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Last week we released the 3rd Reincarnation of our extraordinary “Miracle of Life” formula. Today we want to sit down with you and give you all the amazing facts and tidbit’s of thinking that went into this formula’s creation.

And next week we are planning our first ever Miracle of Life conference call. You won’t want to miss that for anything!

What’s in a name? Everything!

Getting a bottle of Miracle of Life could very well be the single most amazing life experience you will ever have. You will discover things about yourself and be able to tap into an extraordinary phenomenon within your mind, your body and even your soul.

What is this phenomenon? I call it “The Body As Doctor”.

This is where your body can achieve maximum health, free of disease, with maximum lifespan potential.

You are a child of the Universe.

For more than 25 years now, I have been on a relentless search for the keys to full genetic life potential, so that no one need suffer from any disease. And be able to achieve this without medical doctors, expensive dangerous drugs, unnecessary surgery and prohibitive health insurance.

This philosophy is startlingly simple, but genius in its underlying intelligence. And so simple to achieve. The best doctor for your body is not a medical doctor – the best doctor is your very own body. You were not designed or created to be constantly sick and depressed.

Is it truly possible that you could get your body to become your doctor? Available at all times, 24 hours a day, every split second? Putting out fires before they start within you? Repairing damaged cells and nerves and neurons? Preventing disease from even starting in the first place?

At a time such as right now with every second person suffering some kind of disease, even fatality, is this a mad dream? How can this actually happen, you are probably asking?

This is the core of my entire “Body As Doctor” philosophy. It is something I witnessed first-hand in my journey around the world and through the Universe itself that started 25 years ago. In China and Bhutan, they use 1000-year old techniques and herbal remedies that lift people up high above disease, to a place where they find “Health Beyond Disease”.

I know it works, as I went through this myself fighting terminal cancer. I was the guinea pig, the “canary in the coal mine” of life to find out what the body needs, every second, to overcome disease.

Could people actually get Contagiously Healthy? Instead of Contagiously Sick?

Way back then I wasn’t into alternative medicine at all. I was an analyst working for major corporations, solving complex problems when I suddenly came down with cancer and given just six months to live. Even the doctors said that chemo and radiation would not work.

So I literally turned my life upside down. I decided to spend this last six months they gave me and search for an answer. I had nothing else to do!

Obviously, some 25 years later, I did indeed find an answer. Like a dogged detective, I followed very hint and clue to overcoming the cancer. I went to India, Pakistan and Hunza, Bhutan and Tibet, South Korea and China. Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. I went anywhere I could where people were living long, long lives, disease free. What did they know that could possibly help me?

All along this road to recovery, I unearthed truly amazing things, incredible facts about how to trigger the body to overcome anything and defeat any disease.

All the time I kept asking myself, “Why don’t doctors tell you this?”

Along this long and at times, lonely road (yet full of incredible learning experiences and friendships with amazing healing masters who gave of themselves freely, totally without any cost) I found what I think is the answer to all health and healing and happiness.

I learned how to literally trigger the body to become “the doctor” of our own body. How to in turn get off dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. How to return to the abundant health of your birth, your youth at the very first fresh new day that you arrived, with everything working a maximum potential.

This knowledge, these things, these gifts from the Universe that I was given, are all in our formula, but most importantly, are the very core of our Miracle of Life nutraceutical formula. And that is this philosophy that every single person on this planet needs to understand.

“The Body As Doctor” is a profound change of attitude in generating a life force, free of disease and infirmity and our Miracle of Life formula will be the single most dramatic step you can take to implement this philosophy into your daily life.

an image of The Okinawa Progam book coverThe most fabled place I went to was to the Okinawan islands in the Sea of Japan. These people do live seemingly forever! And it’s been chronicled in a landmark research study “The Okinawa Program” available from Everyone should read this book.

In Okinawa, the occurrence of heart disease is one fifth that of America. The rate of breast, ovarian and prostate cancers is less than a quarter of American levels. And the number of centenarians (people living past 100 years of age) is six times that of the United States!

Most important, Okinawan’s have the world’s longest disability-free life expectancy. If Americans lived more like the Okinawans, 80 percent of the nation’s coronary care units, one-third of the cancer wards and a vast majority of nursing homes would be shut down.

What do they do? They use “The Body As Doctor” philosophy every single day. You can get this to happen to you with just one Miracle of Life capsule.

What was the common denominator of all the places I went to that generated such longevity and freedom from disease? In every single place where such longevity was commonplace and accepted, the people consumed continual amounts of amazing compounds both in their drink and their food.

These compounds, I subsequently found, were the basis for all life. By consuming them daily, hourly, the body was able to achieve its true genetic potential. In Hunzaland, in Okinawa, in the Vilcabamba of Ecuador, in the Caucasian mountains of Georgia, everyone consumes large quantities of things called Minerals and Trace Minerals. In Hunzaland they call it Glacier Milk or the Milk of Mother Earth.

What I found through my studies was that the body is made up of organs that are miniature “factories”.

In every instance, the foreman of each factory, of each organ, is a mineral. Without the foreman (the mineral) being there, the factory workers don’t know what to do. The workers are vitamins, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes.

But these are useless unless the foreman, the Minerals are there to tell them what to do. And this is where all disease gets its start.

Your heart is a very important factory. Without sufficient Magnesium being available, cardiac arrest occurs. And that is what is happening all across America! Heart Disease is our #1 killer! People are dropping dead of a lack of Magnesium.

In all, the body needs 76 Minerals and Trace Minerals. We use this genetic code of all life as the core. But that’s just the start. In all there are 145 individual compounds in the formula.

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photo of Wayne Garland's Miracle of Life nutraceutical formula

Miracle of Life – The most technologically advanced nutraceutical formula in the Universe.

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Don’t miss Chapter 2 on Friday, as I take you through each ingredient. And the following week, we’ll do our first ever Miracle of Life teleconference call.

There has never been a nutraceutical formula like this and probably never will be again.

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As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Wayne Garland

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