The Flu Shot Does Not Work

Breaking News: A major study of the latest flu vaccine was concluded in China, where the Asian Flu is a major health calamity year after year, and the results are explosive!

Of course, the mainline media in America has totally ignored it, but we have the results that were published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases.

The study was a true double blind placebo study, over 276 days.  Children aged 6-15 years old were used and 69 were given the flu shot, while 46 children got nothing but saline solution.


The authors of the study wrote:

“There was no statistically significant difference in the risk of confirmed seasonal influenza infection between recipients of TIV [trivalent influenza inactivated vaccine] or placebo.”

And it only gets worse from here for the poor pharmaceutical corporations.

“Receipt of TIV could increase influenza immunity at the expense of reduced immunity to non-influenza respiratory viruses, by some unknown biological mechanism. Alternatively, our results could be explained by temporary nonspecific immunity after influenza virus infection, through the cell-mediated response or, more likely, the innate immune response to infection.”

Not only did it not work – like I warn the public every single year – those children who got the flu shot suffered a massive 550% rate of respiratory illnesses in the months following the flu shot compared to the children who received the placebo.

This is staggering.

The flu shot does not work and there is 550% higher chance of coming down with a crippling cold, pneumonia, bronchitis, or whatever!

So, if there is absolutely zero chance the flu shot can help you, what can you do?

You CAN boost your immune system so that you can fight off, not only the flu onslaught, but any other virus that comes your way – by loading up on Mother Nature’s flu shot.

It works with 99% effectiveness and no after effects, like the Flu Shot Study kids had.  It’s what I call, “God’s Vitamin” because of it’s amazing power that comes directly from God – the sunshine He sends every day that the body converts to Vitamin D3.

Our Ultra D3 formula is the most powerful vitamin D3 formula in the world.  Read on and I’ll explain to you exactly how and why  it works!

Where You Live Could Be Making You Sick!

If you live above the line on this map, you are in greater danger of contracting a cold or dangerous flu virus this winter.  Why?

You won’t be exposed to enough sunshine to fight it!

Vitamin D is the most important vitamin for our immune systems and it has been linked to far more than building strong bones and teeth – it can also protect us from high blood pressure, some forms of cancer, Hodgkins Lymphoma, and of course, influenza.

100 MILLION Americans are seriously vitamin D deficient!

And the dangerous trend toward people staying inside watching TV, playing video games, surfing the web and applying sunscreen, is keeping them from benefiting from the best source of vitamin D available to us – the sun!

Want some more proof?

A revealing 3-year study of African American women proved the flu is directly linked to vitamin D deficiency!

One group of women received a placebo and the other received 800 IU of vitamin D per day for 2 years, then received 2,000 IU per day for the 3rd year.

The unfortunate women receiving the placebo experienced more than 3x as many seasonal colds and flu as those who received 800 IU, but those who received 2,000 IU – they only had 1 case of flu during an entire year, and no winter flu at all!

The placebo group had 24 cases of flu in the winter and when compared to ZERO cases among the vitamin D group, it’s obvious how effective vitamin D is!

Based on this research, optimal vitamin D levels – right now – seem to be a much better alternative to preventing the flu than using an ineffective, expensive drug or vaccination with potentially disastrous side effects.

The Only Safe & Proven Way to Defeat the Flu

We have the most powerful vitamin D formula in the world called Ultra D3 – and recently we found a way to increase it’s potency, making it an even more extraordinary immune booster –  kicking your immune system in the highest gear to fight off any viral onslaught coming your way.

Next week, we’re going to go into all the amazing details about this FANTASTICAL formulation and why it works even better than ever!

Even if you’ve already been hit with a cold, or the dreaded flu, Ultra D3 will act like a ninja warrior and knock out the virus virtually overnight.

REMEMBER THIS: The flu vaccination doesn’t work.  You have to boost your D3 levels to optimum levels right now.

If you are still the fence about getting the vaccine, watch this truly remarkable video from Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Vaccine’s Safety: A Crime Against Humanity. She will describe in detail what happens to the body when we force these toxins inside. After you watch it, forward it on to everyone you love.

Ultra D3: The Safe and Proven Flu Killer

The body makes Vitamin D from pure sunlight exposure to Image: A bottle of Ultra D3the naked skin. What does this tell you of its importance? It means we absolutely need this in our body, constantly, daily.

Vitamin D is a natural hormone. It helps protect against cancer by combining with Calcium to produce “Calcitriol”, a profound anti-cancer chemotherapeutic compound in the body.

This Ultra D3 formula is without a doubt the most powerful and synergistic Vitamin D formulation available, combining 5000 iu’s of vitamin D with 80 mcg’s of vitamin K2 (Menanquinone 4 and 7), along with co-factors Magnesium, Boron, Zinc, Trace Minerals and Beta Carotene, the precursor to vitamin A, to deliver incredible synergistic benefits ranging from building strong bones, improving cardiovascular health and antioxidant protection.

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