Diary of a Diabetic: Wks 1-3 "It's Hell, But its Working!"‏‏

If you are new to the Diary of a Diabetic, we are publishing the actual notes written by Richard Weaver, who has chronic diabetes.

When I met Richard, he was scheduled for a double leg amputation, as he was horribly overweight and had almost no blood circulation to his legs.  Richard was wheelchair-bound and could not stand without assistance.

He had stopped responding to insulin and other drugs prescribed by his physician, Dr. Jann.  She had heard  I helped another patient recover from diabetes in just 13 months, after a lifetime of insulin dependency, and asked if I could help Richard.

Diary of a Diabetic: Weeks 1-3

Good Morning from Planet Diabetes

“This is hell. Life is a nightmare – unless you’ve got these Master Formulas from Wayne Garland. Where’s this guy been all these years? When this is over, I’m going to take a peek into his brain and see how it works!

It’s only Week 3 but I’m close to being off all drugs! I take no insulin injections. My energy is gangbusters!

My weight is coming down every day… I’ve lost an average of 1lb a day and it keeps coming off. And my legs have gone back to being pink and rosy, instead of purple and dark black.

If you know of anyone with Diabetes, you’ll know that what I’m experiencing is a miracle because they are on drugs, insulin, losing their eyesight, circulation failing and generally overweight and obese.

This week my regular doctor (Dr. Jann), really hammered me about my diet and exercise. Below I’ll let her tell you what she has recommended.

This is where I think I first contracted Diabetes – my diet was terrible and full of starches, sugar and junk. My pancreas simply couldn’t handle it. Now however, with Wayne Garland’s minerals, which he says RUN OUR BODY and without which we don’t run properly, my blood sugar is now nearly normal and I can feel myself returning to my original health of years ago.

Wayne Garland says the primary triggering element of this Master Formulas protocol is the use of high-potency Chromium and Vanadium. These are two minerals that I had never heard being used before, but they’re seeming to work! Wayne Garland says that Vanadium actually “mimics” insulin within the body so my exhausted pancreas can rest and rejuvenate itself. Isn’t that amazing???

A lot of all this is mumbo-jumbo to me, but it certainly seems to be working.

Thank you for your time in reading this and may God bless you all for your thoughts and concerns and emails.”

Richard Weaver, California
April 7th, 2007

Dr. Jann’s comments:

“Each day that passes, Richard improves. His weight comes down, his blood sugar normalizes, his circulation  in his lower body improves and his energy keeps rising.  His diet is now our major concern and objective. Junk food and refined sugars are probably how his Diabetes got started.

Richard is learning new rules – Eat Food That Is Close To The Way God Created It.

If you  eat “live” food, you will “live”. If you eat “dead” food, you will “die”. Richard’s  eating habits have changed drastically! It is not just for people with Diabetes, but for all of us.”

Wayne Garland’s comments:

“We are truly on the road to recovery with Richard. Each day, he gets better and better. He confirms this to us and to himself constantly, which is fabulous encouragement for his body.

The new diet he is following after a lifetime of milk, pizza with cheese, junk food and refined sugar is really making a difference.

His skin is actually “glowing’ with health and vitality. The minerals are still the main reason all this is happening. The combination of the Chromium and Vanadium is incredible. Vanadium literally “mimics” insulin within the body, so his body is now returning to normal as this amazing mineral triggers the body into proper functionality.

The combination of our Master Formulas Diabetes Recovery Program outlined below, and the fierce exercise program I have designed for Richard, is a knockout-power therapy.

Diabetes has been called a “foot and mouth disease”. Wrong food in the mouth and no movement of the feet in exercise.

The exercise must be strenuous and for a minimum of 45 minutes each day, hopefully twice a day. What the exercise does is get the sugar OUT of the blood and INTO the cells. This is crucial to long term success.

I have Richard on weights as aerobic exercise is impossible for him. The heavy weights are far better. This type of exercise causes the insulin to transport glucose more efficiently to the cells.

He lies on his back and we use volunteers at the gym to push against his feet as he tries to “pedal” against them. He gets exhausted very quickly but it’s getting the sugar into the cells to burn up as energy.

The minerals, the Master Formulas, the new diet and the exercise are all combining to bring him back to the world of the living again.”

Patient Profile – Week 3:
Name: Richard Weaver
Sex: Male
Age: 65
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 399 lbs (25lbs weight loss)
Body Composition: 41% fat, 59% muscle
Blood Sugar: 213 (over 100 point reduction!!)
Conditions: Diabetes (Type 2); Phlebitis; Sleep Apnea; Chronic circulation problems in lower body/calves/legs/thighs; Needs crutches to support weight
Cholesterol: 485 (200 point reduction!!)

Wayne Garland’s Diabetes Recovery Program:

We put Richard on a no junk food diet, eliminated all Diet Coke and Pepsi, no milk, cheese, ice cream or butter. Richard has an organic, non-GMO soy milk in a smoothie twice a day that works wonders.


“Richard is showing fabulous progress. He says that his legs feel like a million tiny pin pricks at times, as his circulation starts to return to the cells. His attitude is wonderful and his morale affects everyone around him. It is a joy to treat him.”

If you, or someone you know, suffers from Diabetes, forward Richard’s story to them.  To order the Diabetes program that Richard is on, call me at 877-975-9080 or email support@askdrgarland.com and we can create a program specifically tailored for you.

Thank you and may God be with you always.


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