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Authorities ignored Vioxx warnings and 270,000 people had strokes & heart attacks! Doctors are now peppered with drug safety worries.

There is an answer and it is with Mother Nature and her burgeoning cupboard of wonderful herbs and minerals that fight arthritis safely, quickly and easily.

I’ve captured all this magic in our Arthritis Formulas and we have them on special this week.

Authorities Ignored Vioxx Warnings – 270,000 Patients With Strokes & Heart Attacks

Drug maker hit with $13 billion in lawsuits! Yes, $13 billion. But what if you’re dead?

This Vioxx debacle is yet another terrible indictment of the drug industry’s mad greed backfiring with appalling consequences – over 270,000 strokes and heart attacks.

It gets worse.

Trials showed as early as four years ago that the drug would increase the risk of heart attacks and debilitating strokes.

Authorities did nothing to limit its use, instead they accepted the drugmaker’s (Merck’s) pathetic suggestions that the increased risk “could be due to something else”.


This is now the biggest prescription drug recall in history. And it should never, ever have happened. The link to cardiovascular problems first appeared in a study conducted way back in 2000, seven years ago. The study involved a five-fold increase in myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) and a two-fold increase in stroke rates.

Further questions about the safety of Vioxx were also raised in 2001, prompting the FDA to require the label be changed to highlight a potential risk! But who reads labels printed in font so small it is like the Lord’s Prayer on a pinhead?

Celebrex, Bextra Just As Bad, Maybe Worse

As bad as Vioxx is, the alternatives are just as bad or even worse. Celebrex the other painkilling “COX-2 Inhibitor” arthritis drug, works the same way in the body. And Bextra, the latest wonder drug, has been found to be twice as dangerous as Vioxx. The incidence of heart attacks and strokes among patients given Bextra was more than double that of those given placebos!

No wonder patients are screaming for an answer. Doctors are being grilled with questions from their arthritis patients, particularly since doctor response is to switch people from Vioxx to Celebrex or Bextra.

“The magnitude of the signal with Bextra is even higher than what we saw in Vioxx,” Dr. Garret Fitzgerald, a cardiologist at the University of Pennsylvania, said in an interview. “This is a time bomb waiting to go off.”  (His words, not mine.)

Dr. Fitzgerald is the world’s leading expert on these kind of drugs, he is no dummy or drug company stooge. He went on to say,

“The latest findings added to growing worries that all COX-2 inhibitors such as Bextra, Celebrex and Crestor should be used with great, great caution.”

Our Answer?

Two Extraordinary, Powerful, Natural Formulations

Structural Lubrication and Skeletal Support

“I won’t go a day without these babies.”

Betty D.P. Tampa, FL

A Two-Pronged Attack

For over fifteen years now, I have been researching and developing two of the most remarkable answers to the age-old problem of acute arthritis pain.

I’ve learned how pain starts, where the inflammation claws into the flesh and bones, why the bones crumble and crack and why hips fracture.

Everything I’ve learned has been loaded into these two formulas – and in fifteen years we’ve never had a bottle recalled for doing harm or not working.

When I was in China, I found the incidence of Arthritis and Osteoporosis to be practically zero. Why was this so? The answer goes into every capsule of these dynamite formulas.

Without going into laborious detail, Skeletal Support and Structural Lubrication work in tandem with rare herbs, anti-inflammatory vitamins, new cartilage generating elements and bone building minerals and trace minerals that dramatically work to relieve every known symptom.

And not only that, they actually rebuild the body, they fight the core problem itself instead of just “covering it up” like drugs do!

Here’s a sampling of the extraordinary nutrients used to knock out Arthritis pain (we use over 100 of Mother Nature’s wonderful plants, herbs and minerals in these formulas).

  • Devil’s Claw – Amazing name for an amazing pain relieving herb.
  • Yucca – The American Indians never got arthritis. This is why.
  • Boron – Builds strong bones very quickly.
  • Magnesium – The miracle mineral that relieves pain and converts Calcium into bone.
  • Nettle Leaf – High pain-relieving capacities.
  • Horsetail Grass – Mother Nature’s richest source of “Silica” the building block of life and new bones.
  • Cetyl Myristoleate – Giant pain-relieving compound.
  • Boswellia Serrata – Used in Ayurvedic Medicine for centuries to overcome pain.
  • Glucosamine – The rave nutrient that regenerates exhausted cartilage.

If you know someone who is taking Vioxx, forward this immediately – you just might save their life!

Other Tips and Suggestions:

  • Drink lots of water, bones love and need water.
  • Add our Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex to your diet. Two teaspoons daily in carrot juice works wonders on bones.
  • Have my special Watercress Soup at least twice a week.
  • Stop drinking milk and eating cheese. These actually rob the body of Calcium by creating an acidic condition in the body. Switch to Soy, Almond, Hemp or Coconut milks instead.
  • Exercise every day, even if it is difficult. Movement helps circulation and makes for stronger bones.
  • Join a Pilates or Yoga class, asap.
  • Throw away the Diet Coke and Pepsi, they rob your Calcium supplies.
  • My amazing Arthritis Pain Mud Bath works wonders for severe pain.

I have helped hundreds of patients with Arthritis pain and suffering.  Call or email me with questions.

Dr  G.

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  1. @melvin wardman

    Yes Melvin, all our formulas work with Coumadin, with the exception of the ULTRA D3 FORMULA which has Vitamin K2, which negates the blood thinning action of Coumadin.

    Personally, I advise AGAINST taking Coumadin, as it is a repackaged and renamed a common rat poison product. No one should be taking something as deadly as this at any time.

    There are many other natural ways to keep the blood “thin” and fresh and easy-flowing such as our NATTOKINASE MAX FORMULA, our CLEAN HEART FORMULA and our MARINE PHYTO-PLANKTON FORMULA as well as our Standard D3 Formula which does not use K2.

    Please let me know if this answers your question and if you need any further help on using the formula outlined above.

    Dr. G

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