Imagine going to sleep and waking up skinny.

It’s NOT a dream – This can really, truly happen.

You can go to sleep, and your body can go to work burning fat.  All night long.

Sweet dreams indeed!

Just pop our Night Time Fat Burner capsules before hitting the pillow and this amazing formula will instruct your body to burn fat and clean your liver – all while you’re in dreamsville.

Used alongside Garcinia ‘Chrom’-Bogia, Green Coffee Plus+ & Yacón Syrup , these “Wake Up Skinnier”  formulas can help you lose weight quickly.

If your body isn’t burning fat like a furnace and you’re having trouble losing weight, it’s probably because your liver isn’t functioning correctly, like the fat-burning furnace it’s meant to be!

Night Time Fat Burner literally cleans out your liver while you’re sleeping so that it can help burn off the 54% of fat that’s forming while you are sleeping – this formula can actually reverse that!

Are you ready to wake up skinny?

The “Wake Up Skinny” Create Your Own Weight Loss Kit

Night Time Fat Burner supports your liver in burning fat, cleansing the blood, processing proteins, fats and carbohydrates, synthesizing cholesterol and lipids, and much more. To learn more, read our research report, Burn Fat While You Sleep.

It can also turn your body into a fat burning furnace!

SAVE additional 10% off any or all of our supporting weight loss formulas when purchased with Night Time Fat Burner.

  • Garcinia ‘Chrom’-Bogia’ is clinically shown to suppress appetite, inhibit fat production and increase fat burning. We combine it with a special form of Chromium, the mineral responsible for healthy blood sugar levels and energy metabolism, and the combination supports healthy body weight and lean body mass.
  • Green Coffee Plus+ combines the fat burning and metabolism boosting benefits of unroasted, green coffee bean extract with Coleus forskohlii, which aids in body fat reduction and lean muscle development.
  • Yacón Syrup is a low glycemic, low calorie, all natural sweetener and pre-biotic, well suited for lowering weight!  It’s also a blood sugar regulator.  Recent studies show Yacón Syrup is helpful in speeding up metabolism and accelerating body fat burning.

Just add Night Time Fat Burner to your Shopping Cart and then select 1 or more of the supporting weight loss formulas. The 10% discount on the supporting formulas will display in your Shopping Cart.

No coupon necessary!

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*Limit 6 supporting products (or 2 complete kits.)

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