The Amazing Fat Shrinking Mineral

You’ve heard of minerals like Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium but 99% of America has never heard of a mineral called “Chromium”.

What does Chromium do?


It’s the “fuel” that powers our pancreas, and our pancreas makes insulin.

No Chromium, no insulin.  So, no control of sugar.

Which means FAT, FAT, FAT!

I think if we all got even the very basic amount of Chromium every day, diabetes and obesity WOULD BE WIPED OUT!

No More Fat People! Can you imagine that!

Ask any super athlete about Chromium and they will swear by how it gives them a “hard body” by shrinking the fat cells and flab – FAST!

When combined with the sugar fighting, binge-eating controlling action of the Garcinia fruit, you have a true DOUBLE WHAMMY in fighting fat and losing weight.

Add a healthy diet and exercise and you’ll have all the ingredients in place for rapid weight loss potential.

You literally start eating your way to a lean, skinny body.

Achieve the flat tummy you’ve dreamed of – just in time for swim suit season!

The Fruit that Fools Sugar

If you are searching for a way to burn fat and achieve the flat tummy of your dreams, Garcinia Cambogia offers a natural solution to aid your weight loss efforts and show results faster.

Garcinia Cambogia is a small, pumpkin shaped fruit commonly found in West Africa, India, Asia and Southern Indonesia. The plant has long been use in traditional Indian meals, as a spice and curry, and is perfectly healthy and 100% all-natural!

The plant is added to meals as a spice, making them more “filling” and helping with appetite suppression.

The weight loss benefits of the plant are due to a natural substance found in the rind of the fruit, known as Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has been found to dramatically hasten weight loss efforts.

Combining the Garcinia with the Chromium is a double whammy – In fact, it’s the formula you’ve been looking for!

Garcinia ‘Chrom’-Bogia with Super CitriMax®

Garcinia Cambogia extract helps to lose 3-4 times more weight than diet and exercise alone.

We use only the patented Super CitriMax® Garcinia Cambogia fruit rind extract, standardized to 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA), clinically-shown to effectively suppress appetite, inhibit fat production, increase fat burning and weight loss, all without stimulating the central nervous system.

To further enhance the formula, we added ChromeMate®, a highly bio-available form of Chromium, the essential trace mineral which promotes normal insulin function, healthy blood sugar levels and energy metabolism, leading to healthy body weight and lean body mass.

Beware of generic Garcinia Cambogia formulas. Only Super CitriMax® is clinically proven to support weight loss. And Chromium alone is ideal for weight loss because it ‘leans’ body fat into muscle. (Click Here to read the clinical research report about Super CitriMax® from InterHealth Nutraceuticals)

You cannot go wrong with this formula – and combined with healthy diet and moderate exercise, you can increase weight loss potential!

What to Expect from Garcinia ‘Chrom’-Bogia?

  • Eat less
  • Burn more fat
  • Increase serotonin
  • Cut out emotional eating
  • See results almost immediately
  • Drop whole dress sizes – really!
  • Increase in focus and energy
  • Lower Cortisol levels
  • Lose belly fat for a flat-tummy

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