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One of the things I love most about my job is hearing stories from all the people who use our products and services and their lives are changed.

This happens so often, I sometimes forget how miraculous each and every story is.  Over the years, I’ve heard more of these stories about one of our formulas more than any other.

If you are in need of a miracle in your life, Miracle of Life is THE miracle formula!

Taking Miracle of Life is like having your own personal doctor or therapist in the palm of your hand!

A dear friend from India, who is now working as a doctor at Chicago General Hospital, likened it to “nutritional acupuncture” because of the way it can read the body and goes from the blood stream, straight to a triggering point, or organ, which directs the body to create the needed healing and deliver the nutrients directly into the cells.

Miracle of Life formula contains super intelligence from the overall formula and then the way it is “treated” with Nikolai Tesla’s bio-magnetic technolgoy, making the formula work with super natural power, and giving it the eletrical magnetization of not only just the planet, but of the entire universe.

Today, I want to share with you stories of people just like you, who’ve chosen to use this magical formula and changed their lives.

I firmly believe our Miracle of Life formula will change your life too!

Is THIS the Miracle You’ve Been Looking For?

Miracle of Life has had a profound effect on me. When Shark Liver Oil was released in 1996, people went crazy making sure they had at least 6 bottles, it is that good. Well this product, I assure you, is a knockout punch to any disease in your body. It makes you stronger, have more endurance and recover quicker.

It has changed my body.

I wavered on not eating meat and dairy, Well, after taking Miracle of Life for 2 1/2 months, it has rewired my body. I now consume mostly fruits and veggies/legumes/grains with only eating meat and dairy once or twice every 2 weeks. When I do eat it, my stomach hurts so bad – a really good reason not to eat it anymore!

Thank you, Dr. Garland for putting together the best product in the universe!
Amy Wolfe

I tried the Miracle of Life yesterday for the first time. I had more energy than normal. I walked 5 miles during the day and came home and rode 10 miles on my exercise bike. I also felt very focused at work but that could have been the Mind Power. 🙂
Gayle Jamerson

I have been on Miracle of Life for over 3 years now. It is the best multi vitamin out there, there is nothing on the market like it. It gives me so much energy. At 55, almost 56, I can’t believe all that I am able to accomplish in a day. Just yesterday I played tennis, then took my big dog Thor, a doberman and little dog Eden, a chiuahua, on a mountain hike for 4 hours.

As a hair stylist and a breast cancer survivor, I must tell you I have been not only cancer free but also aliment free. I am in a very public type of career, people come in with illnesses and I never get what they bring with them. I have been taking your vitamins for over 3 years and am absolutely sold on them. There is no other vitamin out there like them. People want to know where I get all the energy I have to do all that I do… I am sure that your vitamins have something to do with it.”
Linda Benitez

“Hi Dr. G!
I have been taking the Miracle of Life and Balanced Woman since Monday (5 days). I have energy like you would not believe. I feel like a kid again. I noticed the change the first day.

As a reminder, I am 54 and post menopausal. I have known there was something “off” in my body for a very long time. I take good care of myself, eat very healthy, and do moderate exercise. Nothing was working.

But, last Wednesday someone at work commented on the change in my mood and how wonderful I looked. I can’t thank you enough for helping me and the many others out there. You really are a blessing for us all – I FEEL GREAT!
Hugs to you,”

Colleen Phillips

“Dear Wayne,
Miracle of Life is simply amazing. Am I surprised? No. I have been casually reading your newsletters and ordering products for years. I wholeheartedly stand by your insight and wisdom. Let me share with you my experience. Will you be surprised? Not at all.

Let me start with my appointment with the orthopedist. He took x-rays of my feet several months ago. All he could do is shake his head and say my right foot is “very bad”, “very bad”. I am a nurse and I have lived with arthritis in my feet and pain for years, literally. I had surgery scheduled for my feet. The doctor wanted to remove part of the bone in my right great toe and replace it with a metal plate. Two weeks before the surgery I decided to cancel. I started taking the miracle of life formula among other things.

I am pain free and the inflammation in my feet is greatly reduced. Improving daily. My husband is in awe. He is now taking the Miracle of Life formula, Ibedenone, Liquid Minerals, Omega 3/6/9 and Ultra D3.

There are so many more ways I feel better but this is the biggie, for now. May you continue to share your spiritual passion for life with us, it is truly our blessing.

Lois Spaziani

PS: Did I mention I no longer need blood pressure meds. Woo Hoo!  I hated taking them. My Blood pressure is great now. Thank You.

So, What IS IN This Extraordinary Formula?

This electronic “reading” ability is only part of the entire Miracle of Life formula. Around the electronic core or heart of the formula, the ionized minerals and trace minerals, so vital for life to be maintained, we then encircled this core with an amazing laundry-list of compounds to address all health concerns.

The formula has vitamins, herbs and natural compounds for:

  • Your heart, bones, blood, thyroid and immune system
  • Dramatic energy & stamina
  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Aiding in unclogging arteries and lowering blood pressure
  • Bringing your brain back to life so you can think clearer, deeper, with greater  memory capacities than ever before

All of this in just one extraordinary formula.

That is why it is called Miracle of Life.

It’s an entire nutritional system in one. And this isn’t some clumsy, hard tablet like CENTRUM your body can’t digest and just dumps with the rest of the waste – This is the real thing in every sense of the word.

Miracle of Life does more than 8 individual nutritional supplements put together.

  • At the core of the formula are the 76 minerals and trace minerals electronically charged and identical to blood plasma.
  • Micro-milled Chlorella, rich in Chlorophyll, identical to hemoglobin in the blood, containing 24 amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and essential for the brain to operate, think, sleep, create.
  • Pantothenic Acid, the incredible B-vitamin the Smithsonian Institute said was the crucial ingredient for life to be created in the ancient oceans. Without it, intelligence cannot be formed in a new cell.
  • Niacin, another blockbuster B-vitamin that refreshes the brain, boosts circulation and aids in lowering blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D-3, the miracle of miracle compounds I call “God’s Vitamin” for its impact on bones, the heart, brain and major disease conditions like cancer and diabetes. When mixed with high potency Calcium, vitamin D3 triggers the body to make its very own chemotherapeutic drug called “Calcitriol”, and was found in a 4 year study at Creighton University, to reduce the incidence of all forms of cancer by a staggering 84%. (That is another demonstration of our philosophy of The Body As Doctor in action.)
  • Potassium, the brain mineral, combined with Magnesium to create each and every heartbeat. Very important if you want to stay alive!  Necessary for energy and brain function.
  • Ashwagandha, the most powerful mood-altering adaptogenic herb in the Ayurvedic medicine kingdom – Your mind will never be the same again.
  • Tulsi – or “Holy Basil – the Queen of Herbs” as it is called in Ayurvedic language. Tulsi aids the body in managing physical and emotional stress, helping to lower high cortisol levels. It also is a superb blood-sugar normalizing herb and anti-inflammatory to reduce pain anywhere in the body.

This formula is a powerful one-of-a-kind formulation from the heavens.  It’s power is astounding, having the wisdom of the ancients and the energy of the universe itself.

Bring the “Miracle of Life” to your body and be our next miracle story!

Miracle of Life: 8 Formulas in 1 Amazing Bottle

Miracle of Life is the crystallization of all my work in promoting Contagious Health these past 25 years.

Miracle of Life incorporates electronically-charged Ionic Minerals and Trace Minerals in the same composition found in blood plasma. These are the foundation for all true health and longevity and they dramatically increase the cellular absorption of the natural compounds in the formula.

We all want to live a longer and healthier life and fend off feeling older for as long as possible. That’s why Miracle of Life was created.

May you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

Serving Size: 6 capsules
Servings Per Container: 33
Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, take 4-6 capsules daily with breakfast or a morning snack. For added benefit, take 1-3 capsules in the afternoon with a light snack.

Retail Price: $65.95
Preferred Member: $49.97

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