Are you an 8%'er?

Do you suffer from Resolution Fatigue Syndrome?

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 92% of all New Year’s resolutions are failures.  Only a mere 8% of people who make resolutions succeed.

We’ve all experienced making lists of changes we’d love to make in the New Year, only to lose hope after several weeks and giving up.  We call this Resolution Fatigue Syndrome.

This year, how would you like to be one of the 8%? One of the impressive few who actually DO SOMETHING to change your life?

Write the first chapter of 2015 with a 2 week detox that has HEALTH AND WELLNESS written all over it and you’ll be one of the 8% that succeeds!

Have you tried to overcome sugar and carb cravings to no avail?  Have you tried to lose weight by exercising and dieting, but nothing seems to work?  You body is telling you that it’s time for a detox.  It’s absolutely vital to detox your body at least once a year!

The first step is to rid your home of processed sugar and other foods that are toxic to your body – cookies, candy, cakes, pies, potato chips, ie. all the food that sabotages your efforts.  All this food does is create a toxic environment leading to an unhealthy, inflamed body.

Our 14-day Detox Program involves changing your diet by eliminating toxins and eating mostly raw food, as well as using our detox formulas that help your body deeply cleanse itself.

We’ve bundled four essential formulas you’ll need for the 14-day Detox Program into a kit, and added an additional 10% discount on top of already low, Preferred Member pricing.

  • Image:  Detox Kit FormulasEasy Cleanse AM & PM Detox formulas combine to provide a gentle 15-day digestive cleansing program, developed to naturally support the body’s own detoxification mechanisms, making it easier to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Liv-RX Detoxification formula combines herbs, minerals and compounds designed to nourish the proper function and health of your liver and gall bladder.
  • Protein Plus Super Food 7-in-1 Formula is an alkaline forming, whole food supplement with 50% of the daily RDA of vitamins and minerals, essential Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, 4 plant-based protein powders, 12 vegetables, superfoods, naturally flavored with vanilla and high ORAC (antioxidant) fruits.
  • Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex contains all 84 essential minerals and trace minerals the body needs, particularly Magnesium, to function properly.

Purchase your 14-day Detox Program today so that you can start ASAP!

(You may want to start eliminating junk food and begin increasing fruits and vegetables today to begin the detoxification process until your supplements arrive.  Read the article Tap into the Power that made your Body to find more information about following the detox diet.)

Don’t Wait! Take a moment and set up a health and wellness consultation with our Plant-Strong Nutrional Support team.  We’re standing by to help you take the first step – or help you get to the next.

Together, we’ll leave resolution fatigue in the dust and write the best chapter of the entire year!

The Detox Diet Diary – “My Goal – 30 lbs in 30 days!”

Image:  John Keefe“Two years ago I had unsuccessful knee surgery and I had put on extra weight. I was in need of a cleanse and tried that guy on TV’s cleanse and had no luck. Then, I tried a different cleanse, starved the entire time with no results. I also heard of the acia-berry cleanse which was a joke and a major rip off.

I asked my wife, “Does Wayne have a cleanse?”

We looked on the website and found his to be unique and exactly what I needed. My wife and I cleansed together for 2 weeks.

I started to work out twice a week for one hour and the results were incredible.

My wife who is thin to begin with, lost 7 pounds and looked healthier and I lost 23 pounds!

I was so focused I decided to continue on my own for the full 4 weeks and increased my cardio workouts.

I ended up losing 39 pounds! It’s been 3 months and I have kept the weight off. I have now lost a total of 44 pounds and feel relief throughout my entire body!

The results I received was a direct relationship with trusting this Detox program, an extreme amount of discipline, and hard work. I followed the game plan exactly how it is laid out and did not cheat even once – not one bad drink or one piece of chocolate or one slice of pizza and it was all worth it!

Before I started, I said I know what eating poorly and not exercising has done to me and that was not working so I decided to go full tilt with Wayne’s program and the rest is not history, but a healthier future.

My favorite saying during the cleanse was, “Just get me to the baked potato,” because that meant I made it one more day.

The few things I wished I had time for were the coffee enema, hot stone massage, and epsom salt bath; but with 3 kids, work, and coaching my daughters T-ball and softball teams I just could not fit it in this time. The next cleanse I will make the time for them because it will only increase my results.

I also must say that I never had any diarrhea, cramping, or felt overly hungry at all.

Once again I know I sound like I am always repeating myself but, “THANKS WAYNE – YOU ARE THE MAN!” – John Keefe, MA

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