 22 years ago when fighting a terminal cancer condition and given just six months to live.

Your BODY Makes Chemo

This red marine algae, called AlgaeCal, not only aids in bone growth, but when combined with high dosage vitamin D3 in the Miracle of Life formula, aids the body in manufacturing a natural anti-cancer hormone called calcitriol.

Miracle of Life: "This stuff is absolute dynamite!"

Miracle of Life is more power than 10 individual formulas – in just one! It literally “reads the body” and goes to where it is needed most. That’s why some people take it and get gigantic energy. Others however experience something totally different, they go into the deepest sleep patterns they’ve ever experienced. Why? Because their body was screaming out for rest, recovery and healing sleep.

Medical Fact: You are an Ocean

Electrical energy is your life force. It literally animates your body, creating movement and vitality in your cells, organs, muscles, nervous system, immune system and every other element of your physical structure.

Patient, Heal Thyself

Getting a bottle of Miracle of Life could very well be the single most amazing life experience you will ever have. You will discover things about yourself and be able to tap into an extraordinary phenomenon within your mind, your body and even your soul.

The Amazing 101 Year Old Man

People ask me all the time, “Is there just one formula that I can take each day to satisfy my body’s needs?”

Yes! It is called Chlorella – an amazing Japanese SUPER FOOD.