The 4 Horsemen of the Diet Apocalypse

There is a battle waging against you everyday.

The fast-food, GMO, obesity producing corporations will not end their quest to create new, fat, diabetic people.

Every time you drive by a fast-food restaurant when you are hungry and succumb to the temptation, you are sucked into their conspiracy.

On the other side of the battle are the diet gurus on TV and virtually everywhere, telling you how to lose weight without changing your diet or needing to exercise. Ever fallen into that conspiracy?

This time of year, I see so many people starving themselves, running extra miles until they drop over from exhaustion, and worrying themselves sick over the very thought of wearing fewer clothes as the temperature rises.

A swimming suit? Out of the question.

Introducing our 4 Horsemen of the Diet Apocalypse galloping to the rescue!

We consider these 4 bad boys to be the most cataclysmic weight loss product line on the market today – guaranteed to end your weight loss war.

I’m confident that no other nutritional supplements available anywhere else will help you lose weight more efficiently and effectively than these 4 products.

I’ll also explain the 5 areas sabotaging your current weight loss efforts – and 100% all-natural, no chemicals, no pharmaceuticals and no exercising until you collapse.

In fact, you can eat their food, buy their machine, run ’til you drop, keep track of every calorie and take a pill that could kill you – and you may lose some weight – but if I could guarantee anything, I’d guarantee the weight will come back.

Want to find out how to win the weight loss war – once and for all?
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The Best Damn Diet Since Starvation

There was a time, not so very long ago, when Weight Watchers did not exist.

The Atkins Diet had not been invented or the Scarsdale Diet or the South Beach Diet – let alone the Grapefruit Diet.

Yoga was something weirdo’s did in India.

Jane Fonda hadn’t come out with her exercise videos and no one belonged to a fancy, expensive gym.

Jenny Craig was still a plump, little known Genieve Guidroz, living in a tiny town on the outskirts of New Orleans.

How things have changed! Where did it all go so terribly wrong?

I remember vividly taking my 80-year old English grandmother to McDonald’s for her birthday.

She wanted a surprise and all the family thought this a grand idea.

One step inside the madness of a fast-food emporium totally bewildered her. She asked me if we had landed on Mars and immediately wanted to go straight home and have a “normal meal”.

She told me a story about England during World War II, when no one was fat! And all the food was “rationed”. No one could get any meat and cows were extinct. Who could risk milking a cow with bombs raining down on your head?

“You never saw a fat person on the streets of London, everyone was skinny as a beanpole. It became a real pride thing… people didn’t want to be seen getting fat as it would mean they have a secret supply of luxury fat foods!

People joked that maybe the Martians had come and stolen all the fat people for weird experiments!”

And this fact from her memory bank was best of all:

During this famous period of history, England saw disease and death rates plummet. Everyone was getting healthier than ever with far less food!

How could this be? People were forced to walk everywhere or ride a bike as rationing of fuel was introduced so as to supply the troops at battle.

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Tap Into the Power that Made Your Body

“The biggest and best New Year’s Resolution you can make is to vow to finally overcome any health concern or worry or disease you are suffering from.

Stopping smoking, overcome obesity and diabetes, stress, osteoporosis, arthritis, high cholesterol and blood pressure – make Twenty Ten (2010) the year you break through – and beat these epidemics that are taking far too many lives, and could take yours too if not attended to.

This article holds the magic key to making it happen.”

A New Year – A New You!

To do it, I want you to use the oldest health remedy in existence. Not some new-fangled, superstar endorsed gimmick. It’s called “fasting”, the basis of detoxification.

Every single ailment I treat starts with the two “D’s”: Detoxification and Diet.

Without these, you’re pinch-hitting trying to get better.

I don’t care if the problem is just a simple headache or terminal cancer – you have to get the body purified first, and then put pure food into that pure body. There’s no magic bullet or prescription drug that will make it all better, although that’s what the big drug companies would have you believe.

Detoxification and Diet is using the Power of What Created Us All, and then in turn to create what I call Contagious Health that resides within all of us.

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Kalahari Desert Cactus Kills Appetite‏

Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine broke the news first.

“Deep in the heart of the South African Kalahari Desert may be the secret to dramatic weight loss.”

Then 60 Minutes did an in-depth story on this amazing cactus plant.

“Imagine not being hungry all day without feeling side effects typical of diet pills, like a racing heart or queasy stomach.”

Then NBC’s Today Show broke the news to all America.

“Prickly cactus from the Kalahari Desert could be the ultimate key to weight loss success.”

Without a doubt, this is the biggest news ever in fighting the terrible epidemic of obesity that now afflicts 60% of America, particularly our children.

This is the diet pill you’ve been waiting for.
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