Mormon Bishop's Secret Cancer Remedy

While living and working with the Mormons many years ago, one of their bishops “took me under his wing” to help me understand their extraordinary culture.

We would sit for hours, sometimes days discussing the meaning of life through the Mormon perspective and I still treasure the wisdom he handed on to me.

One thing that really stuck with me was the Mormon’s amazing longevity and belief in God’s power to heal all disease.

As I was fighting cancer at that time, what Bishop Porter told me was a highly integral part to my recovery and also, incredibly rapid in its action.

He said that, “medicine was at its greatest when it was a cooperation of the human element with God’s great power to heal.”

Preventing disease with a robust immune system so that sickness could not occur was the bedrock of what he preached and practiced. Eager of course to get my hands on ANYTHING that would work for me, I pressed him for his greatest secret to preventing disease.

Value Simple Remedies as Priceless

All great discoveries are blatantly simple when examined in retrospect. The bishop had been handed down a simple remedy that had traveled overland when the Mormon’s made their defining trek to flee religious persecution from Nauvoo, Illinois – more than 1300 miles on foot and by horse to Salt Lake City in early 1846.

This remedy had kept frigid blizzards at bay and fueled the trek (on foot remember) the thousand plus miles across the great plains of America and the Rocky Mountains, to the barren desert that Utah was at that time (and still is in many areas).

Remember these words:

“Beta Glucan” is one of nature’s greatest secret weapons against all disease”

Feeding an army of followers for months on end meant that food became a religion unto itself to the Mormons. Along the way, secret remedies for every ailment under the sun were discovered or stumbled upon and put into practice.

One such discovery was of the catalytic power of various yeasts for baking, brewing and cooking. These yeasts would transform inert food matter into profoundly nutritious foods – foods that did good, that healed – not harmed the body like modern “processed foods” do today.

“Beta Glucan” is probably the greatest secret in Mother Nature’s pharmacy and kitchen. It is derived from common baker’s yeast (known as ‘Saccharamyces cerevisiae’) and in the years since its discovery, exhaustive research all over the globe has unlocked the puzzle of its profound power on the immune system (and in my opinion, most of the epidemic diseases we face today) against cancer and immune dysfunction conditions.

Macrophages are the “PacMan” of our Immune System

The reason Beta Glucans are so powerful, is that they literally explode the production of “macrophages” in the bloodstream. The word Macrophage is of Greek origin, meaning big eaters: makros = “large” and phagein “eat”.

Macrophages are white blood cells within tissues of our bodies. They act like a cellular PacMan to literally “eat” viruses. Watching them under a microscope is like being in a Star Wars movie, surrounded by Storm Troopers.

Macrophages and other soldiers called neutrophils and Natural Killer (NK) cells are the front line of defense in our bodies. Our immune system is a vast system of cells, organs and soluble molecules all working in unison to defend the body against foreign pathogens and then destroying them and eliminating them from our body.

These soldiers are present in all the tissues of our bodies, including peripheral blood and organs such as the spleen, lymph nodes, liver, lungs, skin and brain. Beta Glucans have been shown to play a significant role in:

  • Boosting immunity against infection
  • Preventing and fighting cancer
  • Healing wounds
  • Lowering  of cholesterol
  • Protecting the heart
  • Eliminating the common cold & flu
  • Protecting from radiation and chemotherapy

Essentially this genius-acting compound, found in foods like mushrooms, seaweeds and yeasts, can explode the production of the most important protector of your body ever found. And all of this for just pennies a day with no known side effects – just explosive good health!

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of research studies and comprehensive texts written about Beta Glucan. We have cited a few if you would like to read later for more information. Beta Glucans are considered by many researchers today to be the single most important players of all the cells involved in defense reactions.


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The World’s Most Powerful Beta Glucan – with Maitake Medicinal Mushrooms

I’ve been taking Beta Glucan religiously (pardon the pun!) for as long as I can remember.

New studies show Beta Glucan to be even more powerful when used in conjunction with Maitake Mushrooms from Asia. (Read the article, Aging in Slow Motion: The Secret to learn more about medicinal mushrooms.)

Maitake mushrooms are another source of the magical yeast compounds that Beta Glucans are derived from. Combining them together is another example of our continual quest to “push the envelope” all the way to give you the finest in naturopathic medicine solutions. But first, read some testimonials on its power:

True Miracles with Beta Glucan

“I was diagnosed with advanced Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After I refused chemotherapy, eight treatments with monoclonal antibodies showed no effects and I was sent home, basically to die. Started to use 2000mgs of Beta Glucan daily and after several months I was pronounced in full remission.”
… name withheld for personal reasons

“My immune system has ALWAYS been compromised: from the time I was a child (I am now 51 years old). I do not know why, perhaps mercury fillings or overuse of antibiotics, general stress. Before I started taking Beta Glucans, I had constant colds, severe sore throats and developed the flu several times each year. Since then I have not had ANY problems at all, no colds, no flu, no sore throats, no anything – except energy. It is TRULY A GOD-SEND.”
… Jay Cline, PA

“The doctor called with the results from the blood tests for my child’s HIV. They are completely amazing! The viral load is below detectable limits, the CDE-4 count is 635. The doctor and the nutritionist just couldn’t believe that my boy was born HIV+ and is now 7 years old and healthy.”
… J.M., AZ

Beta-1,3/1,6-D-Glucan (Beta Glucan) is a miracle of nature, activating the immune system safely and naturally.

Beta Glucan is a bio-active carbohydrate found in the cell wall of baker’s yeast that stimulates macrophage activity in the body, one of the most important parts of your immune system, and first defense against viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections.

Contains 100mg Beta-1,3/1,6-D blended with 160mg of Maitake mushrooms for added synergistic benefit.

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As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. Wayne Garland

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