The Body Requires 76 Minerals for Peak Performance

Minerals run every organ in the body, yet are the most overlooked part of our diet.

Minerals make the heart beat, your brain think, your lungs pump, your pancreas function, they make bones and new hair, skin, nails. Minerals build the immune system, control insulin and much, much more.

BUT, not all minerals are not created equal!
an image of Wayne Garland's book: The Key to All Health and  Healing explaining the importance of minerals and trace mineralsMinerals come in many forms – colloidal, coral or “rock” minerals, chelated minerals and finally ionic-electric minerals.  Ionic minerals are the very best of all, because they are in the form that the body can absorb easily, assimilate into the cells of our bodies, and conduct electricity.

I’ve written a new ebook titled, the Key to All Health and Healing, explaining why I believe minerals to be the giant “missing link” in all health, healing and medicine.  Download your copy today.

Wayne Garland

Major Minerals and their Main Actions:

Boron builds strong bones and boosts fertility

Calcium is known as the bone, ligament and cartilage mineral, but it also is necessary for heart action and to lose weight

Cesium delivers amazing anti-cancer action

Chloride makes essential stomach acid

Chromium essential for blood sugar control, diabetes and lowering cholesterol

Copper controls Iron and also helps skin formation

Germanium is a dramatic immune system interferon producer to fight diseases such as leukemia and cancer

Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory for Arthritis

Iodine is the Thyroid mineral

Iron stops anemia

Lithium is not a drug, it’s a natural anti-depressant

Magnesium is essential for converting Calcium into strong bones, dissolving Arthritis, making the heart beat, lowering blood pressure, helping to relieve chronic fatigue and easing asthma attacks

Manganese is a bone mineral – not just Calcium is needed for strong bones!

Phosphorus builds strong bones and supports brain function

Potassium makes your heart beat each split second, helps relieve chronic fatigue and supports mental energy

Selenium is the miracle mineral that fights all cancers!!

Silicon is nature’s building block for strong bones, teeth, glowing skin and hair

Silver is a natural antibiotic

Sodium is essential for energy production

Strontium makes strong bones

Vanadium mimics insulin and is great for diabetes

Zinc makes immune system T-cells to fight disease and boosts fertility

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  1. Sounds like the mineral complex would be the one product that the body needs above all. Those who are older in the seventies could really be helped in general health. I was with Dr. when a part of another group with that still make me a member and would get the member’s pricing?

    Earlene and Vince LoFranco

    1. Hi Earlene,

      Welcome back!

      To register as a Preferred Member and receive all of the Preferred Member benefits, click on the “Membership” tab in the upper left and follow the instructions to sign-up.

      All the best!

  2. A close American friend introduced me to your product. He gave me a bottle of the Life Transfusion (Ionic Liquid Mineral Complex) and I have felt the tremendous work it has done to my body just 3 days of taking it. I used to be super tired dizzy coupled with body pains, of and on headache for no reasons for years and I suffer from anemia may be that is the cause. But the big question is I live in Brazil and do not know how to order your products. Since I am working towards leading an healthy life and I delve into my forties I would like to make your products a part and parcel of my life. is there anyway, I can order them in Brazil or do you ship products to Brazil at reasonable cost. Please let me know ASAP.

  3. @Mark S Fuo
    Please tell your friend “Thank You”, as he may well have saved your life! Mineral deficiency and Vit D deficiency, in my opinion, are the root cause of nearly all health issues. If you have not yet downloaded my book, The Key to All Health and Healing, I urge you to do so. Minerals truly are “THE Key” to health.

    Yes, we do ship to Brazil via USPS International Mail. We have found this service to be reliable and the least expensive of the International Shipping Services.

    Shipping cost is determined by the weight of your package. Please register as a new customer and add the products to your shopping cart where you can view the charges and delivery options.

    Welcome aboard!

  4. I love this amazing product. I was introduced to it almost 18 years ago. It will transform your life–your health–It is literally like plugging your body into a “life giving- light socket” giving you an immediate energy boost. You will feel its benefits and it will change your life!!

  5. Hi@Peggy,
    You do not need to refrigerate the liquid minerals, just keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. We recommend using within 7 years.

  6. @JESSICA Absolutely! Minerals are essential for the development of your baby. Take 1/2 tsp twice daily in fresh carrot or V8 juice to mask the concentrated flavor. Get plenty of sunshine on your skin in the early morning hours for Vitamin D, which is vital for your baby also.

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