The Age of Arthritis – Video

Whenever someone says modern medicine has achieved “so much”, I ask them why they haven’t found a true long term solution to the ancient disease of Arthritis?

It’s because medicine and the pharmaceutical “brains” tackle the problem the wrong way and cause more problems than they hope to solve. Look what happened with the Vioxx disaster – it was yanked from the market after killing thousands of innocent people.

I don’t claim to have a cure, but we do have a solid answer. In fact we have three different ways to fight arthritis! Sit back and let me explain it to you. Just click the play button on these two videos.

(And after you watch the videos, scroll down and read my additional Tips & Suggestions for fighting arthritis naturally.)

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Arthritis Drugs Kill – Mother Nature Cures‏

Authorities ignored Vioxx warnings and 270,000 people had strokes & heart attacks! Doctors are now peppered with drug safety worries.

There is an answer and it is with Mother Nature and her burgeoning cupboard of wonderful herbs and minerals that fight arthritis safely, quickly and easily.

I’ve captured all this magic in our Arthritis Formulas and we have them on special this week.
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The Dog that Won't Die

Zeus Zeus – the wonder dog

One of the most satisfying and rewarding things to happen to me and my faithful team is the amazing results we get each and every day, many of them are truly miraculous.

For some strange reason, many of the greatest miracles happen to animals we are asked to treat, ranging from crippling arthritis to life-threatening leukemia and cancer.

I thought you would like to read one of these wonderful miracles, that just happened to Zeus the wonder dog.
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