Where Does the Flu Start? Wrong!

Whatever your first response was to this question, it was probably wrong.  The flu and most other viruses do not start in the respiratory system.

And, if you haven’t heard, THE FLU SHOT WON’T PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING IT EITHER!  Just more lies from the pharmaceutical corporations to scare you into buying their toxin.

If you answered the question , “The flu starts in the gut,” you’d be absolutely right!  The ‘gut’ is the center of our immunity universe.

Our bodies were created to miraculously heal themselves.  The body’s plethora of systems work closely together to keep you at optimal health.

When only one system is off balance, it triggers a domino effect, potentially igniting an avalanche of chronic health problems.

The primary system responsible for your overall health and well-being is your digestive system – or “gut”.

The gut depends on “good bacteria” and specialized immune cells, called T-cells to do an effective job.

And the most important thing to know is this:  The gut is  your 30-foot long immunity headquarters! AND, it holds the largest concentration of mood-altering neurotransmitters, like serotonin, in your entire body!

Researchers are FINALLY discovering what I’ve been telling you for years – Microflora, or friendly bacteria, affect a huge part of our lives.  Last year, the National Institutes of Health released a study linking depression to “leaky gut” – or unhealthy intestinal microflora.

And, did you know that when your “good” bacteria is out of balance, it can result in malnourishment, and can lead to acid reflux, indigestion, irritable bowel disease, the nervous system, hormonal health, your immunity, energy, mood and your behavior?  That is just mind-blowing!

Take a moment, if you haven’t already, and read the newsletter, Laugh at the Flu, which talked about 12 things you simply must do to prepare your body for what’s ahead.

This week only, we are offering our two ‘gut’ health superfoods at the lowest price of the season so far!

NOW is the time to boost your immune system and prepare your body – especially your tender ‘gut’ for the holiday and flu season.

Immune Health and Probiotics

We are all ecosystems.  Our ecosystems are in danger from all the medications, pesticides and environmental pollution ingested, slathered on and inhaled.

The body houses this unique, balanced ecosystem, beginning with the stomach, then the large and small intestine, in charge of distributing nutrients to nourish the organs. Residing in this ecosystem is more than 400 species of bacteria.

Bacterium isn’t always bad and is made up of 3 main types of friendly bacteria:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Bifido-bacterium bifidum
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus

Acidophilus works in the small intestine. Bifidus predominates in the large intestine and bulgaricus is a transient bacterium that passes through the entire intestinal tract.

These bacteria exist outside the body as well, but not in the ordinary places you would expect. These bacterium are vital to good health!  If we take antibiotics or anti-inflammatories like Advil, aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, etc., and drink or bathe in chlorinated water, we kill both friendly and unfriendly bacteria, as well as cause mutated, harmful bacteria, setting up an unbalanced ecosystem.

One of many problems caused by taking antibiotics are yeast infections. No fun at all, plus the yeasts can be dangerous if left to run amok in the body and can cause yet another problem:  Chronic diarrhea.

In addition to antibiotics, we’re being bombarded with food additives, chlorinated water and medications, all very upsetting to the balance of the ecosystem flora. Hormonal drugs, such as birth control pills and cortisone are especially detrimental to the body’s ecosystem.

The body’s immune system is strong and fights hard to stay healthy. You may not notice the imbalance for years, but it will catch up to you eventually.

One easy and powerful way of balancing out the body’s ecosystem is with Probiotics. Probiotics improve liver and circulatory functions, improve resistance to allergies and decrease the presence of yeast infections.

If you have encountered any of these – antibiotics, chlorinated water (chlorine by-products exist in over-the-counter bottled water as well,) hormones, birth control pills, cortisone or anti-inflammatories – it’s time to get your ecosystem back into balance now before other systems start to break down.

“…but, I’m not ill!”

No, you may not feel as if you are now, but if you frequently catch colds, have fever blisters, vaginal or rectal itching, diarrhea, either chronic or intermittent, dry skin, allergies or a host of other small annoying symptoms, you could very well be on your way to becoming seriously ill!

To balance the body’s systems, take Pro-Biotic Max, which has the correct amounts of acidophilus, lactobacillus and other needed bacteria with which to balance the “gut” system.

Research has shown that microflora in the gut influences behavior throughout our lives by “inducing changes in the expression of certain genes that control brain and neurological function.”  Pre-clinical studies have also shown that “higher levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut can reduce anxiety, depression and neurotic behavior and even combat the effects of stress.”

So, Pro-Biotics Max could actually boost the immune system, reduce anxiety, depression, neurotic behavior and combat the detrimental effects of stress on our bodies – ie. Probiotics are ANTI-AGING!

What more could you ask for?

Transform your life with ENZYMES!

Researchers estimate that up to 30% of Americans suffer from an affliction known as Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Just the phrase causes my stomach to turn a little. As much as 90% of all chronic symptoms and chronic conditions are linked to it.

Leaky Gut almost always goes undiagnosed. Ailments like arthritis, diabetes, asthma, chronic fatigue, inability to lose weight are all related in part with poor or declining gut health.

Could this be happening inside of you without you even knowing about it?

There is simple remedy for Leaky Gut and the myriad of ailments it causes and the closest thing we’ve found to the discovery of the Fountain of Youth.

It could just possibly heal your entire digestive tract, and at the same time improve brain and neurological function, balance hormones, boost immune health and improve digestive health!

Proteolytic Enzymes, exactly like those found in our Transform-Zymes formula, have been found to increase digestive capacity and nutrient absorption, boost immunity and increase vital energy.

Enzymes are the building blocks of life itself. They help us to see, hear, feel, move, digest, think and heal. Enzymes assist the body in breaking down food, providing the body with life-giving fuel.

Secreted by the pancreas, production of these vital enzymes decline as we age, diminishing the ability of our digestive tract to break down and extract nutrients from the food we eat.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that lack of stomach chi (energy), leads to increased disease, fatigue and aging. Without enzymes, a person’s stomach chi becomes dangerously low.

As you might suspect, processed foods are devoid of life-giving enzymes. This is one of the reasons why I rail against the Standard American Diet of fast-food and sugary sodas! Adding enzymes to your diet every day allows you to nourish your digestive system and avoid chronic conditions associated with leaky gut.

Enzymes have been found to:

  • support colon health
  • support prostate health
  • support heart health
  • strengthen overall digestive function
  • optimize pH balance and support the entire digestive tract
  • support gastrointestinal related immune system health
  • reduce occasional post meal gas and bloating
  • aid the body in breaking down difficult-to-digest foods
  • support a healthy metabolism

Our Transform-Zymes formula contains a high quality spectrum of plant-based enzymes that aid gastrointestinal and digestive function.

  • Protease – assists in the breakdown of protein
  • Lipase – assists in the breakdown of fat
  • Amylase – assists in the breakdown of carbohydrates and starches

We’ve also added natural sources of enzyme potentiators and intestinal soothers, like glutamine acid, papaya leaf, guava, fennel seed, pineapple, milk thistle and zucchini.

Pro-Biotic Max: Gets Your “Gut” Ready for Winter

Did you know that about 80% of immunity lies in the intestinal tract? Our immune systems are helped enormously by the presence of an army of trillions of friendly bacteria that line the mucus layer of a healthy intestine.

These Bacteria provide immunity we don’t have to work for – THEY WORK FOR US! We just need to provide them with the right environment to keep them nourished.

Probiotics significantly reduce the incidence and duration of cold symptoms.

Our Pro-Biotic Max formula is a convenient way to rapidly boost friendly bacteria in your intestines. Take 2 capsules on an empty stomach with 8oz of water and nothing else for 30 minutes.

Each serving contains 4 different strains, approximately 7.5 billion live organisms, blended with herbs specifically for aiding digesting and elimination of toxins.

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Transform-Zymes:  Transform Your “Gut” Health

Proper digestion is vitally important for optimal health. Probiotics (good-for-you bacteria that live in the intestines) and digestive enzymes play a key role in the process of assimilating nutrients from the food we eat.

Do you experience bloating, gas, heartburn or indigestion?

Poor digestion is linked to all of these conditions. Enzymes do more than just breakdown food for absorption in the small intestine. When taken on an empty stomach, enzymes aid red blood cells in carrying more oxygen, assist with the breakdown of uric acid crystals, reduce yeast bacteria and boost T-cell production and activity for balanced immune system function.

Transform-Zymes contains a high quality spectrum of plant-based enzymes, digestive potentiators and intestinal soothers to support gastrointestinal health and a healthy digestive function.

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Winter Wellness Kit: Mother Nature’s Complete Flu Shot!

We have bundled the 4 essential formulas into a kit with an additional 10% discount to aid in protecting you and your family from colds and flu this season.

The Winter Wellness Kit contains:

  • Immune Support – the “Mack Truck” of immune boosting nutrients
  • Shark Liver Oil “Super AKG” formula – Shark’s have the strongest immune system of any animal on the planet – they don’t get the flu or cancer. A dramatic booster to the immune system just when it needs it.
  • Ultra D3 – the miracle “Sunshine vitamin” that “turns on” the receptors for immune system fighter T-cells. During winter months we do not get sufficient vitamin D from sunshine. High-potency vitamin D plus vitamin K and vital co-factors to trigger immune system T-cells into action.
  • Respiratory Lung Health – Respiratory Lung Health helps to clear phlegm and mucous, dramatically increasing the uptake of oxygen by the lungs. Also fabulous for airborne allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia and any type of chest congestion.

SPECIAL OFFER:  Save an additional 10%  when purchased as a kit rather than purchased separately!

Retail price: $176.80, $159.12
Preferred Members price: $129.88, $116.89

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Further Tips and Suggestions for Boosting Immune System by Improving Gut Health

  • FIBER FIBER FIBER! Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole, unprocessed grains
  • Avoid processed foods!  Stop eating fast foods. Period.
  • Stop eating at 7pm.  The kitchen is closed!
  • Drink plenty of pure, filtered water and herbal teas for hydration
  • Exercise, meditate, do some yoga and LAUGH!  All these improve digestive function and reduce stress.
  • Stop using over-the-counter and prescription drugs
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol, which damage friendly bacteria

And remember this:  For optimal health and wellness, listen to your gut!  It’s always right.

And as always, here’s to your Contagious Health!


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