Rock Star is Hooked on Vitamins, Not Drugs

Katy Perry is a pill popper, but it’s all good!
The madly famous singer tweeted this picture of the bag of vitamins and minerals she takes each day, carefully labeled in large Ziplock bags each with a little note of reminder – “Upon Rising,” “Breakfast” and “Dinner” along with the this statement about her commitment to her vitamin supplements.

“I’m all the about that supplement & vitamin LYFE!”

Katy Perry, Tweet, May 22, 2013

You might be asking, “But, is all that really necessary?”  Maybe.  But, an even better question may be, “If SHE needs all those supplements with her hectic life, what should I be taking?”

There isn’t a single day that goes by without someone asking me about our formulas.  The question goes something like this.

“Wayne, I’m really confused.  What are THE formulas I should be taking?  There are so many and I don’t know where to start.”

I never hesitate because I believe to the depths of my soul, if every American were on these 5 formulas, there would be no need for health care.  People would be healthy and thriving.  Imagine.

These 5 Formulas are:

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been telling you about one of these 5 formulas and the response to DIM has been astounding!

Today, I’m going to tell you all about an amazing formula – a personal favorite of mine because it has changed my life and countless others.

I firmly believe it will change your life too!

This is the Miracle You’ve Been Looking For

Katy Perry could save herself a lot of money by switching to our Miracle of Life formula.  She’d also be taking at least 8 less pills a day.

Our Miracle of Life formula is literally “reading the body” like nutritional acupuncture – triggering the body with it’s electronic intelligence to nourish and heal where it is most needed.

This is why some people take it and get gigantic energy. Others, experience something totally different.  They go into the deepest sleep patterns they’ve ever experienced.

Why? Because their body was screaming out for rest, recovery and healing sleep.

Quite amazing.  And might I even say, miraculous?

This is one very smart formula that can read your mind, body and maybe even your soul.

So, What IS IN This Extraordinary Formula?

This electronic “reading” ability is only part of the entire Miracle of Life formula. Around the electronic core or heart of the formula, the ionized minerals and trace minerals, so vital for life to be maintained, we then encircled this core with an amazing laundry-list of compounds to address all health concerns.

The formula has vitamins, herbs and natural compounds for:

  • Your heart, bones, blood, thyroid and immune system
  • Dramatic energy & stamina
  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Aiding in unclogging arteries and lowering blood pressure
  • Bringing your brain back to life so you can think clearer, deeper, with greater  memory capacities than ever before

All of this in just one extraordinary formula. That is why it is called Miracle of Life. It’s an entire nutritional system in one.  And this isn’t some clumsy, stupid, hard tablet like CENTRUM your body just dumps like toxic waste – This is the real thing in every sense of the word.

Miracle of Life does more than 8 individual nutritional supplements put together could do.

  • At the core of the formula are the 76 minerals and trace minerals electronically charged and identical to blood plasma.
  • Micro-milled Chlorella, rich in Chlorophyll, identical to hemoglobin in the blood, containing 24 Amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and essential for the brain to operate, think, sleep, create.
  • Pantothenic Acid, the incredible B-vitamin the Smithsonian Institute said was the crucial ingredient for life to be created in the ancient oceans. Without it, intelligence cannot be formed in a new cell.
  • Niacin, the blockbuster B-Vitamin, refreshes the brain and boosts circulation and aids in lowering blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D-3, the miracle of miracles compounds I call “God’s Vitamin” for its impact on bones, the heart, brain and major disease conditions like cancer and diabetes. When mixed with high potency Calcium, vitamin D3 triggers the body to make its very own chemotherapeutic drug called “Calcitriol” was found, in a 4 year study at Creighton University, to reduce the incidence of all forms of cancer by a staggering 84%. (That is another demonstration of our philosophy of The Body As Doctor in action.)
  • Potassium, the brain mineral, combining with Magnesium to create each and every heartbeat. Very important if you want to stay alive!  Needed for energy and brain function.
  • Ashwaganda, the most powerful mood-altering adaptogenic herb in the Ayurvedic medicine kingdom – Your mind will never be the same again.
  • Tulsi or “Holy Basil – the Queen of Herbs” as it is called in Ayurvedic language. Tulsi aids the body in managing physical and emotional stress, helping to lower high cortisol levels. It also is a superb blood-sugar normalizing herb and anti-inflammatory to reduce pain anywhere in the body.
  • This formula is a powerful one-of-a-kind formulation from the heavens.  It’s power is astounding, having the wisdom of the ancients and the energy of the universe itself.

Bring the “Miracle of Life” to your body and you’ll turn into a pill popper “all about the supplement LYFE!” –  like Katie, only better!

Miracle of Life: 8 Formulas in 1 Amazing Bottle

Miracle of Life is the crystallization of all my work in preventing disease these past 25 years.

Miracle of Life incorporates electronically-charged Ionic Minerals and Trace Minerals in the same composition found in blood plasma. These are the foundation for all true health and longevity and they dramatically increase the cellular absorption of the natural compounds in the formula.

We all want to live a longer and healthier life and fend off feeling older for as long as possible. That’s why Miracle of Life was created.

May you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

Retail price: $49.95
Preferred Member price: $41.97

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