What's in Rapid Burn?

Okay, so why does this Rapid Burn-Hoodia Enhanced Formula work with such dynamite power?

For starters, it contains not just Hoodia, but five amazing natural compounds to fight appetite, burn fat, build lean body mass (that’s muscle) and increase energy.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Hoodia Gordinii – is a natural appetite suppressant from a plant that grows in the deserts of South Africa. Read the Kalahari Desert Cactus Kills Appetite‏  post if you haven’t already to learn all about this amazing plant

Green Tea
Ever wonder why the Chinese are always so skinny? They drink gallons and gallons of GREEN TEA!  This does a myriad of good things to the body but most of all it PUMPS up energy (good for burning fat) and TURNS OFF the appetite switch in your brain similar to Hoodia.

I added the patented super-compound called GlucoTrim. This is an amazing substance from the Banaba tree in South East Asia. In tests, GlucoTrim cut blood sugar levels by a whopping 30% in just two weeks of trials!

Lower blood sugar levels means your sugar cravings stop.  Less carbs going into your body means less weight. Sugar is addictive and the more you have in you, the more you crave. (Are you getting the gist of this now?)

Then I added yet another hero from the Patent Hall of Fame, Fabinol, derived from the humble white kidney bean. This also helps lower the appetite and the mad desire to eat, eat, eat.

Fabinol actually blocks the digestion of dietary starch, thereby dramatically controlling blood sugar and fat formation, INSTANTLY.

This single ingredient is worth the price of admission alone! Forskolin hails from the Indian subcontinent and is used in Ayurvedic medicine to help the heart. It also has extraordinary other powers.

Forskolin enters the blood stream and rushes straight to the actual fat cells themselves, and through a miracle of body science, triggers the fat to convert into muscle. The result? Far more “lean body mass”.

This has dramatic health implications for the obese, as less fat and more muscle is God’s basic design for our body.

And muscles burn fat like crazy for energy, so you lose even more fat in the process. You turn from flab into rock hard muscle, hard buns, tight thighs, ripped abs…you’ll be on the cover of Muscle Magazine in no time!

Rapid Burn – A 5 in 1 Formula

With these natural ingredients all working together, we knew we would have the Ultimate Diet Pill.  It takes away your appetite, blocks starches from being absorbed by your body, increases energy and converts fat to muscle! All natural – and without dangerous side effects like ephedra and other stimulants.

What more could anyone ask for?

Now if only we could find a way to get everyone to do “push-aways” (push away from the table and stop eating!)  Go for a walk and get the blood flowing from exercise.

Dr G

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