You are an Ocean

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Today you get to take a peek inside my brain when this extraordinary formula was created. In our First Chapter on the reincarnation of Miracle of Life, The Body As Doctor – Explained, I concluded with a short, yet vitally important fact about how our body works. This nugget of information is crucial to understanding how the entire Miracle of Life formula works.

You see, the body is a combination of organs, that are miniature “factories”, all orchestrated by instructions from the body’s main computer, the brain. In every instance, each organ (each factory) is “run” or supervised by a foreman. This foreman of each organ is not a vitamin or a carbohydrate or protein, these are the “workers”.

In every instance, each factory is run by a Mineral. Without the mineral, nothing happens! (I explain this in detail in my book, The Key to All Health and Healing. Click here to download your copy.)

Let’s Meet the Foremen

Your heart is a very important factory. Without sufficient Magnesium being available, cardiac arrest occurs Potassium shrinks the heart; Magnesium relaxes in, electronically, every split second. I call these minerals Mother Nature’s Pacemakers.

Even Olympic athletes, with 100% cardiovascular efficiency, will literally drop dead if they deplete either of these two minerals. (That’s why you always see professional athletes consuming sports drinks to replenish minerals lost through high-intensity exercise.)

More people in America drop dead from a Heart Attack than enything else. Want to stop it? Make sure you get lots of Magnesium. Simple as that.

Arthritis and Osteoporosis are epidemics, 60% of American suffer from these debilitating conditions. I bet you are know the foreman for this factory. Calcium is an extraordinary mineral with a host of jobs around the body.

  • It regulates each heartbeat
  • Builds strong bones and teeth
  • Fights breast cancer
  • Needed to burn fat and lose weight (bet’cha didn’t know that…)
  • Necessary for cell survival
  • Helps with blood clotting
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Prevents muscle cramping
  • Maintains the central nervous system
  • Controls anxiety and depression.and ensures deep, quality sleep

Can you name one single drug that can all that?

But, and this is very important, Calcium works in concert with Magnesium. You must have both. Taking Calcium supplements without Magnesium actually make bones more brittle, not stronger. Minerals, minerals, minerals – that should be your mantra, your chant each day!

The next growing epidemic is Diabetes. The pancreas “factory” which manufactures insulin to control blood sugar, is run by a special mineral called “Chromium”. Assisted by another mineral called “Vanadium”. If you don’t get enough Chromium and Vanadium, you’ll develop Diabetes. Simple as that.

Thyroid disease is now rampant.Why? Because the foreman of the thyroid factory, electronically charged Iodine, is missing in the vast majority of our food today. The thyroid can’t work without the Iodine mineral being there to direct the traffic!

The thymus gland, crucial for our immune system is run by Zinc. Without Zinc, the body can’t make T-cells, the protectors of the body.

And the list goes on, all around the body, organ to organ.

  • The brain runs on Potassium
  • The prostate runs on Zinc
  • Each tiny cells needs Potassium and Sodium to generate energy
  • Every bone needs Calcium and other support minerals like Boron, Strontium and Magnesium to be strong and not crumble
  • Without Copper, you hair turns gray before its time. Copper also keeps your skin tight and wrinkle-free while stopping varicose veins
  • If you lack the mineral Selenium, you’re a prime candidate for cancer and cardiomyopathy and a heart transplant
  • Without the trace mineral “Germanium”, the body can’t make vital interferon to keep the body cancer-free
  • Without Iron, a very important blood mineral, you’ll become anemic and exhausted and maybe come down with leukemia

Can you guess the common denominator of the people in Hunzaland, in Okinawa, in the Vilcabamba of Ecuador, in the Caucasian mountains of Georgia, who live into their 100’s without disease? They all consume large quantities of minerals and trace minerals in their diet every single day. In their fruit, vegetables, beans, grains, legumes and water.

Now you know why we have epidemic disease. All disease starts with nutritional (mineral) deficiencies!

This is how the Body Knows How to be a Doctor!

The minerals in our Miracle of Life formula go immediately to each organ they are in charge of and trigger it to work at peak health, efficiency and vitality. On an ongoing basis, day in and day out, year after year, disease becomes non-existent!

This the Genetic Code of all Life!

This knowledge is both the “core” of my Body as Doctor philosophy and also the core of our Miracle of Life formula.

Imagine for moment that you are looking at the solar system, with the sun blazing out energy, and surrounded by the planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth (3rd rock from the Sun), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. At the center, the sun of our formula, in this blazing electronic power of Minerals and Trace Minerals.

It is a little-known fact that purified ocean water and blood plasma are identical. This is our genetic heritage from when life was first created in the ancient oceans, which scientists have called “the great soup of all life”. Amazingly, these minerals are bio-identical to blood plasma.

Those first living things may have been simple micro-organisms, somewhat like some of the bacteria that we know today, mysterious borderline forms of life that were not quite plants, not quite animals, barely over the intangible line that separates the non-living from the living.

It is doubtful that this first life possessed the substance called “chlorophyll” with which plants use sunlight to transform lifeless chemicals into living stuff of their tissues. But when they did develop the magic of chlorophyll, these forms of life were now able to take carbon dioxide out of the air and the water of the sea and build the organic substances they needed for life. Thus the very first plants came into being.

Another group of organisms, lacking the chlorophyll, but needing organic food, found they could make a life for themselves by devouring the plants. So the first “animals” arose and from that day to this, every animal in the world has followed the habit that it learned in the ancient seas and depends, directly or through complex food chains, on the plants for food and life.

When it came time to come ashore, where Earth was now covered with plants and rain forests, the animals that took up a land life carried with them a part of the sea in their bodies, a heritage that they passed on to their children and which even today links each land animal with its origins in the ancient sea.

Fish, amphibian and reptile, warm-blooded bird and mammal – each of us carries in our veins a salty stream in which the elements of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, strontium, iodine, zinc and manganese are combined in almost the same proportions as in purified sea water.

This is our inheritance, from that day untold millions and millions of years ago when a remote ancestor, having progressed from the one-celled to the many-celled stage, first developed a circulatory system in which the fluid was merely the water of the sea, the ancient ocean.

As life itself began in the sea, so too does each and every one of us begin his individual life in a miniature ocean, within our mother’s womb, and in the stages of our embryonic development over nine months, we repeat the steps by which our race has evolved by a gill-breathing inhabitant of a water-world, to a creature able to walk and talk, think and dream upon the land.

You are an Ocean

The ocean is the greatest storehouse of minerals. In a single cubic mile of sea water, there are on average 166 million tons of dissolved salts and in all the ocean waters of earth there are about 50 quadrillion tons.

About 76 of the known elements, minerals and trace minerals, have been discovered by chemical and spectrographic analysis. Sea water is a most suitable environment for living cells, since it contains all the chemical elements essential to the growth and maintenance of plant and animal protoplasm or “protein blood”.

This is the core of the Miracle of Life formula!

You re getting literal blood transfusion when you start taking it. Your blood chemistry will change rapidly, dramatically even. Of vital importance is the fact that minerals from the ocean are far superior to minerals from the land. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of mineral supplements today use what is termed “colloidal” minerals. These are ground up rock minerals in a form known “colloidal”, a large molecular group. Rock cannot conduct electricity.

Life is electricity. Our body is a magnificently orchestrated electrical machine. What conducts this electricity, this life force through our body? Rocks can’t. Vitamins can’t. Neither can amino acids or proteins. The only thing that will conduct electricity through fluid is ocean water minerals in a form called “Ionic”. Tiny atom-sized elements that go the very heart of each cell immediately. A colloid or rock is too big and clumsy to do this. Rock simply cannot conduct electricity.

Why do the people I mentioned before, the Hunzas, the Okinawans and the Vilcabambans live so long and disease-free? They have an extremely high level of electricity flowing through them. This is know as our “aura”, or bio electric shield. Disease cannot exist in a highly charged electrical environment.

Electrical energy is your life force. It literally animates your body, creating movement and vitality in your cells, organs, muscles, nervous system, immune system and every other element of your physical structure.

This energy can become your medicine!

Your medicine cabinet will be bare after a short course of our Miracle of Life formula. Your body becomes your doctor, orchestrating each cell and then each organ they way it was genetically created.

Stay tuned next week, as I take you through the nutritional breakdown of this most amazing formulation. With the force of all life creation at its core, can you imagine what we then surrounded it with to deliver the Miracle of Life to you?

Click here to order!

And remember, “Look after yourself at all times, because no one but God will.”

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!


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