Mormon Bishop's Secret Cancer Remedy

While living and working with the Mormons many years ago, one of their bishops “took me under his wing” to help me understand their extraordinary culture.

We would sit for hours, sometimes days discussing the meaning of life through the Mormon perspective and I still treasure the wisdom he handed on to me.

One thing that really stuck with me was the Mormon’s amazing longevity and belief in God’s power to heal all disease.

As I was fighting cancer at that time, what Bishop Porter told me was a highly integral part to my recovery and also, incredibly rapid in its action.

He said that, “medicine was at its greatest when it was a cooperation of the human element with God’s great power to heal.”

Preventing disease with a robust immune system so that sickness could not occur was the bedrock of what he preached and practiced. Eager of course to get my hands on ANYTHING that would work for me, I pressed him for his greatest secret to preventing disease.
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