Cholesterol's "deadly" Cousin

February is American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of it. Is there some connection there?

Among all the Valentine’s Day cards and boxes of chocolates, a giant piece of information has gone missing – but not here at our little company.

While all the attention today is on high Cholesterol, nothing has been said about Cholesterol’s even more dangerous killing-cousin, “Homocysteine.”

Put down that box of chocolates for a moment and find out about something that is far more dangerous than bad cholesterol – and how we have solved the problem.

Earlier this week we introduced our new Clean Heart” Blood Pressure formula, possibly one of the greatest gifts to mankind we’ve been associated with for it’s dramatic effect on rapidly lowering high blood pressure. If you missed the announcement, read the article: Spinach’s Super Powers Revealed.

Today, we follow that up with a full briefing on an equally dangerous culprit in the battle against heart disease.

  • Have you ever heard of “Homocysteine“?
  • Do you know what your level is?
  • Has your doctor ever mentioned it? Probably not.

Homocysteine is now recognized by leading, intelligent doctors and researchers as more deadly than high cholesterol. Do yourself a giant favor and next time you’re in for a blood check, make them do a Homocysteine check too, it won’t take a second and could save your life.

When the levels of this substance called Homocysteine in your blood becomes too high, the perfect conditions are created for plaque buildup.

Homocysteine is an amino acid that promotes the growing of smooth muscle cells just below the inner wall of the artery. Multiplying rapidly, these cells create a deadly bulge that protrudes into the artery itself. On the bulge, cholesterol, blood products, and calcium begin to accumulate.

These are the blood traps that lead to problems like impotence, poor memory, heart attacks, strokes, and even death.

And research indicates that you should be just as concerned, if not more so, over your Homocysteine level as you are over your cholesterol levels.

Destroys Arterial Walls

A team of Seattle researchers showed that injections of Homocysteine rapidly caused early signs of arteriosclerosis in Baboons. The researchers reported that in their test, the cells just beneath the animals’ artery walls were mutating and reproducing at a wild rate, and this growth was destroying the arterial walls.

After just one week of high levels of Homocysteine in the Baboons’ blood, 23% of their artery walls were lost. The researchers found that the higher the level of Homocysteine and the more severely injured the inner artery walls, the more severe the signs of arteriosclerooosis.

Homocysteine can Kill – If you don’t know how to control it
Your body forms Homocysteine when you eat foods containing an amino acid called “methionine”, which is present in all animal and vegetable protein. As part of the digestive process, methionine is broken down into Homocysteine.

As long as certain helper nutrients are present, Homocysteine subsequently converts back into one of two harmless amino acids. However, when these “helper nutrients” are missing in our diet, Homocysteine levels become dangerously high.

Research shows that Vitamin B6 is one of the key helper nutrients necessary for normalizing Homocysteine levels.

  • In a study at the University of Wisconsin, participants given daily supplements of B6 experienced dramatic drops in their Homocysteine levels.
  • At the Titus County Memorial Hospital in Texas, patients given Vitamin B6 reduced their risk of chest pain heart attacks by a staggering 73%.

Guess what? The typical American diet is chronically low in Vitamin B6 and nowhere near the amount needed to protect the body.

The Secret Ingredient?

The big nutrient to totally knock Homocysteine out is a compound derived from beets called Tri-Methyl-Glycine (or TMG for short.) The beetroot plant is widely grown and has amazing powers, particularly on Homocysteine. When combined with B-Vitamins and heart-healthy Magnesium, you have a super cocktail of cardiovascular health, without a prescription for a drug that comes with dangerous side-effects.

It always amazed me that no one, not even those in the alternative medicine world of nutrition, could come up with a formula to fight both the heart-dangers of cholesterol and homocysteine, at the same time!

So instead of sitting on my hands and doing nothing about it, I went to work to create a blockbuster of heart health that does just that.

An  image of Wayne Garland's Cholesteine formula for lowering cholesterol and homocysteineCholesteine – The first formula to address both Cholesterol and Homocysteine at the same time.

Cholesteine brings down cholesterol and nearly eliminates Homocysteine. The formula’s name says it all:

CHOLEST for Cholesterol
STEINE for Homocysteine

If you have not yet read the story about How Carl Bypassed a Bypass, take a moment to do so right now. His story speaks volumes about this formulas life saving abilities.

Retail priced at $34.95, Preferred Members always save 25% at $25.97.

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an image of Wayne Garland's ebook on lowering and managing  Cholesterol naturally, without drugsAs great as our formulas are for maintaining good heart health, they are not a replacement for proper eating and daily exercise.

If you haven’t read my book, Kill Cholesterol Before Cholesterol Kills You, I urge you to do so now. I provide detailed step-by-step instructions, along with recipes I have used for years with patients.

Follow the program and you will quickly and dramatically lower your dangerous LDL Cholesterol and Homocysteine levels, while at the same time bring your blood pressure back into normal ranges. (Click here or on the picture and download your copy now.)

Tips and Suggestions

  • Eat lots of vegetables and multi-colored salads. Stir fry or lightly steam vegetables to retain the nutrients. Virgin olive oil (I like the Apollo Olive Oil brand best) and lemon juice make a good dressing for salads.
  • No more red meats or dairy. That means no milk, cheese, butter or ice cream. Switch to nut milks like Almond, Coconut or the new Hemp milks, or soy milk. These are all delicious. Get Earth Balance spread for butter. Daiya Foods and Vegan Gourmet make excellent cheese alternatives.
  • Eliminate heavily-processed foods, particularly foods containing white flour, white sugar, pizzas, hamburgers and fried chicken.
  • Make up a big pot of my Miracle Potassium Broth Soup loaded with broccoli and cabbage and have a bowl every day. Flavor with Bragg Liquid Aminos and ground pepper to taste.

Alzheimer’s Connection?

Several new studies are discovering a link  between Homocysteine levels and Alzheimer’s disease proliferation. A Belgian study has just revealed that patients with Alzheimer’s disease have far higher levels of Homocysteine in their blood compared to the norm.

So not only does controlling Homocysteine have distinct implications in fighting heart disease (our number one killer), but also for the next giant epidemic forming in front of us as we age – Alzheimer’s.

Taking this anti-Homocysteine formula will not only provide great insurance against heart disease, but also help you preserve peak mental functioning as you age.

Act now. Click here to order!

Thank you and may God be with you always.

Wayne Garland

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